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Jul. 5th, 2015 08:14 pm
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Hey. Union.

[The feed opened up to the sight of a little Shroomish staring into the lens. The little mushroom was sitting on a rock in the park, gazing curiosly at whomever it was who was operating camera. Without further greeting-- or explanation-- Cliff continued:]

I've got a Shroomish here that I'm lookin' to give to a good home. Only a good home. She's plenty tame, friendly, and-- hey!

[The feed tilted skyward as the Shroomish, pouting now, made a leap for the narrator with an excited shroo! The angle shifted, revealing Cliff sprawled out on the ground trying to hold the squeeing pokemon at bay with his arms-- and failing. Any Kindred Soul's in the area would understand her squeeing as stubborn refusal to cooperate, because Mister Scary is the coolest person to ever enter the Verdant Forest evar, and he's just gotta be little Shroomie Lucy's Special Someone!

She'll never leave you, Mister! She won't!]

001 Voice

Jun. 27th, 2015 04:49 pm
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[On Fuuka's end, there appears to be some mumbling as her Espurr only gave her a sigh.] Um...are you sure this is a good idea? I never done anything quite like this before, it doesn't seem right to just ask. [Of course, as it was Fuuka's turn to sigh, her pokemon only just gave her a glare]

Well, I suppose it's too late now. [And as she gave another mumble once more, her voice quickly turned cheerful despite how nervous she sounds] Um, h-hello, my name is Fuuka Yamagishi and it's really nice to meet you all! I apologize if I'm being rude but would anyone tell me which places are the best to train pokemon?

I'm afraid I'm new at this?

[And maybe it'll be a good distraction too]
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It's the morning of the 21st and it's clear even to the inexperienced Unionite, Refugee, or Citadel resident that the city has a different air to it. If it wasn't the atmosphere that got them, then the stalls lining the streets would. Many people are still working on getting set up for the night festival, but the stalls that are complete are lining many corners and they are filled to the brim with bright colors. From afar, the streets look like someone threw a rainbow of paint across the city.

They haven't seen anything yet.

It's not yet time for the festivities so any visitors are free to wander the streets. The natives seem to be delighted if amused at all the people interested in the holiday and are happy to sell anyone as much colored powder as the want. Sometime close to noon is when things change. The natives all kind of stop what their doing. The colored stalls start to close up and everyone looks tense.

A long, rattling trumpet sound rings through the streets and that is when all hell breaks loose.

It's every man and pokemon for themselves. Have fun everyone.

[Ooc: Feel free to make your own top levels in addition to using the prompts below! Have fun guys!]

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