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It’s just after midnight when the column arrives outside of Sanctuary, shrouded in darkness under the pitch black of a new moon. Bordered by mountains to the north, the city has two primary gates to the West and the East, both of which are shut tight with massive oaken doors, centuries old and further secured with an antique portcullis. The city itself is surrounded by walls of stone, easily one-fourth the height of those found in Union and about twice the height of many of the homes, sturdy stone buildings with triangular roofs, about the same size as Calderan homes. Like Union, there are many towers within the city, but unlike Union, the towers are cold, aloof structures that stand alone with no connection to the other towers. The city itself is stone, cold, gray, and unfeeling, with small drops of light from streetlamps which line the streets, emitting an eerie blue-white glow. This is Sanctuary. Home of the Magi, conquered by Gigas for forty years. This is the city that must be reclaimed.

[OOC: If you did not choose to take the Pokeballs (you don’t have to have affirmed in an NPC thread, it’s entirely up to the character), they may have either 1 large Pokemon or 2 small Pokemon. A large Pokemon is classified as any Pokemon that is 4’ tall or long per the official Pokedex guidelines, anything smaller is considered a small Pokemon. Without the aid of Pokeballs the Pokemon will be required to be out and active throughout the log, and will not be able to be recalled or sent away if they are injured and must be carried if knocked out. As always, please limit yourself to 2 major actions in the log, and declare all Pokemon accompanying you in your first tag to a log. As always, to keep the logs moving, we will be responding every 24 hours.]
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Who: Usagi Tsukino, Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, Minako Aino, Makoto Kino, Chibiusa, Haruka Tenoh, and Michiru Kaioh
Where Ami's home
What: The senshi girls are all meeting up to recount the details of what happened. Or that's the plan, in any case.
When: A few days after "A safe return"
Warnings: Senshi antics?

A few snacks were brought )
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[ Hello, Union! It's just another cold winter day here. Nothing out of the ordinary.... and suddenly, there's a blip on the network and on the other end happens to be one Usagi Tsukino. She looks rather relieved, despite the fact that she has mud and leaves in her hair. ]

Oh thank goodness! It's fixed-- ah! Hey!

[ The camera then fumbles, catching a glimpse of full of a baby Rhyhorn sniffing at the camera and opening its mouth to give the warp band a big huge lick. It doesn't get to though, as Usagi snatches up the warp band and she looks like she's about to put it on her wrist, but once glance behind her has her rethinking a new course of action. ]

No, Skittles. The last time you did anything to my warp band, you broke it!


[ It's then that Pinky, Usagi's loyal and fantastic Clefairy, takes hold of the warp band and makes sure to angle it so that it's Usagi's upper body that's shown. .... although, wait. There seems to be someone right next to Usagi? But the video feed is angled enough that only a little part of the profile is scene although let's be real here. What little profile that's in the shot can give anyone who has eyeballs can tell it's Haruka Tenoh. ]

Ah, thanks, Pinky. So, um, hi guys! I.. uh... have a quick question. Has anyone.. uh... ever had a pokemon that refused to let go of something? Like, refused to the point of not caring if it gets hurt as long as it stays attached?

Any help would be really really really great. [ Pause. That might be a tiny look of desperation on her face. ] Thanks!
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Who: The Sailor Senshi and Pokemon
What: A Hatching Party
Where: Hikawa Shrine
When: 12/27
Warnings: Obligatory warning that Haruka/Michiru are in the same room together.

Today was the day they'd all waited for, and it's early in the morning when Rei notices that the eggs Ophir had been watching over for the last week were starting to shake and rattle like a hatching was going to happen. The call went out a little later, inviting all the other girls over to watch. Food was set up, and she'd encouraged Eiji to make sure Ankh was elsewhere so that he wouldn't just show up and be...himself. The hatching is nigh!
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Log Deputy: [ profile] axiomaticgrue
Log Deputy Schedule: We'd like to request a 24-hour cycle; at least 1 tag every 24 hours (dependent on at least one player tag)
Participating Characters: Yuuna Sugasawa, Haruka Tenoh, Son Goku, Rei Ryugazaki, Merill, and Usagi Tsukino
Plot Description: A group goes out to explore the Northern Wetlands to see what they can find.
Warnings/Notes: Maybe language? Rated M for Mudkipz?

