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[Unlike most of Squid Girl's videos, this one has a far more serious bent to it.  This is perhaps immediately obvious when the feed clicks on to show her with ripped up clothing, missing half of a few tentacles, and bleeding from a few places.  She's clearly on the beach near the south of Union as she stumbles along, and anyone who looks closely will notice that her wounds appear to be from a few well-placed shark bites.  Anyone who looks really closely will be able to see a Sharpedo fin moving ominously back and forth in the water in the background.]

U-um... what do you do when one of your Pokemon tries to eat you?
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[Action; Beach]

[If you're anywhere out on the beach south of Union today, you will be treated to a rather curious sight.  Namely, that of Squid Girl, riding majestically astride two Milotic as they speedily cut their way through the ocean waves.  She's got one foot firmly planted on the back of each Pokemon, arms folded and tentacles flapping in the breeze as she laughs imperiously.  The whole thing looks rather like the aquatic version of
this, and is actually pretty impressive, considering the balance and coordination that must be involved.  She's mostly just showing off, though, and so of course she'll wave to acknowledge any onlookers she happens to see along the beach.  Once she's done, she'll definitely be coming ashore to brag too.]


So I've been practicing riding around on my Milotic lately, and it's tentacular and all, but I was inking it might be a squiddle bit more impressive if I had a chariot instead.  How much does one of those cost?  Can somebody build me one?
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Who: Jinxie Tenma, Squid Girl, Chie Satonaka, Merrill, Lenna Charlotte Tycoon, and YOU
What: Five very different dreamscapes for five very different girls
When: First week of the event
Where: Dream World
Summary: This is basically just a big catch-all for five of my characters' dreams. I thought this would be easier and cleaner than making five separate posts. There will be five subcomments in this post, so just tag under whichever character's dream you want to visit.

Jinxie's dream )

Squid Girl's dream )

Chie's dream )

Merrill's dream )

Lenna's dream )
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[Over the bands today, there's...well, a little bit of noise. Like someone's desperately trying to figure out how to work something and kind of failing at it.

After a few moments, the video blips on - to reveal a large brown eye, the pupil slit vertically.]

C'mon, is this thing working now...?

[There's a hint of frustration in his voice as he speaks, but soon enough the owner of the eye seems to realize that he's actually working it properly. With a light 'oh', the point of view zooms out from the eye, showing that a scowling teenager was in possession of it all along.

The first thing someone would notice is the hair - bright orange and shaggy, with a high ponytail that trails from behind him to over a shoulder. It doesn't seem too strange...except that every now and then, the ponytail hair seems to move as one mass...and right when the camera jiggles, too. Weird.

It's also possible to see that the clothes he's wearing would look slightly familiar to anyone who's used to how the members of the Kurain school dress.]

Alright, listen. I just got here, so...I've got some questions.

One: What's with all the decorations? Is the city normally like this, or is something going on?

Two: The guy who I met before mentioned that I'd have to find someplace to stay, but...How do I do that? I mean...I can just go back to the forest. It's not a big deal.

Three: Are there any other pokemon that suddenly became human like me? ...I'm gonna need pointers on how this 'human' thing works.

[There's a pause after he says that, shifting his gaze away from the band. ...He doesn't turn his head (in fact, he's been remarkably stiff the entire time, not moving his head one inch), but he looks away all the same. After a moment, he breaks the silence - although in a much softer, less matter-of-fact tone than what he used before.]

...And, uh...Is it normal to remember that you died once? I...

[He trails off, then closes his eyes - a complicated expression flitting across his face.]

...Never mind. Forget it.

[And off goes the feed.]


[People in the city might find that odd looking teen from before wandering around, without any rhyme or reason. His movement is incredibly stiff - his knees don't bend once as he walks around, and his arms stay locked in place where they're hidden by the folds of his clothing.

