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A month or two ago, a few very formal letters were exchanged between the University of Union and some very prestigious schools and universities of magic in Sanctuary. Deals had been made, a sum of money had been exchanged, papers had been signed, and hands had been shook. Now, with the small but slowly growing number of young mages Union, it was time for institutes of education to see to their training and upbringing. Today, the University of Union was celebrating the opening of their brand new department official studies with a modest banquet.

Several mages had come from Sanctuary. They all wore red robes, carried long staves, and were topped by pointy hats. The were old relatively old (a casual observer would be surprised if any of them was under 50, and most looked significantly older) and they all had the well fed frames of people who had never known hunger or poverty. Their leader1 was a gentleman by the name of Mustrum Ridcully.

After speeches, photographs, and the rather substantial meal2 it was time for after dinner drinks, and an excellent time for any of you who frequent the events of Union's upper crust to hobnob with the good ol' UU's newest staff, and possibly also the man holding it as well.

[Video, and all at high volume]

Hello? Is this thing on? Can they hear me?

[a voice from somewhere off screen assured him it was. A servant or something, perhaps.]

It better be or I'm going to feel awfully foolish...

I say, good morrow to you all, people of Union! I am Mustrum Ridcully, and I am the head of your fine University's new department of of magical studies! Hopefully you're all ready to come contemplate the mysteries of the inner workings of the cosmos with us!

I've got one mystery to contemplate right now that just can't wait: Where's the best fly fishing around here?


1Identifiable by being the tallest, having the most magnificent robes, and being the one shaking hands with the university's chairman.

2All mages are able to put away an impressive amount of food. They get lots of practice at it, as most major events invite them simply out of fear of what might happen if they anger the magic community3

3You know the old saying, after all: "Meddle not in the affairs of wizards, for they are not subtle at all, and quick to anger."
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Who: Sanae and Takuto
When: Backdated to early January
Where: Citadel
What: A promised trip to Sanae's home

A year is a long time... )
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Who: Anyone!
What: Opening day of the new Union Divine Theater performance
When: 2nd day of Soulfasting
Where: Union Divine Theater
Summary: It's been a year since Darkrai and Cresselia revealed themselves. The Theater celebrates by putting on a romantic comedy about them.

They also have a theme song now. )
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The people of Union have descended into the besieged city, doing everything in their power to aid the citizens of Glacier yet remaining within. Whether struggling against the invaders seemingly loyal to the White Dragon, or seeking out the injured and lost in need of aid, they take advantage of several hours of relative calm to do all they can. And for a time, it seems to be working - the invaders are not so very strong after all, not against the experienced Unionites who have surpassed everything from human armies to memories of gods.

But perhaps the might of the two combined is an altogether different challenge.


The sensation is felt throughout the whole of the city, the rumbling of the earth itself enough to take down the more unstable buildings in its wake. From any point, at any height, all eyes are drawn to the monstrosity that has descended in the blink of an eye into the still-burning town center. A great, white dragon... Exactly as described by those who had escaped from the city.

Those with sharp eyes will see that standing beside it, there seems to be a human figure.

Its sheer presence is overwhelming. The air around it ripples with an aura of heat, but felt even more keenly than that, there is a devastating sense of raw power and control. This being... this god could burn down the entire earth if it wished. A city of Glacier's relative size... What chance did it possibly have? That the world yet remains standing seems almost a mercy. Its size is immense, its bulk several times larger than that of a Wailord, its height almost seeming to rival the tallest towers of Union, though perhaps this is an exaggeration of the mind.

It takes a step forward, and the earth shudders once more in its wake.

All across the frozen city of Glacier, every individual carrying a Warp Band will suddenly feel the device activate of its own accord as a video feed begins to play. Attempting to turn it off fails, and changing it doesn't seem to work either. Something, or someone, has hijacked the feed and is using it for their own announcement.

