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[The video comes up on Chibiusa looking thoughtful. And slightly upset. She doesn't say anything for a long moment. Then finally she sighs and crosses her arms.]

Everyone says I'm too young to help out with the stuff going on, even though my Pokemon are just as strong as anyone else's. But just 'cause I'm younger I've gotta stay here even when there's really important stuff to do! [She pouts briefly, but then her expression turns more resigned.] But I guess it's too late to really change anyone's mind right now. I wanna help though! So I was thinking, is there anything that those of us staying home can do to help? Either to help people get ready to go, or that we can do to be ready for when people get back?

I just really, really want to help somehow.


May. 19th, 2015 09:03 am
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So, uh...

[A quick bolt of electricity whizzes by in the background before Chie even gets started.]

...Does anybody have any experience with getting Pokemon to stop being afraid of things?

[And again, in the other direction.]

I mean, afraid of, like, everything.

[There's a low buzzing sound and Chie turns around to briefly reveal a Rotom hiding behind her shoulder.  Once it sees the Warp Band is on, it dives back behind her.  She sighs, shaking her head.]

Usually I'm the one who's afraid of Ghost types, but this is just ridiculous.
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[Today the warp band opens up right around lunchtime to show what appears to be one of the Southern Gates, and Banzu's newly constructed Route 1. Lucca's standing there, next to a cloth covered lump about the size of a Rhyhorn, her whole body practically thrumming with excitement. She has this big, goofy grin on her face like a Skitty that's caught the Pidgey, and she's wearing some odd looking duds over her usual. Tugging on a pair of gloves, she finally speaks up.]

Right, so. Thought I'd give you guys a little bit of a show today. Gil, Banzu, and I have been working on something new, and we've finally got it all together, tested, and deemed it reasonably safe for production and use.

[She turns sideways, gesturing dramatically to the cloth.]

I'm not gonna bore you with the details on how it was made, but suffice to's gonna change the world!

[With a flick of her wrist, she yanks off the cloth to reveal...this thing! If the video could show gleam, it totally would, because the metal of this machine is polished so much that you could probably see your reflection in the side. But as it stands...]

Citizens of Union, Caldera, Citadel, and Refuge? I present to you...the Rotomcycle!

Cut for Length, more presentation below! )
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[ Video ]

[ Here’s a few faces that have been scarce the past few weeks, looking slightly different. Perspective makes it hard to tell, but Haruka appears to have gotten even taller. Meanwhile, Michiru’s smile seems even more effective than before. And from the way she’s pushing her hair back, it seems to have gotten longer as well.

Both remain stunningly attractive - maybe more so than usual - but that could also be a trick of the light.

Haruka gets right to the point. ]
We’re heading out for a while. The theater’s picked its next script, so we’ll hold auditions once we’re back. It’s open casting this time. [ She smirks. ] Prepare to impress me, little Skitties.

[ One might catch Michiru rolling her eyes a little before the video cuts out. ]

[ Action - Mountains ]

[ Michiru seems to be satisfied with taking a more passive role in this particular training exercise. In fact, she’s sitting by the side, poring over an ornate looking hand mirror. A small Noibat buried in a cloak, a hat, and tinted glasses sits firmly in Michiru’s shadow.

Haruka, on the other hand, has somehow gotten her hands on a glowing scimitar. Her Ninjask buzzes around them, ready for agility training. ]

[ Ninjask whirrs. Haruka swings the sword, and an arc of light shoots from it. Ninjask dodges, returning right back to position as soon as the arc whizzes past, attention fully on Haruka….

...even when there’s a crash from below. Haruka sets her jaw. If she’d known Bagon liked to launch themselves off high places, she wouldn’t have brought a baby one to the Mountains.

Look out below. ]

[ Action - Union; outside the Divine Theater ]

[ Are you a Pokémon passing by the Union Divine Theater today? Then you - yes, you!! - get called to by a bright, happy voice. ] Woop wooooop!

[ The Wooper in question stands atop a wooden box, flanked by a Nidorino and a Jolteon. The latter holds a poster covered with various blue and grey smudges. And from the blue and grey paint still smudged on him, he must be the artiste.

Once Wooper gets a passing Pokémon's attention, he begins an impromptu dance. Hello! Do you like plays? He wants to put on a Pokémon play! You should be in it! ]
Woop woop woop!

[ Nidorino strikes a pose too. ] Ri.

[ Can't say no, right? ]


Mar. 26th, 2015 11:20 am
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[It's Chibiusa again, but she looks different this time. And not just because she's not cowering in terror from a giant Krookodile. Her hair's more vibrantly pink and her eyes are redder and she just has a sort of shimmer of life. Yep. Chibiusa's evolved. And she's holding a plate of cookies. They're not very attractive looking cookies, but from how she keeps having to shoo off her Pokemon, they're probably tasty cookies.]

I've been terribly bad and not thanked all of you who saved me out on the Crater Plains. That was really, really rude of me and I'm very sorry. I don't know what I would have done if you all hadn't come to rescue me.

[Licorice hops up on her head. One of his wings is still bandaged.] Mur, Mur, Murkrow! (Translation for the Pokemon-fluent: Hey, yea, thanks!)

So, since I've been really bad with the gratitude, I wanted to offer these cookies to everyone who helped! I know they don't look like much, but I promise they're really tasty.

[She looks around and then leans into the camera, whispering conspiratorially.]

You might wanna get them before Usagi tries to eat them all.
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[Wow, that's one panicked looking pink-haired young girl on the screen! And there sure is a Krookodile looming behind her. Several Sandile can be seen, as well as some of Chibiusa's Pokemon, desperately trying to fight off the attack]

Help! Someone, please! I'm out in Crater Plains! I thought we could handle it, but there's just too many and...

