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Who: Usagi Tsukino, Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, Makoto Kino, Minako Aino and any party crashers that may just so happen to be near the beach *cough*The outer senshi*cough*
Where: Beachside, south of Union!
What: Wouldn't you guess, it's Ami's birthday! Usagi's taken the time to set up a birthday camp expedition to the beach with food, swimming and games to show a certain book worm how birthdays should really be according to her mantra.
Warnings: You've got the usual senshi shenanigans with a dash of the Body Swap event mixed in. Sounds like a hilarious episode, doesn't it?

This is how we do )

{04} Action

Sep. 9th, 2014 09:06 pm
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[Setsuna passes through the library at the University. She has a list in one hand and a Noctowl on her shoulder. She glances at the list occasionally and seems to be attempting to match it to call numbers on the books' spines. She is in a section of the library for psychology.

Meanwhile, a few aisles over, a Slowking is buried in various science related texts and it is difficult to tell if she is trying to read or sleeping under the towering stack. Occasionally the books float around, back to shelves, and may even cross people walking about. Follow the floating books? Or help the woman looking at books with the owl.
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Hello everyone. Now that things have settled down I have been able to take some stock of my pokemon. It would seem a few of them have finally evolved after a great deal of hard work.

[A Pikachu pops up on her shoulder and waves, clearly this is one of the examples. Before Setsuna can continue, however, there is the sound of a loud CRUNCH. It's as though someone is chopping into a muffled tree. Setsuna looks surprised at the sound and looks over her shoulder. Her eyes go wide at what she sees.]

Hon? What did you do?


[The few of the video shifts as Setsuna rises to go confront Hon. The first thing you might notice is a giant fuzzy beast of a Darmanitan. The second thing you might notice is that it is currently chewing on what appears to be half of a sofa. It is blissfully unaware of the commotion it seems to be causing. A Sawbuck is slowly backing away and out of the scene, as though he doesn't want to be associated with this at all.

Although Setsuna cannot be seen you can still hear her voice.

Hon! No! We've been over this. You cannot eat the furniture! What am I going to tel---

[Setsuna drifts off as she realizes the video is still broadcasting. She shuts it off right away to deal with her current problems.]



Later that day, Setsuna can be found walking down the Business district and making a beeline for a furniture store. Hecate and Hades are there to keep her company and the giant Darmanitan is nowhere to be found. She's a woman on a mission, but feel free to stop her and potentially ask over her pokemon. Or, if you're so inclined, run into her in the store where she's browsing couches and debating falling onto one for awhile.
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Log Deputy: ???
Participating Characters: Merrill, Setsuna, Haruka, Michiru.
Plot Description: Translation of Ancient Scrolls taken from a shrine in Caldera.
Warnings/Notes: Not particularly?

[soooo they're probably someplace quiet. With books. And most likely paper and all sorts of stationery!]

Open House

Jun. 30th, 2014 12:59 pm
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[With the theater season officially open, the Divine Theater has little else do with the summer but prepare for next season's jam-packed schedule. However, preparation doesn't really bring in money, so, as they do every summer, the Divine Theater has opened its doors to summer classes! There is even word that those students who excel might even be considered for staff next season!

The first class is free in the hopes that they will bring in new students, in the hopes that people will sign up for more. The offerings are rather diverse.

Acting classes, both beginning and advanced; music lessons for singers and instrumentalists; conducting classes; beginning and advanced sewing and costume design; makeup; theater tech and lighting; beginning and advanced dance classes; stage fighting and choreography, just to name a few. There's a little bit of something for everyone here. The front desk ladies have even taken it upon themselves to start their very own beginner accounting class. It's cute, you should check it out

For those working around the theater, it was a busy time--maybe even more than when they were putting on productions. Cleaning to do, classes to help out with, and, of course, making sure any students don't go down secret hallways labeled "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" that totally aren't hiding their super secret base of operations nope nothing here to see folks.