A tall, severe looking man stares into the feed, his lone eye seeming to burn with an unnatural fire. And beside him, only its lower body visible, stands the feet of the White Dragon, its fur outlined in crisp detail from this distance. The man gazes steadily forward, eyes yet alight with passion.

"So, it seems that this place has found someone to come to its aid. No matter, our plans will not be disrupted by insects like you. Still, it's good to know that there are humans left that understand the value of kinship with our fellow inhabitants of this world. It brightens my day, you might say, to know that my men have been facing honorable opponents, and not weak cowards that still cling to the old ways.

A pity that when we're done here, we'll have to come for you next. I won't lie to you and say we'll show you mercy, but at least your deaths will be swift."

He smiles then, a thin and grave expression.

Every fiber of those remaining in the city screams to flee from this threat. There is nothing they can do - they must retreat. But though their minds may instinctively beg for such a course of action, to do so means to abandon its people to a fiery demise. Can they truly run from this?

They must choose quickly... and this time, it is not a choice concerning a rabid creature, an angered and wild animal lashing out. This cold and calculated destruction, sanctioned by a god itself, so reminiscent of what was said to have happened in the past. To oppose it, perhaps, means to steer the course of history into terrible new waters. Choose quickly, people of Union. What answer will you find?

((Reshiram is a Legendary, and thus, the normal rules will not apply. It will be able to strike through abilities that would seemingly protect people, and analysts will not be able to sense its weaknesses. It radiates an aura of power that will inspire fear and awe in those who see it. Please be warned that there is a definite chance of injury when attacking this creature; however, despite all this, it is possible to defeat it.

Have fun! And enjoy some mood music.))
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The rescuers have been allowed a night's rest following their arrival on the outskirts of Glacier. Though there is ample evidence of their enemy's presence in the form of burning buildings and ruined settlements, the creature itself appears to have wandered off briefly to wreak havoc in a different corner of the frozen tundra. Or perhaps it was taking a brief siesta following so much exertion - murder and destruction was tiring work. Whatever the case, it seems to be an opportune time to descend into the city and assist those remaining there.

If they are brave, they might even try to take back the city itself. But the primary goal, of course, is to save as many people as possible before the great dragon returned.

The few people of Glacier who had guided them this far point out the less-traveled paths by which it may be possible to enter the city unnoticed. It is determined that they will fan out in groups, both in search of survivors and in search of the companions of the dragon who had so effectively laid waste to the city. Perhaps they might still gain the upper hand.

((You may respond to your threads now! Not all the groups will have immediate mod starters going up, so feel free to initiate threading; a mod will step in as soon as possible. As usual, we will be tagging on a 24-hour basis whether or not all group members have tagged in.

When responding, please list the Pokemon your character is bringing with them.

While the final portion of this event will go up on Sunday, October 4th, please also feel free to continue tagging this portion of the log as these threads will almost certainly not be finished yet.))
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[It's a lengthy journey even by air, that our intrepid heroes find themselves on. The veteran fliers set a quick, but not grueling pace at the suggestion of the Valkyries. Arriving to a battleground when a god had taken the field tired was not wise, they'd said, and who could really blame them? The prospect alone of facing down one of the beasts of legend would be enough to send most men fleeing in the opposite direction, but one who was working with a human? That was all the more reason to make sure that proper care was taken on the trek. And so for a day the party traveled, a caravan of birds, dragons, reptiles and the odd flying robot making steady time across the Rolling Plains before setting down at the north-eastern edge.

The curious would find that not far from where the tents were pitched, the green hills turned jagged, the land going from verdant to a sea of dark glass. Obsidian shards spiked upwards, spires gleaming in the moonlight like razor sharp teeth, setting an ominous tone for the evening's respite. Tents were pitched, fires were lit, and the more warlike companions even began a drum circle and dance. Valkyries and shirtless Calderan volunteers, a small number of visiting mages, and other more mysterious folks all curious to see the god and to help with the relief efforts. The camp, despite the circumstances, was at least a lively one.

And then came the final day.