He's wearing a male Kimono, the undershirt and Hakama a dark brown-with a peculiar kind of haori on top. Two circles on the shoulders, the inside of them cut so that the undershirt shows. On the back of the haori, another circle lies between his shoulder blades, right in the center of his back. There's an intricate, cream colored design on it, looping around and coming up to the collar of the undershirt. All in all, it resembles something rather familiar...

There's also his hair - which, if someone noticed...they'd see that his warp band is tied around his ponytail, near the end of it. You'd think it'd slide off, but it seems to stay on without any problems. Is it because the hair moves all at once, instead of individual strands like normal hair?

At any rate, Ichigo is firmly checking around the city - getting to know his new surroundings, like he had when he'd woken up in the forest a little over two weeks ago. Things are...different from the outside, and he roams around nearly everywhere, not staying very long in one place.

It's possible you might run into him, but...well, actually running into him would be slightly unpleasant. It's like running into a wall. Then again...he's really not paying attention to where he's going.

At all.]
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[It's been an interesting few days at the Shrine. He did not expect the levels of shenanigans he got for bringing home one injured Pokemon. Said injured Pokemon is the reason he's making this post right now. He appears on the feed looking mighty exasperated.]

Ah-sorry to bother everyone, but I'm looking for some advice.

I ah- is anyone on this network by chance a shifter who started out as a Pokemon first, rather than a human? Or maybe knows someone who is?

[He scratches at his hair.]

I ...brought home an injured Pokemon I found in the forest a few days ago and he turned out to be a shifter- only he doesn't seem to have very good control over either of his forms- [Eiji is quickly cut off by a louder, courser voice behind him. He smacks Eiji in the back of the head.]

--Oi, who are you to say I don't have control? I know exactly what I'm doing, I'm just not interested in adhering to your human customs.

[Wow, was that really neccesary? Eiji rubs the back of his head and gives him such a glower.]

If you did, I doubt you'd still be in Union at all. If we can find someone to help, then you could go back to living in the forest and not have to worry about losing your form!

[Which is half the reason, really. He kind of hopes he could find someone willing to talk to Ankh and help him adjust to actually being a shifter. As someone who's gone through it. He shakes his head finally and looks at the warp band.]

Anyway... I would be in your debt if anyone could help us. [He nods and turns the feed off.]
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[Nami's in town and once again taken refuge in the Habitat's one of many water areas. While she remained mostly human, her shiny Milotic tail swishes lazily behind her.]

So I have a huge problem. This Spritzee recently bonded with, Coffret, he' odd one. In the short time he joined us, he's managed to convert my side of the apartment into a walk in perfume collection. Worst of all, it smells like Wailord Breath! How's such a thing used for perfume is beyond me.

Anyway, got any advice on dealing with a Pokemon with a hobby that's gone super excessive? I just want to be able to sleep in my apartment again.


[Speaking of Coffret, the little Spritzee managed to recruit Lili the Dragonair to hold onto the basket filled with perfume bottles. He's seen all around town trying to get the attention of anyone he feels is need of a good perfume.

Nami of course tails them in case the duo get into trouble. Those prices Coffret put on his works might start a haggling nightmare.
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[You thought it was going to be a quiet afternoon. But it was me, Dio! As you go about your business around Union, either you'll be accosted by something and/or witness an incident.

It's a Kingler, waving his claws around like he owns the joint. Cause he does. You just don't know it yet.

He also has an eyepatch for reasons. If asked how he got it, he'll wave his claws at you menacingly. BOW DOWN PEONS OR YOU GET THE CLAWS.

Well, that is, if he doesn't fall over when he chases you. The possibility exists and is very real.]


[Also seen around Union: A familiar blond. She appears to be looking for something, and isn't quite paying attention to her surroundings. She seems concerned.]


Sep. 26th, 2014 01:44 pm
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[The first video posted is simply of a huge blimp-shaped Pokémon floating in the ocean near the Port. There's someone standing on its back and clearly striding about and talking, but it's impossible to hear her over the ocean breeze from a distance that would allow the camera to capture the length of the whole Pokémon. The video eventually cuts off...]

