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Jan. 12th, 2014 04:09 pm
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[Voice - BACKDATED TO THE 10TH because I am slow but mister mom here is not]

To all Delvers being called out to assist in the search - stay warm, stay well-rested, and don't do anything hasty. We want to see you return as whole as you were when you left. And if any of you need additional supplies, come see me and I'll do what I can.

Good luck and Gods'-speed to everyone out there.


[Ondorus trusts that Delvers know where the Historians' offices are, so he's making himself available the whole day in his own.

..."Making himself available", of course, means aggressively reorganizing his files in an attempt not to fret while left to his own devices. It isn't working too well, but his shelves have never been so neat. His Ralts, Star, is lying on his desk, flipping through a book, and looks up when the door opens.]

[Action - this one's on the 12th tho]

[Agnostos Temple may not be the cool and happening place to be, but then Ondorus is not particularly cool or happening. He is still fretting over everything, though, so he makes an impromptu stop at the temple to pray for his associates' safety.

He leaves a coin at the feet of almost every icon and idol, only skipping the clearly destructive ones, and takes a moment to kneel at a few that feature leaves or draconic coils.

Hopefully nobody was waiting on him (or is waiting for their turn).]

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[Someone sounds like he's practically bouncing where they sit, and there is the irate chatter of an annoyed Flabébé in the background. But Fai is a bit too excited to pay her any mind right now.]
Oooh~, exploring the wild for the great of our society. Now doesn't that sound like a perfect excuse to toss to your parents? I mean, purely hypothetically, of course. I mean, sucks for the Delvers, but I was never very good with enclosed spaces, you know? [There is an audible shudder there. Stagnant air that hadn't moved for centuries, darkness and the weight of stone above. He could practically feel the Flying part of him rebelling at the thought.]
Anyway, I've hoped something like this might happen - not that I want us to run out of resources! I just... [He laughs a bit sheepishly.] I kind of needed this, you know? It'll make things a bit easier.
If my responsible and serious twin sees this... meet me at the south gates in an hour~!
[While waiting for Yuui, it's not like Fai can stand still for long, and so he bounces around excitedly in the vicinity of their meeting space. He pokes at everything that can be poked, chats at anyone standing still for any amount of time, and is generally a mild nuisance in a "happy puppy" kind of way. Bother him, or be bothered by him, those are really the only alternatives.]

[[OOC: I will be a bit slow until the 16th since I will be off on skiing adventures in Austria, but I will try to tag in the evenings ^^]
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[Reimu didn't really have much reason to be concerned with the iron shortage because it didn't directly effect her or her work, though it'd probably turn out to be a pain eventually. Her job was to tend to her shrine and keep an eye out for any possible incidents she might need to intervene in as current sole attendant and semi-official Head Priestess of the Hakurei Shrine.

Things had been quiet on that front though, so while she did keep up with patrols, when she wasn't she mostly lazed about the shrine and took care of any chores that needed doing. At present, that meant shoveling snow out of the shrine's courtyard. She'd taken care of the path leading up to the shrine the other day. Ugh, how she hated doing this, but it needed to be done and this one of those things Reimu wasn't really lazy about. She couldn't wait for spring.

Also, she hadn't gotten all that many donations lately, but that was nothing new. This place didn't really get that many visitors other than the old man and a certain childhood friend of hers after all. Though maybe she'd be lucky and someone might come by to drop a few coins in the donation box today.]

It sure is quiet today... [Cold too. Sigh.]

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