Over the Obsidian Flats they went, the massive shapes of Boldore and Tyranitar visible even from up in the sky. And...further perhaps even more stunningly, a gigantic lake almost large enough to call an inland sea, sprawled out below. Rivers snaked out of it all around, and the water itself was a pure crystal blue. But perhaps the most awe inspiring sight of the whole journey came once they cleared the Flats and the area around Glacier came into view. An expanse of white, thick snow covering the ground this early in the year. Arctic forests cropped up here and there, snowcapped trees and a frigid looking river marring the perfect canvas beneath. And more Pokemon , of course. Gigantic Avalugg shook the ground below, and a new species plodded along, chewing amiably on the trees, largely unconcerned by the humans overhead, and the occurrences in the distance.

Along the coast a city was in flames, people streaming out of its ruined gates, desperately fleeing along the rivers before whatever it was came back. Smoke curled up along the skyline, burned hamlets and outlying settlements that'd already been destroyed.

It seems like they weren't too late, and it in the moment of respite there was a chance for our heroes to at least get their bearings and prepare for the Dragon God's return...]

[OOC: We will be opening some of these areas for bonding within the next few days for everyone who is taking part in the expedition.]

World Fair

Aug. 22nd, 2015 08:57 pm
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In the week of lead-up to the fair, the whole of Union had been ablaze with excited chatter, industrious preparations, and quite a fair number of new faces. People from all over the known world had begun to trickle in with the announcement, some representatives and workers from each invited civilization, some excited young trainers and travelers, hopeful prizewinners and showboaters, cooks, warriors, clothing designers, and of course a wide variety of Pokemon. You couldn’t look anywhere (even a trash can) without finding somebody new, and every single person was absolutely thrilled to be there.

The World’s Fair, hopefully the first of many, sprawled out across the Entertainment District. Large swathes of the area had been cordoned off for the event, stalls and tables, booths and small shelters set out and erected over the course of the week. Local workers and travelers dug in, working in shifts to get everything together on time. Voices sang out around the grounds, work chants accompanied by the beat of hammers and nails, with every soul pouring their hearts into their tasks. A busy time, certainly, and one fueled by a desire for harmony, profit, and to start off the idea with a bang.

There were, of course, a few noticeable exceptions. The open invitation to Gigas that the Council had so warmly extended had been accepted in due time. Those who numbered themselves amongst that great city were distinguishable by their less than friendly countenances and penchant for taking notes, no doubt analyzing the city of their enemies. One likely familiar face made her appearance partway through the week, disappearing quickly into a tent and remaining indoors for the rest of the preparations.

Come opening day, people had already begun lining up at the entrance, awaiting admission. The queue stretched for blocks and blocks, a serpentine loop of people and Pokemon all eager for a chance to see what this fair was all about. Like everything else surrounding the event, there was a certain buzz to it. Chatter filled the line, questions and queries hanging on everyone’s lips. Did you see that robot? What’s that smell? Did you see that Maxime de la Puffette was planning on unveiling her fall lineup here? Oh! Oh! And there are three idol groups! Risette may even make a performance! and there was another rumor that buzzed through the line as well. Gigas accepted the invitation. And so did some of those people from the Archipelago…

Once inside the grounds proper, a dizzying array of sights, sounds and smells assailed every visitor’s senses. Music blared, machines clinked and clanked, food sizzled on grills, exotic spices wafted down the paths, unusual Pokemon let out cries of surprise and delight, and people ooh and ahhhed. Technological wonders stood out on stages, concerts presented a variety of music in every style imaginable, there were whole areas set aside for nothing but eating and fashion, while martial artists, Pokemon and brawlers duked it out in the various arenas. And above it all, airborne Pokemon soared and wheeled, banking and turning as their riders and egos clashed in a competition of acrobatics and skill. All of this could really only mean one thing, and even if by chance you were a Crustle living under a literal rock, you couldn’t miss it.

An event like nothing held since the Cataclysm, and something wholly unique had begun today, and for one week only. The First World’s Fair!