[She looks like she's about to cry]

My Pokemon are trying but I'm afraid they're gonna get hurt real bad!

Action )


Mar. 5th, 2015 10:10 am
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 Um... excuse me, everyone... I hate to be bothering you again, but... I need some advice. Again. 

You see, three of my Pokemon friends are at the point where they could evolve, but... I'm not sure if I should do it all at once. I know that sometimes that a Pokemon's personality can change when they evolve, and if all three of them turned against me at once, i couldn't handle that. So... would you mind helping me choose? ... I'm sure I can evolve the others later, when I've got a better handle on things... Anyway...

[She waves to someone off screen. Time for the intros! First is a Dusclops, who waves cheerfully.]

This is Crux... I've known him the longest, and he is the most loyal. He needs to be traded while holding a Reaper Cloth. And maybe his cursed talisman powers will grow too...

[Then, she scoops down to pick up a Murkrow, who snootily holds her beak up.]

This is Destiny... She likes to play pranks, but she's very nice when you get to know her. She needs a Dusk Stone. But what if her pranks get bigger when she does...?

[Murkrow huffs, and hops onto Noire's shoulder. So Noire bends down to pick up the last one, a Snowrunt.]

And lastly, this is Tarot. She's kind of snobbish and stubborn, but knows when enough is enough.She needs a Dawn Stone. But she's been demanding to evolve since we first met...

So... w-what do you think?
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--Oh! There we are - good, it would seem this thing is working. Seems it's my turn to get patched into the network after all.

[ there's a happy chirping from off-screen; those who understand pokéspeak might hear it as "see, i told you it would work!" ]

Yes, Minty. Come along, you might as well get on this side of the Warp Band, seeing as how this was your idea in the first place.

[ and with that, the network is graced with the addition of a curious flabébé peeking shyly into view on the left-hand side. Bilbo smiles fondly, rolling his eyes slightly. ]

Really, you are ridiculous - after all that fuss earlier, you choose now to get shy about it all.

[ Minty's response to this allegation? to squeak "bébé!" in a highly indignant manner, before swooping over Bilbo's head and down the back of his jacket. teach him to say things like that on camera. Bilbo, at least, starts slightly, but the fact that he quickly looks resigned to this suggests that this is a fairly regular occurrence. ]

Oh, dear me-- ah. [ he coughs slightly, and adopts a somewhat more 'official' tone. ] In any case, I don't want to take up too much of everyone's time, so for those among you that I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting, my name is Bilbo Baggins, and I'm one of the librarians here in Union. Since we seem to be getting more and more newcomers lately in between all these, um - [ what is even the right word to use for this ] - upheavals? - that have been going on, I thought it might be useful to maybe make myself and the library known. You can find us in the same tower as the labs and the university, so if you ever find yourself in need of some research materials, or even just a good book to lose yourself in for a few hours, do feel free to come seek us out - we ought to have something to suit most everyone's needs. If you happen to get lost, ask around for the Roar of Time Library, and someone should be able to point you in the right direction.

[ that out of the way, he relaxes, some of that 'official' stiffness leaving him, before he suddenly seems to remember something else. ]

… and, despite what you may have heard recently on this network, I would like to reassure people that no, we do not ban people from the library in whole or in part except for, theoretically, in the most extreme cases of vandalism. [ the most awkward of beats, in which Bilbo gives a small nod, and amused pokémon sounds can be heard from the inside of his jacket. ] Right, erm, I think that covers everything. Do let me know if I can be of assistance in any way.
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Who: Usagi Tsukino, Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, Minako Aino, Makoto Kino, Chibiusa, Haruka Tenoh, and Michiru Kaioh
Where Ami's home
What: The senshi girls are all meeting up to recount the details of what happened. Or that's the plan, in any case.
When: A few days after "A safe return"
Warnings: Senshi antics?

A few snacks were brought )
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Action, near the Flower Grove: )


[When Rei addresses the network this evening, there's some obvious differences in her appearance than the last time she'd used the Warp Band. The first, perhaps most obvious, is the glowing sigil on her forehead and the burning orbs in the air around her. The second is the way the light catches her eyes, and the sheer intensity of them. They'd always been bright, but there's something new there, a not-quite fire dancing behind them. Her voice is light, almost amused, but also touched with a bit of worry. She's tired of this.]

So I've been having nightmares the past few nights. Bad ones about falling and drowning and worse. I thought I'd try and get away from them tiring myself out with some training, but that hasn't seemed to have helped. How do you deal with them?

[It's a call for help and advice in general, and at the same time she's hoping that it'll bring certain others to contact her too. They'd know who they were. If they don't think, the other Senshi can expect a private text message sent to them the next morning, simply asking if they have time to talk.]


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[An uncertain young girl appears on the screen.]
Hi there, and Happy New Year I suppose. Mama says I should use this to get to know people in the city. Which I guess is a good idea, since there just seem to be so many people here. I'm not really used to that. Mama and Papa and I've been out exploring for years and years and years now. [Her expression brightens.] It's been a lot of fun! Mama knows a ton about plants and rocks and stuff and Papa's like super amazing at studying Pokemon and finding new species and stuff like that! Sure there weren't a whole lotta other people, but we had each other and our Pokemon, so it was fine.

[Her expression darkens and she frowns. An uncharitable person might even say she's pouting]

But then Papa fell and we had to come back here 'cause he hurt his leg, and now I keep hearing them whisper that I should stay here when they go out again so I can go to traditional school and make friends and stuff. [She crosses her arms over her chest and now she really is pouting.] I don't like that idea at all. It's too crowded and loud here. And there's nowhere near as many interesting Pokemon.

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