[ be replaced minutes later by a closeup of a slightly irritated-looking Isabela, still clearly standing on something floating in the ocean, based on the background and bobbing motion.]

Well I was attempting to announce my return to captaincy with a bit of panache, but I see either the microphones on these things aren't up to snuff or my Lombre continues to have no idea what he's doing.

At any rate, the gist of my little speech amounted to "look at my Wailord, isn't she amazing, who's laughing now", et cetera et cetera. As much as I'll miss my old ship, I'm now back to the point of at least having something worthy of being called a vessel, and as such I'd like to announce my return to proper seafaring.

Also, important note for everyone, I'll be taking a trip south to my old buccaneering stakes in that Archipelago that I helped discover a navigable route to. Wailord riding isn't as fast or comfortable as the steamship, but I know the area better than anyone else here, and I'm offering a free ride to anyone who doesn't mind taking a scenic sail. Once.

I'll be heading out tomorrow for a week or so tour, so either let me know or just show up at the port, I'm not picky.
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[The image comes on and Minako's a lot happier than she seemed a little while ago with the egg in her backpack. That's because she's been playing with a baby Pokémon all week since the egg in question hatched, and it's been way more exciting than she thought it would be!]

Hey, everyone! I have an announcement to make!

[She holds up an almost week old Eevee for everyone to see.]

It's a boy!

[The Eevee looked just as excited and wiggled his forepaws at the video feed like he was waving.]


[She giggled, getting some happy trills from the little Eevee before holding him back against her chest.]

His name is Eros and he's looking forward to meeting people!

[With that, she reached forward and turned off the feed.]
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Who: Squid Girl, Roxas, Isabela, Nami, Yuuna, Quinn, Blue
Where: Starting on the beaches of the Tropical Island and heading south toward the Archipelago
When: August 25th
What: Opening up the Archipelago for bonding
Warnings: Shenanigans!  Also using the 'mod journal tags back every 24 hours' rule to keep things moving since there's 7 of us.

Set an open course for the virgin sea )
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Who: The trainers of Union and their newly hatched baby Pokemon
Where: Anywhere and everywhere around the city
When: All weekend long
What: The eggs everyone got from the Heatran event were set to hatch on Saturday, so this is an all-purpose post for egg-hatching and baby Pokemon related shenanigans. Introduce your new precious little bundles of joy to each other and showcase their personalities and talents! Even baby Pokemon have lots of heart!
Warnings: Possible cuteness overload?

((OOC: This is pretty much just an open log for anyone who wants to make posts for this kind of stuff.  Anyone who wants to can make a top-level comment for people to respond to.  This isn't an official log or anything, and people who would rather make an actual post of their own are certainly welcome to do so - I just thought it would be nice to have a central post to collect baby Pokemon threads so everyone can easily tag everyone else.  Have fun with it!))


Aug. 17th, 2014 10:11 am
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Who: Rubeus Hagrid and (a napping) Norbert
Where: Residential District
When: Afternoon
What: Hagrid, having recently arrived earlier that morning, is currently touring the city and looking to find a place to stay aka this is his intro post!
Warnings: None!

Read more... )
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So, a question for you all, good people of Union, Caldera, and most recently the Citadel. I've been noticing the trend of Enlightened and even normal trainers hold a certain typing affinity. In Enlightened, of course, it is their own typing but trainers who might otherwise be considered ordinary have their own specializations as well. So, when crafting a team, what is the strategy? Do you create a team solely of the typing you specialize in? Do you branch out to cover the types you do not possess? I am quite interested in hearing your opinions!
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[The feed starts underwater. Hey did someone drop their warp band into a fountain? Nope. A shiny Feebas carrying a pouch around its neck can be seen. She has an audience with a school of other Feebas. Whoever is holding the warp band comes in a bit closer to be in hearing range.

There's a hush amongst the Feebas as the shiny one opens the pouch to reveal a fancy looking scale which she touches. She glows in a bright light and her shape morphs into a longer serpentine like form. Once the light fades, a shiny Milotic is in her place. Most of the school swim away in fear but three rather elderly Feebas with grim looks on their faces remain. Any Enlightened who can understand pokemon language are able to listen in on their conversation.

