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Log Deputy: Void
Participating Characters: Jade Curtiss, Chester Barklight, Cress Albane
Plot Description: Going deep down into the depths of the Old City to search for powerful Pokemon
Warnings/Notes: Possible violence?

[There have always been rumours floating around that tell of highly dangerous Pokemon lurking in the Old City, just waiting to ambush unsuspecting Delvers. Someone somewhere decided it was high time to investigate, which is why Jade finds himself down in his least favourite place in the world, along with a possibly-suicidal Ranger and his best friend, who didn't even happen to be a Ranger.

It's a rather annoying situation, to put it mildly.

It takes a lot of walking (and a few circuitous paths; Jade doesn't want them venturing anywhere near his old laboratories) before they finally venture deep enough into the Old City that they're in an area all but unexplored by people from the Union. Jade raises his lamp high, trying to take stock of their surroundings.]

I'm sure there's no need to tell the two of you to be cautious.
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Who: Squid Girl, Arietta, Absol, Chester, Apollo, Pamela, and Rise
Where: The ocean's shore and a cave full of Trubbish
When: April 29th
What: Cleaning up the ocean
Warnings: Two groups here - one keeping the Trubbish back while the other dams up the hole they're coming through.  Going with no particular thread order here, just to keep things running smoothly and so threads don't get bogged down.  Post when you can and we'll just work through it as we go.

It's been about a week since Squid Girl discovered the horrifying cave full of Trubbish that feeds into the ocean via underground river, periodically dumping walking bags of toxic waste into her natural habitat.  And naturally, as a proud denizen of the deep, she's decided to do something about it.  So today Squid Girl has returned with a crack squad of environmental freedom fighters - or just the first six people she could wrangle into helping with this plan.  Either one is good enough for her.

"Okay, shut your beaks and listen up!  We're here to save the ocean from getting even more cluttered up with these Trubbish suckers!  Through careful inkfiltration, I've located their secret base in a cave not far from here!  We'll split into two teams - one team will go into the cave and make sure no more Trubbish come through, and the other team will dive underwater to dam up the hole they're coming through!  I have prepared lumber from the Verdant Forest and tools from the city for us to use.  It won't be easy, but we're doing somefin gilly important here - somefin that will be remembered by generations of Water Pokemon to come!  So what are you all waiting for?  Let's get kraken!"
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Who: Cress Albane ([personal profile] 90sbangs) & Chester Burklight ([personal profile] aniiue)
Where: The Pokemon Habitat
When: April 14th.
What: Showing off Pokemon and evolution!
Warnings: None, will add if needed.

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[Hello Union. Enjoy the expression of a man who decided to go for a walk to enjoy the weather and ended up the perch of more than a dozen pokemon who have apparently decided that he's a comfortable and non-threatening spot to attach themselves to for a bit. He's certain that someone is going to get a good laugh out of this, but that's not terribly important at the moment.]

...I appear to be in somewhat of a predicament. Despite my efforts so far, I have been unable to convince them that I am not entirely comfortable with this. If anyone wouldn't mind providing assistance...?


[If anyone should come across the poor man, he's right where he was when he stopped talking into the Warp Band, trying desperately to convince the swarm of bugs, plants, and fairies that it's quite nice to see them but he really would like to not be anchored to one spot anymore.]
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What? I told you I know how to use it already. I figured it out.

[The voice comes from off screen, no sign of this Warp Band's user yet. There is, however, a tiny Cleffa poking the image curiously.]

I figured you would, Chester, but I can't get mine to work yet...

[A second voice is close, sounding a lot less stuffy about the whole thing.]

[Finally, Chester lifts up his Warp Band from his Cleffa's little paws, aiming the screen at them both... or trying to... Cress's head is kind of half cut off.]

There, see? Just use mine while I figure yours out.

Oh! Yeah, okay. [Cress takes it, while Chester goes off screen again. He gives a sheepish smile.] This is all new to me... I even forgot what I was gonna say. ... Oh, yeah, Team Evolution!

[He looks away from the screen, presumably at Chester, for a moment. Then he smiles back at the "audience".]

The tournament was really cool while it lasted... right up to the end. I don't know how to feel about the whole Mega Evolution thing but, huh. I wonder what other Pokemon can do that?

[His Honedge reaches for the screen with his "hand," and Cress brushes him off.]

It'd be cool, wouldn't it? As long as it wasn't hurting the Pokemon, I guess...

[Chester tosses Cress's Warp Band back at him and takes his own off of the blond. He doesn't look happy.]

I don't care about that stuff. I'm just glad they're gone. [He pauses, and looks away.] I wish we knew where exactly they'd come from, though. We could go after them. If we needed to.

[Cress, in the background, looks a little worried, but ultimately just sighs and puts his Warp Band back around his wrist.]

{ooc: This is a dual intro for Chester ([personal profile] aniiue) and Cress ([personal profile] 90sbangs)! Either we'll both respond, or say who you want in the header of your reply!]

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