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I. I don't understand!

[A voice shouts over through the Warp Band and a picture shows up. It's of three Magnemites, attracted together through their respective magnetic fields. The background is of a Union laboratory, completely messy with machine parts scattered around the floor and desks. There's also a spilled cup of coffee to the right. The Magnemites all share the same expression of weariness. They have wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, all manners of tools gripped by their magnets.]

It's been like this ever since we went down to the Old City. Two other Magnemites swooped in and clung on to poor Polaris. Would any of you possibly know a remedy to this?

I wouldn't mind making use of three Magnemites, but it'd be totally inefficient if they insist on being locked in this magnetic group hug. Maybe someone strong enough could lend a hand, because I'm clearly out of options!


[While the feed is still on, Eggman will just be pulling at Polaris, having tried everything at his disposal to pull them apart. Of course, "everything at his disposal" involves some amount of metal... all of which the new Polaris pulled away from the doctor's grip "unintentionally".]
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[Eve turns on the video to show a Scyther that appears to have been through a barrage of electrical attacks. Although beaten, it still somehow appears full of pride. Maybe that has to do with the fact Eve has a fair number of scratches and scrapes.]

My search for a strong Pokémon has been successful. This is Palla, the newest addition to my allies.

[She reaches up to wipe at a scratch on her face, only seeming to actually smear blood across her cheek. Eve winces a bit, but it doesn't seem like a big deal to her.]

I also appear to be leaking, and I believe this is pain I am feeling. How do I make it stop?
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In all these years I've spent here in Union, I can't help but be a little impressed with what our, err. Friends over at that evolution team are capable of. It's "different".

[He gives a sober look. The good doctor has been mulling over this for a while now... or at least, mulling over how he should present the issue... no, opportunity.]

I couldn't care less about their ideology, their theology, or whatever keeps them sleeping soundly at night. [As if Union's beliefs are any better, he thinks.] What's important is we have evidence there's a wealth of resources still left intact, just like our Old City out and beyond. We have something they don't have, but more importantly, they have something we don't! We don't have to like them. Worst comes to worst, I'm expecting at least a couple tussles. I mean, look at them, flexing their muscles at our faces. After reports of people injured, that's just asking for trouble.

Consider this a public statement from me, Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Why don't we use whatever's ahead of us as a learning experience? While we have the chance.

This is nothing less than... yes, an opportunity, I daresay. It's an opportunity for the ages!

[Action: University grounds]

"E-G622, I beg of you, do something about your butterfingers. For my sake! Unlike E-K599 or E-M081, you're the only one with hands!"

[Outside the university walls, but still within the campus fields, a rotund man is overseeing a rotund Golett lifting some heavy metal weights... only whenever he lifts them, without much issue, it promptly trips.]

"Ugh. Out of all the little clay automatons deciding it wants to follow me, it had to be the one with the balance problem. Looks like my assistant search is still on..."

[He sighs and rubs his forehead, knowing that endeavor's doomed to fail from the start. The Golett lifts itself up, still trying its darnest to lift the weights.]

"... There's no such thing as an A for effort, you know." [Robotnik crosses his arms, waiting for the Golett to stop trying.]

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