"Nami, what have you done?"

[Nami twirls around with a smile on her face.]

"It's simple! I evolved! I found out on the surface we can do it with a special scale! I feel so much stronger now. I was thinking maybe instead of the relic, I can protect the clan myself."

"No. This is unacceptable. We had much hope that you would've found the relic by now. Instead you went ahead and well just look at yourself! You just saw the rest of our clan react. You look nothing like us now and this new form of yours will only bring more trouble. I am sorry, Nami, but you must be banished. Do not come back to look for us again."

"Elders, please if you just reconsider...!"

[Her pleas fall on deaf ears as the trio swim away. Rather than chase after them, she swims off in the opposite direction towards the shore as the feed cuts off.]

[Up on the beach, Flare the Magby and Swift the Murkrow watch over a poke-egg as they wait for Nami and Squirt to come back. Sure enough, the two return. The poliwag shakes his head and the Flare and Swift could put two and two together. From the waist up, she changed back into her human form but let the Milotic tail stay in place. She doesn't say a word and just lies down by the water's edge to sob.]


Aug. 4th, 2014 11:13 am
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[Squid Girl is sitting on top of something big and flat as the video feed flicks on, the open ocean clearly visible behind her as the Pathfinder and the dock located just outside Union disappear into the distance.  Wherever she is and whatever she's sitting on, it's moving.]

Y'know... every time we have to bail out some suckers from a new city, there's always somefin they have in common.

[You know.  In the two times that's happened so far.]

Caldera is in a desert.  Citadel is up in a big tree in the middle of nowhere.

[She folds her arms, shaking her head and shrugging.]

You guys know what I'm talking about, right?

[And if not, she moves her wrist to show a view of the ocean waves beside her before bringing it back around to her face.]

The ocean!  Both of them built their stupid cities as far away from it as they could!  Of course Caldera was thirsty and stuff when Gigas surrounded them - there's no water anywhere in a desert!  And Citadel is even stupider!  They get attacked by a big monster made of fire, right?  You know what would really kelp?  A big source of water!  But where do you find somefin like that...?

[She moves the camera back to the waves for a moment before swinging it back around.]

Oh yeah, I know!  The ocean!  But instead of just building a city that was gilly far away from the ocean on land, they went up into the sky, too!  What's wrong with these people?  If everybody just lived near the ocean, I jet no one would have these kinds of problems.


Jul. 29th, 2014 10:54 am
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[The video is of Isabela sitting and looking rather bored on the beach south of Union. She's looking a bit annoyed, which seems to have gone entirely unnoticed by the Lombre playing in the tide pools over her shoulder.]

As fast and fancy as Banzu's mechano-boat is, I've found myself longing for the more traditional seafaring of befriending a Water-type and riding around on it. Unfortunately, my attempts at fishing have resulted only in the little red guys and a new pair of boots, and I haven't got the patience to teach the former how to go all water-dragon.

[Lombre turns from his splashing and looks rather offended.] You're neither a fish nor big enough to ride, stop giving me that look.

[Isabela turns back to the camera.]

What I'm asking is can anyone spot me a decent fishing rod, either borrowed or built? I know everyone's busy fighting-slash-helping those flying pirates, but being stuck on land is really starting to get irritating.
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So, a lot's been on my mind lately. When I arrived here, I learned Feebas can evolve with a special scale. I don't have one yet and I don't have much money on me either.

And rather recently, I realized I should if I want to get stronger but...Carp, I just get nervous thinking about it. It's not just simply a power boost but it's like becoming a completely new being, right? On the other fin, if I do evolve and get that relic to protect my clan, will they still accept me? The elders didn't know we could evolve to begin with.


Jul. 17th, 2014 10:23 am
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[Video - July 17th, Afternoon]

[When the feed clicks on, it shows an extreme closeup of the tongue of a Shellder, which eventually hops back so it can be seen in all its glory.  For some reason, it appears to be wearing
a tiny admiral's hat and an eyepatch, and it lets out a disturbing gurgling sort of laughing sound.]