[OOC: This post is open to all players throughout the next week. Feel free to tag around, start your own top levels, and generally have fun during the fair. Some new and familiar faces will be tagging around as well, and may tag into your threads!]
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Action on the Tropical Island.

[If you happen to be wandering around the island today, especially walking along the beach, you might be a little bit surprised to find yourself passing through an area that looks a little bit like it'd been hit by several meteors...or a series of miniature volcanic eruptions. There are large patches of sand that have a glassy sheen to them, or deep divots and furrows all around. The surf is just beginning to wash away some of it, but there was definitely something going on.

If you keep going, you'll actually find a teenage girl laying under an umbrella a little further on down the beach, the entire area blanketed in harsh sunlight. She looks a little beat, scuffed and bruised up, and laying down beside her is a Noivern that looks similarly exhausted. It's chest rises and falls and it's eyes are closed in sleep, tail curling around the umbrella protectively, while several other scamper around, playing in the surf. A Cherubi, a collection of golden Exeggcute, and a Cubchoo seem to be playing some sort of game, tossing a rock at a Venusaur. Every time the rock gets close, it's smacked away by a vine, almost effortlessly at that. It seems like they're trying to get those rocks into a small crater behind the big plant-toad, and...failing.

Either way, Yukiko doesn't seem to be completely aware of her surroundings, or of anyone approaching. This is probably good, given that she's trying out a Calderan swimsuit for the first time and she wouldn't be caught dead wearing one of those around other people.



[The video feed opens up to show a sunny beach, little paws covering part of the lens for a moment as Teddie accidentally slips up getting it off his trainer's wrist. He and Bereth have a surprise for her, after all.

Setting it down in the sand, he scampers a little ways off and whistles, waving a snotty paw to get Bereth on screen. The Noivern complies, stretching and standing upright, tapping his chest with a claw like a singer might before they start belting out a song.

And then...the horror begins. The audio feed is filled with a horrific shriek, though it seems to have an actual melody to it. The little Cubchoo appears to be attempting to sing along, but the noise is just so great that he's completely drowned out.

In fact, the only other thing audible over the explosive burst of sound is a feminine cry of surprise, dismay, and rage.]


[Yukiko appears on the video now, leading with a flying tackle to the big dragon. The noise abates so your speakers are no longer about to explode...]


[Someone hasn't quite gotten their hearing back completely...but the band is snatched up and she looks apologetic...]

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[ Video ]

[ Here’s a few faces that have been scarce the past few weeks, looking slightly different. Perspective makes it hard to tell, but Haruka appears to have gotten even taller. Meanwhile, Michiru’s smile seems even more effective than before. And from the way she’s pushing her hair back, it seems to have gotten longer as well.

Both remain stunningly attractive - maybe more so than usual - but that could also be a trick of the light.

Haruka gets right to the point. ]
We’re heading out for a while. The theater’s picked its next script, so we’ll hold auditions once we’re back. It’s open casting this time. [ She smirks. ] Prepare to impress me, little Skitties.

[ One might catch Michiru rolling her eyes a little before the video cuts out. ]

[ Action - Mountains ]

[ Michiru seems to be satisfied with taking a more passive role in this particular training exercise. In fact, she’s sitting by the side, poring over an ornate looking hand mirror. A small Noibat buried in a cloak, a hat, and tinted glasses sits firmly in Michiru’s shadow.

Haruka, on the other hand, has somehow gotten her hands on a glowing scimitar. Her Ninjask buzzes around them, ready for agility training. ]

[ Ninjask whirrs. Haruka swings the sword, and an arc of light shoots from it. Ninjask dodges, returning right back to position as soon as the arc whizzes past, attention fully on Haruka….

...even when there’s a crash from below. Haruka sets her jaw. If she’d known Bagon liked to launch themselves off high places, she wouldn’t have brought a baby one to the Mountains.

Look out below. ]

[ Action - Union; outside the Divine Theater ]

[ Are you a Pokémon passing by the Union Divine Theater today? Then you - yes, you!! - get called to by a bright, happy voice. ] Woop wooooop!

