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Hi everyone!

So, Quinn, Jinxie and I found something in the Verdant forest while we were checking out the signal disturban--

[What is that a leaf waving in front of the feed?]

Rowan, cut it out, I'm trying to talk!

[Is that a leafy face pushing itself into the feed? It lets out a cute "Eeee~?" (Whatcha you doin =O) before Lux picks it up.]

Really, now, cut that out! Just a minute!

[She sighs as if she's really put upon. If you weren't so cute...]

Anyway, we found a strange rock that was interfering with the signal. Rowan here says that they worship it because it helps them evolve. It looks relatively unremarkable, but I'm curious if it has the same effect on other pokemon!

[Wow Lux this is boring Rowan's bored play with me wait I'm gonna crawl all over you now. Yay best jungle gym ever! You know, despite the fact that he's super heavy. The blond tries to keep her cool until a Liepard very calmly steps over and grabs the Leafeon by the scruff and canters off.]

Thank you, Jungler.

Anyway, I'd love to figure out what they evolved from, and what other effects this rock might have. From what Rowan told me, just coming close to it caused him and his brothers to evolve. And that... they were brown, which doesn't narrow it down too much. Any ideas?
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( voice )

Is it on?

[ That there, friends, is the sound of a voice who is a little more than confused and a bit beyond frustrated. See, this voice belongs to a girl who has been wandering the Verdant Forest for about a week at this point. She's totally ready to be somewhere else, now.

Oh, and she's also still learning how to use the network functions of the Warp Band. Whoops. ]

I think it's on, Sam ... Uh, hi? Hello out there? My name is Hilda, and I'm here with my friend Sam. We've kinda been wandering around this forest for about a week now, and ...

[ Sam the Mareep bleats a little in irritation, in the background. ]

Yes, Sam, I know, you've said that before--

Anyway, we're a little lost. If we could get some help with directions to anywhere, that would be great. Really great. Thanks.

How do I turn this off again ...?

[ There's a bit of a sound of fiddling with it. Several moments of that, actually. Finally, it stops recording her. She'll get used to this sometime, really. ]

( action - open )

[ Now that that was done, she heaved a sigh. All there was to do now was to wait. Waiting made her restless, though, so she began to pack up her things. She made a gesture to Sam, who sat nearby. He gave her a look. ]

... Well? What use is it if we just stay here? It's not like we're going to get out of the forest any quicker.

[ Sam sighed. ]

Maybe not.

So then, we may as well wander around. Maybe we'll get lucky.

Like we have for the last week?

... It's not like it's been completely unfortunate. We met Stella!

[ There's a grin here on the girl's face as she tries to reassure Sam. Sam was usually pretty go-with-the-flow, but even he argued with his best friend sometimes. ]

Let's stay and wait.

No way, that's so boring ...

[ Would anyone like to come between the bickering pair? ]
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[Yang is in a park in the business district, leaning against the wall of one of the towers. While she does, she's idly tossing a ball up into the air, doing some impromptu juggling. While she does, though, a baby Mankey is crawling around.]

Awright, Punchy!

[She cheers at him. He barely walks, before he stumbles over onto his face.]

You can do it! Learn to walk! Go go go! C'mon!

[And the Mankey... stumbles over. Again. Yang's grin turns sheepish.]

...'kay, so I guess cheering you isn't magically teaching you to walk well all the time. Good to know!
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[There's no show today. Actually, her Pokémon are all looking kinda bored behind her. Miller has a pork pie hat on his head, though, and is giving the warp band a scowl. That's because he's a detective.]

Hi, folks! No Yang Show this week. I gotta take a week off sometimes and my genius plan to have the tournament's winner didn't quite pan out.

[She sighs.]

I got a question, though. I want a Pikachu. Does anyone have one they'd wanna breed, maybe? I'd take very good care of my new little buddy and your grand-poké-baby! I was thinking of breeding Detective Miller, anyways.
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What? I told you I know how to use it already. I figured it out.

[The voice comes from off screen, no sign of this Warp Band's user yet. There is, however, a tiny Cleffa poking the image curiously.]

I figured you would, Chester, but I can't get mine to work yet...

[A second voice is close, sounding a lot less stuffy about the whole thing.]

[Finally, Chester lifts up his Warp Band from his Cleffa's little paws, aiming the screen at them both... or trying to... Cress's head is kind of half cut off.]

There, see? Just use mine while I figure yours out.

Oh! Yeah, okay. [Cress takes it, while Chester goes off screen again. He gives a sheepish smile.] This is all new to me... I even forgot what I was gonna say. ... Oh, yeah, Team Evolution!

[He looks away from the screen, presumably at Chester, for a moment. Then he smiles back at the "audience".]

The tournament was really cool while it lasted... right up to the end. I don't know how to feel about the whole Mega Evolution thing but, huh. I wonder what other Pokemon can do that?