Are you teaching? Attending? Helping out? Maybe just curious?]
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[ The time has come for the great Pokémon race! The Rhyhorn arena has been almost completely remodeled to accommodate the main event - an obstacle course tailored to provide challenges for various types of Pokémon and their riders. Vendors sell refreshments in the stands, and Haruka patrols the course on her own Rhyhorn, World Shaking; she's handing out the prizes later, but for now, she's the referee.

Pokémon-trainer pairs in the day's main event will be asked to surmount the following obstacles (in addition to flat stretches of ground for sprinting):

-- Rocks rising and falling from the ground, courtesy of some very industrious Dugtrio
-- A field of PokéPuffs suspended from Drifloon: grab a puff on your way through to clear the obstacle, but don't attack the helpers
-- A series of hedges to leap in rapid succession
-- A tunnel beneath a small waterfall - racers have their choice of going through the waterfall and into the tunnel or up over the obstacle using uneven, rocky paths on either side
-- And a big long stretch to the finish line.

Pokémon in the land mini-race will be called upon to sprint several hundred yards, then navigate through a maze - not a very difficult one, but a maze nonetheless -- then sprint to the finish again.

Pokémon in the water mini-race will navigate a fake river - it twists and turns - and then be called upon to leap through a hoop at the finish line. The hoop is large enough that big Pokémon can fit, but will need to be accurate, and high enough that little Pokémon will need to jump.

Pokémon in the midair mini-race will need to pass checkpoints at various altitudes in order - staff Pokémon are on hand holding the checkpoints and will flap their wings and caw as racers pass them. A Castform is wandering the field at random, and may periodically release a burst of rain.

On your marks, racers. Ready....get set....go! ]

[[ OOC information for race participants is here; the IC rules and original race proposal is here. Good luck and have fun! ]]


Jun. 17th, 2014 06:40 pm
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Okay, so normally I wouldn't be clogging the network up with videos of new team members, but I think there's something some of you should see.

[The camera moves to show a Vulpix that, on the black-and-white screen, looks paler than most. The Fire-type in question is currently exploring Peter's home along with a serious-looking Lillipup. While Gordon is content to just look around, Kit, the Vulpix, is poking her head into anything and everything]

I found Kit over here while I was poking around in the Mausoleum. I know it's kind of hard to tell over the Band, but she's gold-colored rather than the normal red.
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[ Action ]

Boring dream stuff; open to the theater peeps )

Just a dream... just a dream...

[ Video ]

[ Some time later, Hotaru's making a video post. She has bags under her eyes, like she had a horrible night's sleep. Heh. ]

Does anybody have any tricks for getting a decent night's sleep? Preferably a... dreamless sleep.

Ah... Psychic-types don't have any effect, before you suggest it. Sorry.
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[Setsuna doesn't make many posts to the Warp Band. Responses, sure, but not many posts of her own. Today you will find her at the Habitat, Water level. She is standing next to a supposedly new face: a Slowking. You might also notice Setsuna looks a little different as well, darker skin and hair than before and more intense eyes. The changes are subtle though, so they might be overlooked.]

I wanted to show the results of one of the items I brought back from Caldera. Lethe was exceptionally interested in the King's Rock when I showed it to her. After some trial and error I traded her with Haruka's assistance and...well here we are. This is Lethe, evolved into Slowking. Say hello Lethe.

[Lethe waves cheerfully, sticking her head up with pride. She wobbles slightly though, clearly still not used to the weight of the large crown on her head.]

Thank you again for your help in discovering this, Haruka.

She is not the only one to experience evolution either. Recently I felt a great rush of power myself. I have not experimented with the limit of my powers yet, but I believe Slowking and I will be practicing here. If anyone is interested, I do not mind having the company.

[Setsuna will be at the habitat if anyone is interested. Or feel free to speak to her over the Warp Band about evolution.]
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It's a lovely early summer day in Union. Many of the refugees have returned home to Caldera, and some measure of peace has returned to the city. To aid in the decompression, a small event has been advertised at a local park...


