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[ video ]

So this is a "Warp Band", huh...

[ There's nothing onscreen but somebody's fingertip tapping it - and then the screen draws back to reveal a dark-haired girl looking down at it skeptically. ] I guess this'll do.

[ She takes a deep breath and coughs into her fist. ]

Attention, humans of Union City! My name is Siren, songstress of Minor Land. Acknowledge my superior power if you wish to be shown mercy. Otherwise -

[ She strikes a pose as a Tympole hops onto her shoulder, croaking loudly in an adorable froggy cackle. ] I'll have no choice but to put you in your place! Ah-hahahaha! Ah--hahaaa! Aha - ha- Wait, I'm not done ---

[ The feed buzzes off. ]

[ action ]

[ Irritated that her debut had been interrupted by her Carbink bumping her arm, Siren has decided to make good on her threat and is prowling through the city in Purrloin form, looking for the ideal place to begin spreading sorrow. And what better place than - a crowded restaurant! All these people clearly have orders they're looking forward to receiving. They're all enjoying meals together so happily. It makes her sick.

But what if her Tympole situates itself atop this hanging lamp and uses Supersonic on the room? Statistically speaking, that means fifty-five percent of them will become confused! Waitresses will forget people's orders! Guests might wander out forgetting to pay their servers! Children will go hungry! Oh, has there ever been a more nefarious scheme?

Siren thinks this is a pretty good start! So go on, humans. Have a taste of terror - if you dare! ]

Do it, Negatone!


[[ ooc: Feel free to get Confused by Siren's Tympole or thwart her "brilliant" plot. Unless I type her text in bolded purple, she's speaking human language - so her chances of passing herself off as a random Purrloin aren't that good... ]]

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