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[After the recent fiasco where he hadn't been himself for a week, Flynn welcomed the slower days that were following it. He was currently off-duty having finished up his shift for the day and was walking about the city; Siegfried and Titania with him.

This wasn't just a recreational stroll either. This was for Siegfried's sake as well, being the youngest in their little group and not knowing much about the place that was outside of the house. Reaching one of the quieter areas where there weren't a whole lot of people, he sits down on a nearby bench and puts Siegfried down onto the ground.]

Don't worry. I'll be right here so you can wander around.

[Siegfried fidgets nervously and Titania looks a tad exasperated as she approaches the small Psychic-type to (gently) lead him off but still keep them in Flynn's sights. They both unconsciously brace themselves for the crying to start but it doesn't.

At least there's some progress being made.]


Sep. 15th, 2014 12:51 pm
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[If anyone happened to be walking around the more emptier streets of Union, they'd most likely stumble across Bolin hunched over with his face in his hands. Except this isn't Bolin; it's Flynn, mortified and confused with the sudden change he woke up with. Everything had just felt wrong and he wasn't exactly a happy camper about it.]


[Siegfried and Fran were both with him, one being much more clingy than the other, but it was clear both Pokemon were worried about him and didn't want to leave him alone.]
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[Today was looking to be a little different from most days. The egg Flynn had received was shaking a lot and even starting to crack. Eventually, the Pokemon inside peeked out from the now broken shell, tilting its green head back to reveal wide red eyes that were taking in the world around it. The Ralts was slow to leave his safe haven at first but Flynn eventually coaxed him out.]


Pardon my abruptness but does anyone have any advice on caring for newborn Pokemon?

[Flynn looks a little tired and Fran can be seen with a fussy expression behind him. There's also a Ralts being held in his free arm looking like it's trying to literally bury itself in the front of his shirt.]

The Raids

Jul. 19th, 2014 11:56 pm
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[As the people of Union begin to move out into the plains, they'll find that the Councilor's warnings were apt. Though not everyone is targeted, it isn't long before a few unlucky travelers find themselves on the receiving end of the same type of attack. The bandits, whoever they might be, are experts at swooping out of the blue, striking so swiftly that the victims almost never even catch a glimpse of them.

How exactly will they put this to a stop? There's so many, it seems impossible to take them out one group at a time... Perhaps they have a base somewhere.]

((This post is for both groups who wish for mods to run and players to thread freely amongst themselves. You may feel free to handwave having been attacked and thread the aftermath of that event. Please respond to the appropriate section depending on where your character is. Thanks!))


Jul. 10th, 2014 08:02 am
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[Flynn's least favorite season had to be summer. While others might enjoy the sun and warmth it brought he found it hard to appreciate sometimes when some days got to scorching levels. It was the kind of persisting annoyance that caused him mild discomfort until night came to offer some relief. Until then he had to deal.

Anyone who happened to be passing by the wall or also on guard duty would find Flynn leaning against the closest stone structure with his Drifloon hovering by him, worried.]


Jun. 9th, 2014 05:41 pm
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I require some assistance. Recently, Fran has implored to me her desire evolve finally but we are lacking the necessary item.

[The Happiny in question who is peeking over into the Warp Band nods her head.]

If anyone knows where we might obtain an Oval Stone we would greatly appreciate it.
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[Both Flynn and Fran were waiting roughly two blocks away from where Union's graveyard was. It was still a little early so Blue had yet to show up, but the nervous energy in Flynn wasn't settling. It was strange, usually he was able to keep his composure.

But that was only when he something else to focus on.

Taking a steadying breath, he settled and continued to wait for Blue.]
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[It has been a long journey from her mountainous home in the far north, but Absol has finally reached the front gates of her destination: Union, home of the illusive "humans".

She was actually quite lucky: noticing the odd behaviour of a swarm of Beedrill, she had stalked their route until they had emerged into the clearing where Union was based. The Beedrill seemed to be drawn to the voluminous blossoms that coated the city in unnatural amounts: was this even normal, or some product of human foolishness? Her answers would lay inside, she decided.

Seeing no reason for caution or cowardice, she approached the front gates with a fearless stride. Of course, her lack of Warp Band was more than enough reason for the guards to take notice, and move to stop her. Ahh, she recognised this: the alphas looking to defend their pack from outsiders. In that case, it was time to be diplomatic by asserting herself.

With one movement she drew the jagged naginata from her back into a battle-ready position, and declared in her most powerful and dominant voice:]

My name is Absol! I seek entry into your nest, humans!

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After an unusually long and cold winter, the land is finally beginning to stir in the anticipation of spring. In the forest, the first flowers are beginning to peek out of the ground, the hum of Bug Pokémon begin to be heard, and of course, the first wisps of pollen begin to incite misery amongst the more sensitive of the population. The sun sets later and later each night, and at the end of a long workday, the prospect of escaping early to enjoy a stroll out in the brisk spring air becomes more and more enticing.

