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The City of Gigas is unlike anything the people of Union have ever seen before. The city is immense, a sprawling metropolis that covers the land as far as the eye can see. Built up primarily around enormous centralized towers, unlike Union these towers are dark concrete buildings, covered in glass windows. The buildings seem to serve any number of functions, and have a startling variety in construction, style, and even size, creating a unique skyline that is breathtaking to behold. The city is connected with roads of asphalt, upon which whiz smoke-belching steel carriages at frightful speeds, the engines (and piercing, constant horns) creating an ever-present din that engulfs the city in loud, chaotic sound.

“Downtown,” as the Gigans know it, is a huge collection of stores, apartments, and businesses. Apparently, the larger homes are built in Calderan-style but tend to be further from the main commotion of the downtown areas, of which Gigas citizens assure Union citizens that there are several, each with their own district name and culture. The technology is quite advanced as well, full color televisions are standard in every home and built in devices so slim and with such sharp images that they seem decades ahead of Union’s own technology. Pokemon are still quite present in Gigas, many people riding flying types and the buildings having huge perches to accommodate them. As with the vehicles below, however, Gigas seems to regulate air traffic to individual lanes and the birds seem well-trained as they convey their trainers to and fro.

Humans are just that, here, Human. No unusual shapes and sizes like the Enlightened and Earthkin of the Union Alliance, and those displaying unusual traits receive odd looks. Like many civilizations to the east, Battling is a common sport though in this place it’s more like the combat arenas of old. Several stadiums dot the cityscape, the sounds of Pokemon Battles and cheering crowds echoing for blocks all around, and it’s a stadium where humans are not welcome. Unless, of course, they want to make a show and spar against a Pokemon, of course.

This is Gigas, the City of Reclamation. Union civilians have free rein to explore this grand city as councillors are invited into the massive capitol building to negotiate with the Gigan leaders. Gigas civilians, for their part, are polite, friendly even. While many of them are caught in the bustle of their daily lives they regard Union citizens with interest and curiosity, willing to talk about their city, extolling its virtues while complaining about the noise, the crowds, the lines, and the expense all the while. One thing is clear though, the people of Gigas are proud of their city and their accomplishments. This is their home, and they are eager to show it off to the world.
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The battle is joined. The gods of Union, while mighty, seem to pale in comparison to the singular dragon of ice. Although they strive mightily to avoid damaging the city, already the mysterious blue dragon has been flung directly into a tower, earning itself a nasty gash over its eye, much to the dismay of the red dragon. While it has rejoined the fight, it is clear that the gods alone are not enough - the people of Union will have to step forward if they are to save their beloved city. The cries of the wounded and terrified citizens echo through the streets as the flames of battle rage. Now is the time - they must be stopped!
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Who: Sanger Zonvolt and Fuuka Yamagishi
What: Sword training!
When: Backdated before the Gracier event
Where: The Veridan Forest
Warnings: PG?

Despite having a weak immune system, that didn't stop Fuuka from doing out of her way to attend her first sword training ever! While her Pokemon weren't so sure about that idea, they didn't hace a choice in the end. If their trainer wanted to sword fight, what else could they do?

After she messaged Sanger about the meeting place, she waited in front of the forest with a mumble to herself. While it was true that she didn't have a lot of physical strength, maybe this could be a good way to boost it? Either way, she'll have to wait and see.


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[ Sanger shows up on the Warp Band network one fine day, looking completely grim and serious as he usually does. ]

My master always said that if swords can be kept sheathed, all is right with the world.

[ And if they must be drawn, destroy the enemy with great prejudice, but that's not the point here. ]

Yet it hardly seems that way. Though there is no great enemy to fight, there are always rumblings of something more to come. Enough that I can hardly abandon my duty as the Sword that Smites Evil and put my blade aside.

[ A pause. He seems to be gathering his thoughts. ]

So what is there for a sword that must keep its edge to do during times of peace?

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