[His Honedge reaches for the screen with his "hand," and Cress brushes him off.]

It'd be cool, wouldn't it? As long as it wasn't hurting the Pokemon, I guess...

[Chester tosses Cress's Warp Band back at him and takes his own off of the blond. He doesn't look happy.]

I don't care about that stuff. I'm just glad they're gone. [He pauses, and looks away.] I wish we knew where exactly they'd come from, though. We could go after them. If we needed to.

[Cress, in the background, looks a little worried, but ultimately just sighs and puts his Warp Band back around his wrist.]

{ooc: This is a dual intro for Chester ([personal profile] aniiue) and Cress ([personal profile] 90sbangs)! Either we'll both respond, or say who you want in the header of your reply!]

6 ♪

Mar. 3rd, 2014 10:38 pm
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[Video -- During the end of the Tournament Finale]

[The video footage is grainier and shakier than normal, as the person holding the Warp Band up is apparently trying to stay out of sight and hissing "quiet" to someone nearby.]

[What the image actually shows is an unobstructed view into one of Team Evolution's tents, wherein TeVo member Sakina constrained with huge, powerful metal bindings, eyes glowing red. The other missing representative, Crystal Verdine, and two orderly-like Team Evolution grunts can be seen injecting the struggling woman with some kind of liquid - a few moments later, she slumps over, looking half-asleep. Rise's whispered voice comes over the video shortly thereafter.]

I...we went to go find the missing Team Evolution guys during the final match. That's them.

Guys, that woman is Enlightened and stupidly powerful. There's something else, too, but I can't quite tell what. I don't know what's going on, but--

[Suddenly, at Dr. Verdine's orders, Sakina is released and unceremoniously slumps in place. A few other scarcely audible orders and the visible Team Evolution members begin to scramble to pack up the equipment and the tent it's in, getting ready to move. Possibly the whole camp. A few moments later, Sakina starts moving again, sluggishly.]

Oh crap, we need to get out of here.

[Rise's feed cuts off as she gets ready to run back to Union with her reluctant companions in tow. It may be a few minutes before she can respond to anyone but Asemu and Jinxie.]
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Hey everybody! It's time for the Weekly Update With Yang Xiao Long, the best hostess EVER!

[Yes, it's that time again. Yang appears on the screen, jumping into the video feed and throwing her arms out wide. Her Misdreavus and Eevee are snooping behind her, curiously, but staying out of the production otherwise. Yang grins, then raises one finger, leaning towards the broadcast.]

I promised last time to give you a life saving tip about not slipping and falling to your death on icy walking bridges! So, get ready...

[Yang grins.]

...use the handrails!

[She nods.]

A-a-a-a-anyways, so like, this week Union's had some honored guests named Team Evolution. We're gonna call them TeVo for short. TeVo's been really nice, except for the whole misunderstanding with machines that kind of made earthquakes that kiiiind of could kill us all. And there's a tournament going on, to show them what we can do and make amends!

While the Council talks about giving them earthquake-causing machines back. Yeah.

[She shrugs.]

The tournament's going! Yours truly was knocked out, but our show endorses Feliks SHUT UP MILLER, I KNOW HE HAS A LAST NAME! [the last is addressed at her Eevee, who sighs] because he beat me and I'm not gonna be shamed by losing to someone who doesn't win! So go get them, Feliks! Show these guys who's boss!

Next week we have a special guest star so special that I don't know who it is yet!


Feb. 23rd, 2014 12:09 pm
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With everything going on, I think it goes without saying that we should be treating these new visitors with the utmost respect. The reason, however, might not be what one would immediately think of.

Yes, they come from a very different background. Their theology is very different than ours, and trust me when I say I like the idea of using Poke Balls about as much as anyone else. The machines are dangerous. A lot of us were down there, and we can attest for how much they hurt people and Pokemon alike. It seems all too convenient that they want them back and the only offer they give us is a literal display of skill.

I don't like it. I don't like it at all.

If they want their machines back, I think that they should give us something in return. Something material, something that we can use. We've been able to use the machines for good things as far as research is concerned, but it's very obvious that it's just the tip of the iceberg. What are they hiding? Why are they so tight-fisted when it comes to helping us, when it's very obvious we have something that they want?

I'll be voicing my concerns to someone who will hopefully listen in the next few days. If there are other things people want to add to the quickly growing laundry list of things that should be made apparent to the council, voice them now and I'll address them as I can.

[Filtered to friends]

I wanted to let you all know, I might be disappearing for... a while. I'm returning home, for hopefully a short amount of time, to talk to my father. He's a senior member of the council, and it's been mentioned before that they make decisions that might be viewed as... as detached. I don't know what my feelings are on Team Evolution, but I do know this: We shouldn't be giving them everything that they want. I have a feeling that that might be exactly what the council is thinking of doing, and I'm going to plead my case.