The pall cast by Team Evolution has long faded into little more than a distant cloud on the horizon. Though the mystery of 'Mega Evolution' remains unsolved, it seems inconsequential in the face of the strength that Union itself is gaining. All damage from the earthquakes has finally been fully repaired, production of iron and steel has been greatly enhanced by the discovery of the mine, there were plans to build a new port and to enhance the range of the Signal Tower, Enlightened and Pokémon everywhere were evolving one after another... On the whole, morale was high.

The city takes it upon itself to reflect this.

When the people of Union begin to stir early one spring morning, they will awaken to discover a cheerful city, indeed. All of Union, overnight, has become covered with vines and shrubs and flowers - plant life, everywhere the eye could see. Though the majority haven't yet begun to flower, the rainbow assortment of buds promises a lovely sight to come in the near future. A few citizens, annoyed, set to work removing the intrusive flora from their properties, but the majority simply take the unusual sight for what it is.

And for the particularly observant, dotted here and there among the landscape, the occasional large pink blossom can be spotted already in full bloom...

((You may use this post as an IC mingle if you wish!))


Apr. 1st, 2014 08:58 am
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[The Warp Band feed flicks on to show Chie in her room, legs folded and sitting on her bed with a bunch of textbooks haphazardly scattered around her.  This is apparently how she studies.  There's also a chubby Herdier asleep at the foot of the bed, snoring softly while a Tyrogue quietly shadow boxes in the corner.]

So... it might be too early to be worrying about this since I've got exams coming up and haven't actually graduated yet, buuuut... I've been thinking about what I want to do once I'm done with my last year of school in a few months.  I really want to do something to help people and make a difference in the city, but I can't decide whether I want to try to join the City Guard, the Rangers, or the Swords of the Savior.  I mean, I know what they all do and everything, but I don't know which one I'd do the best in.

[Chie smiles sheepishly, scratching at her cheek.]

I guess what I'm trying to say is I need some advice.  If anybody out there who's a member of those groups wants to talk to me about it - like what it's like to be a part of the group, what kind of training you do, stuff like that - I'd really appreciate it.  I think it'll go a long way toward helping me make a good choice.  I already do a lot of physical training every day with my Tyrogue, so I'm not really worried about that part, but I just want to make sure I end up wherever I can help the most.

[She glances back down at her textbook, frowning before looking back at the camera.]

...Gotta graduate first, though.  I better get going.  But if anybody can help me out, just give me a call, okay?  Thanks!


Mar. 21st, 2014 08:37 am
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I'm curious to know; has anyone else been coming across lost Pokemon as of late?

[Considering he's bonded with three Pokemon like that, he's starting to feel there's a trend going on. Whether it's just him or others have gone through is what he wants to find out.]


Feb. 22nd, 2014 10:18 pm
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[Fai is looking unusually somber, and even in monochrome, it's easy to tell that he's a lot paler than usual. On his shoulder stands Babycakes, now evolved into a Floette, like an equally serious guard of honor with her flower like a rifle against her shoulder.]

[The young man says nothing at first, just holds up a rather skillfull sketch of a poké ball. Those with a bit of knowledge in history should probably recognise at least the general shape and design of it.]

Nevermind that they put those machines there to force Tyrantrum to evolve without their consent, but... they use these. Team Evolution, I mean. They keep pokémon imprisoned in these things, just like in the old days.

[He draws a deep, shaky breath.]

Despite how abhorrent this practice is - and believe me, I understand if you're angry - we should remember that they are from a different place with different laws. Wild accusations and demands aren't going to do us any good, is it? It's better if we try to reason with them, try to make them see why such treatment is wrong.

After all, the people in the old days were not all evil. If they were, why would the Savior have thought us worth sacrificing herself over? They were just ignorant.

But I thought you should be... warned.


Feb. 22nd, 2014 09:21 am
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I want to ask; what do you all think of this Team Evolution?

[A straightforward question from him. Flynn's own feelings didn't go much beyond genuine curiosity for the whole group.]


Feb. 22nd, 2014 12:00 am
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They were noticed a half hour before they arrived.

The Guardsmen atop the city walls, their keen senses trained to observe anything out of the ordinary, had not failed to observe the flight of birds disturbed from their nests and the distant shuddering of trees. The pace was steady. Not of wild Pokémon meandering about, but of something with fixed, determined purpose.

News spread quickly, as it ought. The Council was aware of the situation in five minutes flat, and the guard on the walls surreptitiously tripled in the same amount of time. It didn't take much longer for idle citizens to realize something was amiss, and as the rumors propagated -- There are people coming through the forest! -- so, too, did the number of people thronging at the gate craning their necks to get a look.

They emerge from the forest, their pace brisk and their numbers thirty strong. Many wear attire that is hardy, made for traveling - leather boots, thick wool pants, and long jackets in shades of deep crimson and black. Others, clearly of some higher rank, are clad in suits or other formal wear; a few wear pristine white coats that must have only just been changed. As they approach, most stare coolly upwards at the assembly gathered before them atop the walls of the city.