Son you better not go at night... )
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Who: A whole lot of losers (this can mean you). Specifically, Ankh, Eiji, probably all of the Senshi, Martin, Elly and Fei. Nozomi? Possibly more Love Lives?? A WHOLE LOT OF LOSERS... I tagged everybody I knew would be here that I knew the canons for. :<
What: Hino Eiji's birthday!!
When: October 22! All day, all night, as long as y'all wanna celebrate this hobo.
Where: Hikawa Shrine.

He was pretty sure Rei had said something about it being Eiji's birthday. He didn't actually care overmuch, since she had come to him with the request that he take Eiji and distract him until a specific time, and given him the idea of making him buy ice cream. Ankh liked ice cream. In fact, it was about his favorite thing. So when it had been suggested that he could force Eiji into buying him some, whilst still fulfilling some kind of request from Rei, it meant he was getting ice cream and having the grumpy Shrine Maiden indebted to him (at least, in his own mind). So while there was the vaguest of concepts in his head that this was a distraction for some kind of celebration in honor of Eiji, he was mostly interested in the fact that he was making the vagrant buy him something.

And so here they were, Ankh dragging Eiji by the sleeve, heading into town.

"You walk too slow, how do you walk this slow? You're taller than I am."
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Dream I - you and I were resting close in peace )

Dream II - was it just a dreaming of my heart? )

Dream III - now I’m crying, don’t know why -- ** )

[ ooc: herp derp I should have mentioned this before, but dream III is meant for anyone who has history dating before the savior, so, feel free to have your characters (or past versions of them) go who the eff is this chick crying in the middle of a razed town. Other wise, dream I and dream II are ripe for the hilarious and friendly picking!

also content warning with dream III: violence and death of both human and pokemon alike.
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Dream 1: A Personal Hell )

Dream 2: Apocalypse )

Dream World:

[Rei is here as well, periodically during the week, wandering around and looking confused. Catch her for a talk if you need her.]

[Feel free to go for either dream or both, just let me know which one you'd like. Be warned that the second one will contain scenes of violence and possible death/Pokedeath. The first one contains mention of death.]
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[It's been a fairly busy few weeks for Rei, really, and she hasn't had a whole lot of time to really do a whole lot that wasn't training. The Shrine had needed tending, to be sure, and preparations for fall had gone well but getting out of Union had been her real priority lately. This weekend, though, it was time for a bit of a breather before heading out to investigate rumors of ruins being opened up. The week before had been somewhat intense, with lots of close calls, and a big surprise towards the end.

Hellenes had finally evolved, as Asemu had said she would. As a result, she felt she owed her childhood friend a thank you for the suggestion, and spent some time setting things in motion. There were, of course, other things to address too...which results in a few video snippets going out.]

Private to Eiji Hino )

Private to Asemu )

Private to Honoka and Usagi )

[And a more general announcement, one forced out of her by her grandfather. She doesn't seem to mind, but it's clear the old man in the background is really the one who wants the announcement made...]

Open Video:

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Rei Hino, and I'm one of the priests at Hikawa Shrine, and my grandfather wanted me to formally invite anyone who is interested to visit our temple. With fall now here, and winter time seems like a good time to advertise our services as fortune tellers, charm-makers and exorcists. If you feel like you could use some good fortune or extra protection we happily provide those services, as well as helping drive away evil spirits that may be troubling you.

The shrine too, is just open for visitors who want a quiet place to relax, or travelers in need of a place to stay. If you feel the need, please let us know so arrangements can be made.

Thank you, be well.

[And closing out the feed, Rei just goes about her day.

She will be at Hikawa Shrine and around Union for the early part of the week, but later on she heads down into the Coastal Ruins, carefully picking her way through the ruined streets of the lost civilization. Places like this both intrigued and terrified her, which is why she'd jumped at the chance to visit. The general atmosphere doesn't seem to be affecting her quite the way it ought to, a fact that friends might find more than a little bit strange...]

((ooc: Action here or the Ruins is fine!))
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Who: Yuuna, Ami, Usagi
What: A trip to the Volcano
When: Week 38
Where: The tropics
Summary: Two old school pals and a derpy tagalong go do stuff!