Wish me luck.

[Filtered to Fai, backdated to just before Team Evolution's arrival]

Fai, are you in town? I need to talk to you about something, preferably in person.
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*Yes... Imogen has on a headband that looks like animal ears. If you know the girl this is fairly normal for her. She's holding a baby Tyrogue in her arms who keeps punching at the air. The video in black and white probably saved everyone from Imogen's outfit.*

Hiiiiiiiiii, so this little guy just hatched! He doesn't have a name yet, but I'll work on that!

But, I was wondering if anyone knew a thing or two about fisticuffs? Cause, I figure learning how to walk and move like a fighting type is different from other types. And I move like a sneaky sneak so that wouldn't fit very well. I'd love some help on that front when he's a bit past newly hatched and all that!

*Imogen left Brighteyes and Sandtrap to babysit while she wandered the city looking for lost souls in need of help. In other words she was super bored and was looking for something more exciting to catch her attention. A new friend to make, a cute person to compliment, some Pokemon to talk to... Whatever works, right?*
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[Action: Closed to Ezreal, Quinn & Yang]

[Mid afternoon, the day and time agreed upon. Lux waited impatiently near the entrance to the Old City, gear in hand. She periodically checked her warp band for the time, despite Camille's constant humming that they would be fine; after all, she even agreed to shed her fancy-lady articles for something a bit more... common.

The objectives were simple: Investigate the mausoleum area and see what they could find, all while preserving what they could. She had a fresh notebook for drawings and notes, and other things she might need for the trip down. She just needed her traveling party.]


Feb. 17th, 2014 05:45 pm
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So, any Delvers poking around the Old City over the next few days might want to avoid the smaller entrance from the Industrial District. Long story short: Some Pokemon smugglers tried to use it as an escape route, and none of them are gonna be trying that again any time soon.

Oh, and if anyone from the precinct asks, that tunnel branch was structurally unsound, and was gonna collapse sooner or later, with or without my help. I was doing the city a favor by letting 'em know about it.

Vi out.
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[The video feed crackles to life, showing a young lady wearing a leather jacket and a scarf. Her hair is light colored, though the exact shade is hard to tell, with the black and white feed. She jacks a thumb at herself a couple seconds late when it comes on. Standing next to her is a serious-looking Eevee, which is wearing a pork pie hat.]

Good afternoon and/or evening depending how you figure it, citizens of Union, and welcome to your first weekly Yang Xiao Long Hates Writing Papers And Won't So She's Gonna Mess With This New Technology Instead Show!

[She pauses, then leans forward at the camera conspiratorially.]

Detective Miller over there says the title needs to be shorter, but I think he's wrong on that count.

[The Eevee looks at her crossly, but Yang doesn't pay attention, looking back at the camera. She nods at it.]

The talk lately is about what's coming out of the mausoleum they found in the Old City. Apparently, there are some seriously spooky Pokémon following people out from there, and they're bothering some of the people there. No one's sure what the deal with the place is, but that sounds scary!

Of course, someone will probably steal crap from it because it's shiny or valuable or whatever. I'm not saying you're gonna get a terrible curse from beyond the grave, but I'm saying YOU'RE GONNA GET A TERRIBLE CURSE FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE. [She grins widely at that.] So let's not do that, but let's get awesome spooky Pokémon to hold awesome scary parties with.

Next week, we'll discuss how to cross bridges between towers when it gets icy and not slip and die!
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[Jeff looks down at the video screen of his Warp Band, his bottle lens glasses obscuring most of his face. It's obvious, however, that he's a young boy with freckles dusting his cheeks and smooth skin. That bowl cut might be a bad choice though, if you're into fashion. He seems to be studying the screen more than anything, and doesn't speak for a long moment. He looks over at a shuffling sound though finally, and an Elekid pops up on the screen too. Finally, he speaks.]

The visual quality is good, but I'm sure there's a way to make it broadcast in color. I wonder if I'd get in trouble for modifying it myself...

[He realizes he's broadcasting this to all of Union, but the idea of vandalizing their communication system for a good cause seems innocent enough. He seems to shrug, pulling his wrist back from the Elekid's face, the Pokemon having looked like it might be trying to get into the screen to "get the other Elekid" inside it.]

Uh. It's only taking a moving visual of you, Zap, there's not another Pokemon inside it.

[Zap just seems to huff a little bit and Jeff adjusts his glasses before scratching at his cheek.]

They're calling it "video". Fascinating. Next time someone brings in a broken Warp Band I'll definitely look at the new equipment.

In the mean time I'll tinker with mine.

[He clears his throat a little.]

Oh, I'm broadcasting. Sorry. I'm Jeff.

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