Open event for all Pokémon! Picnic, hold races, play games, relax in the sun! Trainers, let your Pokémon relax for a day! Let's make Pokéfriends!! (^_^)

((Two months ago, this idea was tossed around but never came to fruition so I thought I'd throw something up! While the base premise is that it's a relaxing day at a park, feel free to respond with other top-level comments with what else your Pokémon might be doing around Union. No real rules about top-level threads, so if you want to include all of your Pokémon in one thread or do separate ones for a few Pokémon, go ahead. (Try not to make top-levels for 15 different Pokémon if possible.) No trainers allowed!! Or at least, minimal trainer interference!

Make adorable Pokémon CR, go!))
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[ Here's Haruka Tenoh's face on your Warp Band. Don't worry - she'll pause and grin long enough for the imaginary theme music to subside. ]

Gaming news today. The Rhyhorn arena's hosting a big Pokémon race. If it runs, and you can fit on it, you're welcome to participate, though there'll be other races for the smaller ones too.

We'll be putting up flyers with the details. [ It's hard to read the flyer that's being waved about onscreen, however. Probably because the Pokémon doing the waving isn't much bigger than the flyer itself. ] Sewa!

[ ...Yes, you're a big help. Haruka slowly pushes Sewaddle out of the frame. ] I'll be seeing you all in the wind this time, kittens.

[ A wink, and she's gone. Why is it always her. Why is she always the one doing advertisements? Could it be she's a naturally gifted salesman? Is this her true calling?

She doesn't want that... ]

[ action ]

[ As promised, Haruka and her Sewaddle are plastering the town with flyers - or, well, Sewaddle is putting them up at bug-level with silk while Haruka wanders around with another pile tucked under her arm. Every now and then she hands one out.

You could also encounter one of the following pairs of Pokémon helping to advertise elsewhere:

-- A Murkrow slapping people in the forehead with flyers to get their attention while a Cubchoo tugs on others' shirt hems and bashfully offers a flyer with a quivering "Cub?".

-- A Pidgeotto dropping flyers much more gently than Murkrow while a Rotom looks on in amazed admiration. Mother is so clever.

Or, if you're a Divine Theater member, you can meet Haruka collapsed in a mess hall chair after the fact! Sewaddle is fanning her with a folded-up flyer. He is innovative. ]
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The time for action is at hand, and the players have been set in place. Those who choose to make an attempt at diplomacy head off at the appointed time to meet with Valeria, the clerk and representative of the general who leads the Gigas army. Those who wish to take more direct action against Gigas leave with General Ironbrand to put their plans into motion. In the meantime, the refugees continue to stream into Union, while supplies are gathered and flow the other way.

The outcome of this war may very well depend on the combined results of these four efforts…

((This log will be a catch-all for all four efforts of the attempt to save Caldera. There will be four different parts of this post: Diplomacy, Aggression, Refugees, and Supplies. The first two should be well established, but the Refugees portion will encompass bringing those in Caldera who require help to Union and giving them medical aid and care, while the Supplies portion will encompass people in Union setting up shelters and gathering resources to send back to Caldera, as well as other miscellaneous tasks that may be of help. Gathering resources may entail leaving Union to explore out in other areas. You all signed up for groups, so please try to maintain these groups when posting, particularly to the Diplomacy and Aggression sections. The other two may be more free-form.

Mods will be responding at least once every 24 hours to keep the logs moving.

EDIT 5/31: Please try to group up if possible! We'll generally try to wait for threads to have 2-3 people before we jump in. Threads with 3+ may attract the attention of something a little more... interesting.))
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Who: Everyone!
What: Brave New World had it's beach episode. It's time for the first hot springs episode in this game to celebrate it's discovery!
Where: Scorched Forest - Hot Springs
When: Week 18 Weekend | Early Afternoon to the Evening
Warnings: Potential nudity and fights if someone get caught peeping. Let's try to keep it PG-13 in here.

this game is becoming very anime in here )
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The Kricketune Theaters are Proud to Present: A Night of Laughter and Tears! starring... Union!