It's real hot! )

[ voice ]

Sep. 24th, 2014 01:05 am
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[ Private to Usagi ]

Hey... I know you had mentioned you wanted to come if I ever was headed for the Rolling Plains. I was thinking of going this week, since Rico seems to be strong enough now to handle most anything out there. You still want to come?


[ Failed private to Ami, because Minako switched recipients wrong! ]

Hey, Ami? I was wondering something... I'd been working with Rei on some things with school, but he's been really absent lately. Do you mind if I ask for some help on things?
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Ah, I admit, it feels absolutely wonderful to be myself again.

[In her arms is not just her Dratini, but also a tiny little Horsea, the latest addition to Ami's pokemon family. Behind her a Noctowl is preening and her Luxio, as always sits in her lap.]

With that in mind, I am currently doing some research for school and would like to ask a particular question.

Now that I've been restored to my proper form and abilities, [Those that know her might wonder about what she means "abilities." Oh does she have news for you.] I would like to offer my services to help teach pokemon how to swim. It's come to my attention that many pokemon here in Union need help with the initial instructions and motions in water.

The experiment itself will be completely observational as they learn to swim and I ensure that no harm will come to your pokemon.

Lessons to those who do not know how to swim in general are also available if you wish to join me and your pokemon in the water.

My Dratini, Socrates and my Horsea, Galileo will be assisting me with the lessons.
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Who: Usagi Tsukino, Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, Makoto Kino, Minako Aino and any party crashers that may just so happen to be near the beach *cough*The outer senshi*cough*
Where: Beachside, south of Union!
What: Wouldn't you guess, it's Ami's birthday! Usagi's taken the time to set up a birthday camp expedition to the beach with food, swimming and games to show a certain book worm how birthdays should really be according to her mantra.
Warnings: You've got the usual senshi shenanigans with a dash of the Body Swap event mixed in. Sounds like a hilarious episode, doesn't it?

This is how we do )
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[ Action ]

[ Hotaru's ditched any and all babysitters, watchers, Divine Defense Force members, etc. to head out into the city. Anybody out and about in the city might find her, actually going around in her human form, along with a way-too-high-level-to-be-unevolved Litwick, a baby Eevee, and a Solosis.

Where is she going? What is she doing? Well, she seems to be hitting up book stores and libraries. Not looking up anything actually useful, but instead.... cookbooks? Yeah, she's browsing through every cookbook she can get her hands on, and might even be purchasing one or two of them at each stop. By the afternoon, she'll have a small stack that she's carrying around with her on her search for more. Never let it be said she isn't dedicated.

And then, by mid-afternoon, she's stopped by the Pokémon habitat to lay out on the grass with her new cookbook collection... ]

[ Video / Filtered away from Michiru, Haruka, & Setsuna ]

[ Hotaru turns on the video feed after she's had the chance to skim over the books. She looks a little hesitant, but-]

Hello. Um, I'm not sure how to ask this, but... does anybody know where there's a kitchen I might be able to use? I want to surprise my guardians by cooking for them, but I've never cooked before.... I'd like to be able to practice without them finding out. [ So the kitchen where she lives is out of the question.

It isn't long like a few seconds before she regrets making this post. ]
....Sorry. There's probably not anywhere like that, is there? [ And it's not like she has anybody close enough to ask to borrow their kitchen. Maybe she'll just ask at the cafe...

The entire time this is going on, though, in the background her Litwick seems to be laughing evilly while looming over the Solosis, using it like a crystal ball. Why do you do this, Litwick? This is why everybody thinks you're evil... ]
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[ Suddenly, there's a video feed that pops up on the network, and it's Usagi. This wouldn't be so bad if she didn't look a little dirty... and... in rather dim light? Those aren't the ruins of the Old City behind her, is it? ]

.... um. uh. So, if someone were to accidentally get lost in the Old City, hypothetically speaking, how would they get back? [ She doesn't realize that she's not on audio and is, in fact, on video. So, her little... lie... is already unveiled before she could ever begin. ] I-I mean, just for future reference! No reason at all!

