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Hey! How are you guys doing?

[The video shows the cheerful face of Goku today, looking like he just got done with a workout.]

Y'see, Machop and I have been putting in some extra training and he sorta wants to test his strength against someone else. He could just fight me all day, but-! [He looks over and grins at Machop for a second.] I think a little variety would do him some good. So if anyone wants to, he'll be ready to go tomorrow. I think he needs a little breather for now. I sure did give him a good workout today, right Machop? [As to which the pokémon responds happily.]

Oh, and something else- [But before Goku has a chance to finish his sentence, there's a resounding CRASH from behind, to which he turns around. From behind Goku's head is a giant mess of pots and pans that had come crashing down from above the stove, and Klink looking very guilty.]

Waaaaahhhh! Klink, you gotta be a little more careful! It's alright, I'll get it in a second. [Turning back around-] Well, what I was gunna ask if if anyone had anything to help Klink from running into stuff all the time, he tries his hardest but I can't seem to manage to get him to stop running into things... [He scratches his head a few times, in thought.]
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Okay, okay, so this thing is... broadcasting? I think? I get that right, Sorpresa?

[The Fletchling looks at Arado. The purple-haired young man is staring at the transmitter that he is cradling in his hand, with his Fletchling floating by his head. He hasn't used something like this so freely before and he's a little amazed. Part of him wants to throw it, to see if he'll get in trouble.]

[He refrains. Barely.]

Hi, wonderful and amazing people of Union! Your city's named after a word! It's pretty lucky, if you ask me. What's Union about? It's about... uh... unionery! Yeah, totally.


Anyways, my name is Arado. And I guess there's things I'm supposed to tell you and they're important or something but priorities, guys! 'Cause...

[His stomach rumbles. Audibly. The feed shakes a little.]

I'm pretty hungry.

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