[ The Wooper in question stands atop a wooden box, flanked by a Nidorino and a Jolteon. The latter holds a poster covered with various blue and grey smudges. And from the blue and grey paint still smudged on him, he must be the artiste.

Once Wooper gets a passing Pokémon's attention, he begins an impromptu dance. Hello! Do you like plays? He wants to put on a Pokémon play! You should be in it! ]
Woop woop woop!

[ Nidorino strikes a pose too. ] Ri.

[ Can't say no, right? ]
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[ The scorched forest, a surprisingly peaceful area despite being charred and desolate. There are very few places for a person to hide, especially if said person has very bright green hair. Regardless, upon not so close inspection, a young Enlightened can be found, huddling behind some burned remains of what likely was, at one time, a bush. Her expression was intense, determined, albeit more than a bit fearful. Her fists were balled up at her sides, shoulders stiff. She looks ready to strike.

Something stirred in front of her, another burned bush rustling and moving, a young Darumaka hopping out.

The young girl took a deep breath, shoulders shaking. Come on, Sanae, you're brave, you can do this! Fire types weren't scary. You could take a fire type, easy! You could even bond with it! This was your chance! Time to be awesome, Sanae! You're so awesome, Sanae! ]


[ You're... awesome... You can do this! Don't run away, don't run-- ]




[ The scream could be heard from miles away, flying types taking wing, and other pokemon scrambling away in panic. A green streak dashed through the scorched forest at breakneck speeds, sobbing the entire way. ]


[ The verdant forest, late afternoon. She still had tears in her eyes and her cheeks were flush from running; her expression completely dejected. She was such a wimp... ]

I thought I could do it, but I can't. I--I really wanted to bond with a fire type, but...

[ She hung her head. ]

What do I do? I can't even handle Rubis, and he's a giant baby. I need some help. How do you stop being scared of something like that?
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With the revelation of the presence of the Enhanced, Union was able to quickly mobilize. As the strange conditions continued to worsen, the Trainers of Union once again set out to bring order to the chaos.

This time however, they do not walk entirely alone. A small, dedicated team remains behind in Union, sorting through the dossiers and information that Crystal and Rory have collected. Connected to those in the field via Warp Band network, hopefully they can identify the Enhanced and find a way to calm them before a tragedy occurs.

[OOC: There will be a thread for each active team based on the sign-ups. Any areas that did not have any sign-ups will not be present and will be addressed later. As per our usual standards, moderators and NPC helpers will progress the log at least once every 24 hours. The Union log will work somewhat differently from the battle logs in that the participants will be collecting information concerning the Enhanced; when enough information has been accumulated, they will be asked to tag into the battle threads to provide guidance and support to those out in the field.

Characters participating in the Union log will function as support staff for this event. They will have their own log interacting with Rory and Crystal and as characters in other logs encounter the Enhanced, they can use the observations made to try to find out more about the Enhanced in the field and help the people in the field determine an appropriate situation. Because of this, players in the Union thread may threadjack any ongoing log to relay information as needed.

The outcome of this event will depend very much on player decisions and the ability of the characters to respond to the threats at hand, so we would highly encourage you all to tag as regularly as possible. Thanks!]
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[Action, locked to Sanae]

[On the coast, near the dock, a young man with bright red hair has washed ashore. He does not appear to be conscious]


[A rather energetic-looking young man bursts onto the video feed!]

Hiiii! Takuto Tsunashi, 16 years old! I just swam here from the island! My grandfather lived in this city a long time ago and he told me all about it! I've been dreaming of finding my way back here for awhile and am really excited to be here! I look forward to meeting all of you and learning more about Union!


[It takes a bit to find it, but Takuto finds himself at the door to the Union Divine Theater. Drawing himself up, he knocks on the door]

Hello? My name is Takuto Tsunashi! Grandson of Ikurou Tsunashi, who used to work at this theater! I have a letter of introduction, may I be let in?

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