Hah... hah....
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Log Deputy: It was me, Nerdo ([ profile] Nerdorama)
Participating Characters:
-Team Organization: Rise, Apollo, Pamela, Usagi
-Team Heavy Lifting: Chie, Kanji, Yuuna, and Asemu
(Teams entirely subject to change and only implemented so we don't have eight people in one thread. Let me know if anyone wants to do something else)
Plot Description: Some kids from Union help to spread the awesomeness of Pokémon habitats to our desert neighbors.
Warnings/Notes: Probably not OSHA compliant.

Rise has just about exactly enough common sense that she did, in fact, expect that convincing Caldera's and Union's leaders that building a secondary Pokémon habitat in the desert city was a great idea would be the easy part of the endeavor. Now she and some volunteers from Union were doing what she - correctly - figured was the hard part, which was the actual construction of the sprawling structure. Fortunately, between Union's architects and Caldera's engineers, the planning wasn't up to a bunch of clueless kids, and even a lot of the construction was paid local labor - they're mostly just here as representatives of Union's willingness to help out their allies.

That's not to say they weren't doing work, of course. Rise, standing under a parasol, was coordinating the Union volunteers - split between material hauling and doing detail work on the new structure - using her powers. All in all, it was going far.
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[Ace turns on his warp band, and his hat is nowhere to be seen, his hair is a complete mess, and there's smoke in the background]]

Anyone have any experience with a few pokemon evolving at the same time?

[Action, Habitat]

[There's a bit of smoke coming out of Ace's shorts, but he doesn't really care much. There's a Swoobat flying around his head, a Pikachu trying to crawl onto his lap, a Gloom pulling the side of his shorts, a Charmeleon pulling on one of his arms, and a Lampent floating in front of him, making amused sounds at the situation]

Guys, please, this is why I brought you back here, you made a mess in the apartment, please behave!

[The Pikachu is the only one that listens and her tail droops a little, but she doesn't move from her spot on Ace's legs.

Ace would give anyone that happens to be in the habitat a pleading look, asking for help, because now he's realized he can't control a bunch of excited pokemon, specially not the three that just got their new bodies.]
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Who: Rei Hino & Usagi Tsukino
Where: Somewhere in the Canyon / Deep Canyons.
When: A few days after the Heatran event!
What: It's just another journey on the road of friendship... no seriously it is.

because a trainers' life is suffering.. especially Usagi's. )
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[So, what's the first thing Rei does when she gets the video set up on her Warp Band is to
turn it on and study it skeptically. She doesn't really have a lot to say, but she figures that since she finally caved and got it upgraded at Grandpapa's insistence. She didn't want him to worry overmuch when she finally did decide to go outside Union, and that was simply the only reason she'd bothered with it at all.

There's a short cawwing sound, and a Murkrow lands on the girl's shoulder, nudging her with it's beak. Clearly it wants her to say something...and Rei gives the bird an exasperated look.]

Oh alright...[She waves it off before giving the camera a smile. It's a little forced, like she's uncomfortable, but all the same she addresses the camera.]

Hello there. This is Phobos and my name is Rei. It's nice to speak to all of you. I'm likely going to be leaving Union for the day, so I thought I'd make sure my Warp Band was fully functional. I assume it is, so I think I'll be going, but feel free to contact me if there's something you have to say. I just wanted to introduce myself.

[An odd pause...and she nods, seemingly satisfied with just that. She's not terribly keen on using this video device, but it is an expected thing, so she'll make the attempt. All the same, off the feed goes now!]


[And true to her word, Rei exits Union's gates that afternoon. A quiver and bow slung over her shoulder, with Phobos the Murkrow and Deimos the Ralts at her side, she heads off towards the forest. Something about today had just seemed rather auspicious, and the night before she'd received a vision in the flames, a premonition that she needed to be leaving Union today. She hadn't gotten much more than that, but it was clear that today was a day of destiny! And that meant getting out like she'd been secretly planning to do for months and months. Grandpapa had supported it for the most part, though his condition was, of course, the Warp Band so she'd obliged him.

Wherever she does, she's moving with a purpose, keeping her eyes peeled for things that might or might not change her life forever. Certainly the land outside was lovely enough to be worth the trip anyway. And if that was all the hunch she'd gotten meant, well...she could deal with that. It wasn't like every single vision had to lead to something astounding, after all.]

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