Banners and streamers had begun popping up all over town a week in advance, and it wasn't long before the rumors began to spread. The Kricketune Theaters were taking a dive financially and needed a quick promotion to stay in business. The Kricketune Theaters were so rich and their warehouses stocked with so many treasures that they just felt like giving things away out of caprice. (They were artists, after all.) The Kricketune Theaters were a front for the underground gambling industry, and this was a distraction for the rest of Union while the ruffians and thugs of Union divvied up the illicit gains of the year. The Kricketune Theaters were a front for Team Evolution and this was yet another object demonstration; the Team would once again spring Mega Evolution out of their sleeves and win all the prizes.

...Well no one really believed that last one.

Regardless, the news spread quickly: a night of performances put on by the trainers of Union. The best performances by audience vote would receive a prize - some treasure previously unseen in Union altogether. Whether or not one was interested in putting on a show, it was at least a chance to see something out of the ordinary. Or many things. The sign-up list tacked outside the front doors slowly grew in length; everyone had their thoughts as to what would be the ideal production...

Soon enough, the night arrives. 7:00 sharp, the doors open to allow the spectators to come streaming in for a nominal fee; the performers had assembled an hour earlier and now stood nervously watching through cracks in the curtain or conducting last minute rehearsal.

"Laaaaaadies and gentlemen!"

The unseen voice booms out across the theater.

"Please take your seats. The show begins in 15 minutes!"

((You may still sign up groups here. If you are unable to find a group but would like to participate, make a note in the Planning section of that page and we can pair you up with someone. This log will run all week. Voting will begin May 10th based on log progression up to that point.

The grand prize will be, as announced Prism Scales from the swamp. Other prizes for participants will also be available.))
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[Ichiro appears on the screen. He looks a bit exhausted]

So... has anybody ever bonded with a Pokemon who then just refused to listen to them at all? How do you deal with it? I got this guy...

[the camera pans to reveal a Sneasel chasing his Shroomish around the theater] the Ice Rock. He challenged me and I defeated him in single combat, so he said he wanted to learn to become stronger.

And now he won't listen to me.

Or do what I ask. Or...

[There's a loud crashing sound]


[The feed cuts out]


[Ichiro can be found around the Union Divine Theater chasing Sneasel around. Sneasel is gleefully running around and generally having a great time of it, causing problems and minor property damage as he goes]
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[Well Dylas eventually gotten himself a job with a local bakery to deliver cakes and other goodies around town. Not the most glamorous job, but the owner was nice and he gets to roam around Union - there's just one thing he didn't like about it, but he rather not think on it.

So he can be seen in all sorts of places on a bike with stacks of neat, white boxes tied to it, every once in a while he stops to either deliver the goods or check to make sure everything's tied up neatly. On the handlebars was a Pikachu shading her eyes, looking out for obstacles.

Once he found one of the addresses on his list, he heads up to the door and knocks quite loudly - cringing internally]

Hey. Shake Those Buns! ...Bakery here. Got a Delivery for you.
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For those who fear the encroaching flowers herald events of a slightly more urgent nature, perhaps it isn't really paranoia so much as sensibility.

Two days after they first appear, every single flower in Union blooms overnight. The sight is incredible - the entire city is blanketed in rainbow waves of color, and the scent of the flowers themselves is quite fragrant. The strange pink blossoms are particularly attractive.

For many of the residents of Union, however, the flowers may not be the first thing on their minds as things go a bit chaotic.

1. Enlightened with a Bug, Fairy, or Grass typing will become subject to extreme emotion swings. Primarily, the emotions will be positive, like overwhelming ecstasy, a sensation of giddiness, and a desire to spread cheer amongst their friends. These Enlightened may also suffer from confusion, an excessive amount of energy, and general loopiness. When not in sunlight, they'll swing towards the negative end of the emotional spectrum.

2. Bug, Grass, and Fairy type Pokémon have taken it upon themselves to settle into this new paradise, with the Bug types descending in swarms from above, and the Grass and Fairy types wandering in through the gates whenever the guards aren't looking. Though not violent, they'll be generally insensitive to the trouble they cause for the humans and will react negatively to anyone or anything harming the flowers.