Shellder!  Shell shell!

[Situated in the background of the shot is Squid Girl, tied to a chair with her tentacles bound and a gag shoved in her mouth.  She's angrily hopping up and down in the chair, but ultimately failing at getting herself loose.  Finally, she at least manages to spit out the gag.]

Someone kelp!  The Clam squidnapped me and tied me up in this stupid warehouse!

[The Shellder snaps around to shoot an Icicle Spear attack at Squid Girl, hitting her right in the face with it.  And with another gurgly laugh, he hops over and shuts off the feed.]

[Video - July 17th, 20 minutes later]

[The feed flicks back on just a scant 20 minutes later to show the Clam once again.  Squid Girl is still tied up to her chair, as is one Feliks Łukasiewicz.  There is also a Rapidash caught in a Whirlpool in the corner of the room.  It seems the first rescue attempt did not go quite as planned.]


[After that quick bit of gloating, the feed once again cuts out.]

((OOC: There will be two subthreads on this post - one locked to Feliks for the initial failed rescue attempt, and a second one for anyone coming in after that to try to rescue them both.  Everyone can feel free to just pile on the same thread for that in a giant free-for-all.  The Clam is devious, will be using a Water Stone to evolve into Cloyster halfway through, and has one or two other tricks, but at the end of the day he's only one Pokemon.  Have fun with it!

Anyone wanting to respond to either of the Video prompts can also try to talk to the Clam, presuming any Kindred Souls happen to feel like tagging this.  He'll respond with ridiculous villain monologues worthy of late 1970s Saturday morning superhero cartoon shows, just like his namesake.))

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[ video ]

[ At the start of the video all a person can see is the lower half of a girl's room, expensively decorated in what must be some kind of mansion. Nothing moves on screen, even as Maki's voice speaks up. ]

D-Does anyone know anything about Shifters? I-It's not like I need help or anything, I-I'm just trying to learn more about them.

[ Even though she says that, her tone of voice, the awkward stammers, it's clear that she's not being 100% truthful. ]

What if someone ended up getting stuck completely transformed...and didn't know how to turn back? N-No, wait! What I mean is... not like that but...

[ If the person in question isn't completely clear by now, it's made even worse when a woman's voice is heard off camera saying, "Maki, are you coming down for dinner?". ]

M-Mama! [ Suddenly scrambling to turn off her Warp Band, a purple, feline looking Pokemon comes into frame for just a moment, and then the video turns off. ]

[ action ]

[ If you happen to see a slightly off color Purrloin wandering the streets, or perhaps just sitting and listening to someone playing a violin somewhere in the city, it might just be Maki. This is the first time she's ever fully transformed, and is still afraid of people, though she will try not to run away from anyone who approaches her. She's also not sure how to turn back, worried that the more she stays like this, the more permanent it might become. ]
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[The camera wobbled in and out of focus for anyone who happened to tune in that morning, and close observers would catch a glimpse of movement-- of trees, and of a very curious pair of eyes, glimmering in excitement, peering into the feed.]

--Tama-san, [A voice, a young man, said in an almost chiding tone.] I know you're excited, but you don't need to hang. all. over. me.

[He swung his arms, trying to free himself from from Tama's grip, but the momentum of the movement threatened to throw the both of them off balance.

Defeated, Rei stopped and sighed wearily.]

Alright, we can stop for a snack, although you'll lose your appetite at this--

[He broke off mid-complaint, eye widening when he noticed that the camera feed was live.

The moment of surprise, however, was short lived. Rei fussed with his glasses, suddenly adopting a cool, composed demeanor now that he realized that he had been noticed.]

Don't worry-- nothing's going on. We know exactly what we're doing.

[--The composed aura didn't last for long. A Mantyke, still young, fully appeared on screen and tackled the young man.

...Clearly, it didn't want lunch. It wanted to play.]

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