At their lead stands a man with a mild smile and shaggy red hair. Two others stand close beside him: a young woman in a crisp, fur-lined white coat, sleek black hair pristine and perfectly in place and a gentle smile on her face and an aloof woman with brown hair wearing a sharp suit who appears extremely disinterested in the proceedings.

The company pauses. And there is a long, awkward silence before the man with the red hair takes a step forward. He speaks, and his words, though understandable, have a strange, foreign inflection.

"My name is Rory Donnachaidh. We have come on behalf of our people to serve as a diplomatic presence to your city."

...Another awkward pause.

"...I believe it is appropriate to say - take us to your leader."

He smiles more broadly, as if he's made a joke.


We are Team Evolution.

We represent a group of people with a common purpose - to restore humanity to the peaks it once ascended and to raise up all Pokémon alongside us. We call ourselves Team Evolution for the only path forward for both human and Pokémon is to evolve. When we realized that our signals could be detected no longer, our scouts reported that the reason was human sabotage. Imagine our surprise to learn that a human civilization lay so close to those mountains... But what do I say? You, of course, must all have experienced surprise in equal measures, no?

We have come here for reasons twofold: to establish relations with this city and to retrieve the materials that you have been holding for us. It was a prototype, you see, and we would wish to have it returned.

Of course, we understand that you have little reason to trust us and great reason to drive us away. We will not attempt to enter your city if that is preferred - but we will camp outside, between the forest and the gates, for the space of 10 days, after which we will depart, with or without our materials. We hope you will be willing to speak with us during this time. We would also like to... hold a demonstration to explain our actions, if you and your Council are willing.

Please, come and speak with us if you have any questions. That is an offer extended to anyone in your fine city. I shall personally ensure that any visitors are treated with the greatest of courtesies...

((For approximately 10 IC days, the people of Team Evolution will be camped outside of Union. The next part of this event will require sign-ups. There is an accompanying OoC post to this post here. Please see that post for more details.

Please feel free to use this IC post to talk with the NPCs. All responses here will receive an NPC response.))


Feb. 8th, 2014 06:44 pm
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[With everything winding down and settling back into the usual routine Flynn was once again back in his usual routine. For now at least. Currently, he was in the market area trying to restock on the food he'd been meaning to get for awhile now. Mandrake was with him, bouncing up and floating back down to the ground in long leaps, keeping up with him.

Flynn managed to get the bread he wanted and was currently heading towards the vegetable stand when he passed by a father and mother with their child. He didn't mean to stare after them but seeing the happy sight made it hard not to. It took the green Hoppip at his side asking him what he was looking at to bring him back to earth.]

It's nothing.

[His lapse in paying attention to what was in front of him resulted in him accidently bumping into another body.]

Excuse me.


Jan. 24th, 2014 10:19 pm
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[With the earthquake having shook the foundations of the city, there had been much cause for panic. And in the case of the Old City, it seemed that it meant to flee in droves. Flynn was unfortunately caught in the stampede going on in the streets and was currently trying to get out of the way of the fleeing Pokemon. Oberon, who had recently evolved into Beautifly, was flying above him and helping him maneuver his way out of the wave.

Any chatter that might have been going on from the wild Pokemon blended together and became muddled together, making him unable to pick out anything coherent. At the moment though, getting to a place where he was less likely to be trampled was his current priority.]
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[Flynn was back up on the wall, doing his usual stand guard and scan the horizon for any Pokemon that might be rampaging towards the city. Though today, Fran wasn't with him and instead he had brought along one of his newer companions; a Silcoon he had met prior to the expedition. He had left Fran at home to help the green Hoppip he had run across, and bonded with, adjust and rest up due to an injury it still had. It wouldn't have been a good idea to bring the Grass/Flying Pokemon along anyway. Light weight plus strong wind would've meant him spending most of his shift chasing after the floaty Pokemon.

However, to anyone passing by close enough, they might hear the Silcoon chattering loudly and Flynn's expression tinged with something akin to resigned annoyance. And for anyone who can understand Pokemon-speak, they might pick up on the Silcoon referring to Flynn as "Scaryface."]


[A small sigh comes from him. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to not have Fran with him.]
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[With the expedition coming up, Flynn had a lot of the things that needed to be packed and taken care of for it. While it needed to be done it had also been a bit tedious. At the moment, he and his Pokemon partner had gone into the Verdant Forest to walk around for a bit. The Happiny walked a little ahead of him, staying alert to their surroundings. Flynn glanced around as well, seeing nothing but snow and trees for the most part.]


Jan. 10th, 2014 09:28 pm
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[Hearing the announcement made Flynn's gaze rest on the Old City that lied before the wall that separated it from the rest of Union. So there would be no more iron coming through from it. He half continued to listen to the radio as it continued to go on about other things per usual.]

What should we do after our shift, Fran?

[The Happiny at his side chirped and Flynn nodded slightly/]

I see. I suppose that would be a nice way to spend the rest of the day.

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