3. Other strange Pokémon have also wandered into Union and while most appreciate the gentle sunlight, a few of the more mischievous have decided that the city could use some more variety. Each individual Castform may alter the weather between sun, rain, and hail within a certain area of the city ranging about two blocks. If Castform is creating Rain or Hail, Fairy, Bug, and Grass Enlightened will respond in a negative manner.

4. Allergies will be more fun to deal with than ever.

5. Finally, the following event Pokémon will be temporarily available to be bonded with as an extra bonus for this week. Please respond in the Map and Wild Pokemon post as per the usual to claim these. The level range is 5-8.


This event will end on April 13th. You may use this post as an IC mingle or make your own entries as you wish. If your character is a Fairy/Bug/Grass Enlightened and you prefer not to play the effects, you may opt-out.
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Who: Feliks, and whoever shows up. Mingle log, everyone's invited!
Where: The old Łukasiewicz manor
When: In the evening, on the day after spring's sudden onset.
Warning: Alcohol will be available? Otherwise, depends on the players--stick a warning in the subject line if anything gets out of hand.

Swaying and sweeping, and always keeping cool... )
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[A woman sits poised and holding the Warp Band carefully so that the video function is working properly. She would perhaps be familiar to those that frequent the University or the "richer" circles of Union. If not, well, she's about to introduce herself.]

Hello. It has certainly been awhile since I used the Warp Band to broadcast. I was told this would likely be the best way to get the ball rolling on a new job I've picked up at the University.

It would seem that in addition to my research, that they are wishing me to take up a few classes and also meet with students who need help with their assignments. A kind of tutor I suppose...

[Despite her words, she does seem legitimately excited for this task. Maybe she actually enjoys working with younger people.]

If you are interested, my focus is in history, legends, relics, and research, but I am quite knowledgeable in other fields as well. I will be in the cafe just down the way from the University should you like to meet me for tutoring or get to know one of your future part-time instructors.

Just ask for Setsuna, please. I'll be here for a few hours and working on updating some of my notes in the meantime.

[She smiles as she holds up a pen as if to demonstrate that, yes, she is serious about this task. Apparently someone felt like working in a new environment instead of at their apartment for a change.]


[At a small cafe near the University sits a woman pouring over several books and stacks of notes. She is reading and also adding to the notes at the same time. Despite her video broadcast, what you didn't see was a tiny Espurr sitting curled in the seat next to her. It is apparently asleep...for the moment and purring quietly.

Feel free to approach her since, despite all the work around her, she will be quite friendly if you talk to her. She probably needs to remember to stop and drink the tea that is quickly getting cold beside her anyway.
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[ audio ]

[ sup, everybody? Have an abortive (?) attempt at gathering news and information because somebody can’t speak candidly if her life depended on it. ]

We have been gone for a while, hm? Seeing how the place is still standing, I suppose nothing of consequence has happened.

Who are you talking to…?

[ this voice doesn’t appear to have heard that former one. ] Anyway, we’re a little behind. If someone could fill us in, we’d appreciate it.

[ another voice chimes in, though it’s not directed at the band, instead she appears to be addressing the question. ] The rest of Union, as a matter of fact. [ she pauses and then adds. ] You should say hello, Hotaru.

[ there’s a short pause. The entire city? How? ] Ah, hello? [ these people are crazy. ]

Good grief.

[ action, around Union ]

[ so, here’s a mildly bedraggled group winding their way through the streets of Union. It’s obvious from their clothing that they’ve been away for a while. Michiru and Haruka had actually managed to be away for at least a month, and while natural fabulousness can cover up almost anything, Michiru, at the very least, is counting down the minutes till she gets to soak away the (figurative) dirt of the road and take over the bathroom for at least three hours. The other two, Hotaru and Setsuna, had joined along the way... so to speak. But they still looked weary from the trip.

Alas, duty calls. Before they can get back home, they’ll need to outfit Hotaru with various necessities. Oh, and make sure she doesn’t go crazy and eat people.

...Make that a four hour soak, when Michiru finally gets back. Either way, the group’s going to be out and about the entire city for quite a bit. ]

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