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[Dylas can be seen wandering all over the city, ducking into shops and other places of businesses, asking about where he can find work at because he really doesn't want to be a useless bum]


[The first thing that comes into the screen is a Magikarp in a large fish bowl, then it awkwardly pans to Dylas' face]

So I just caught this - what am I suppose to do with this thing anyways?
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[Video, Public]

Well, that was pretty lame, right? Like, who pulls that kind of thing with no warning?

[Feliks is smiling brightly, his singed coat discarded and his hair tied back neatly. His Kirlia and his tiny Dratini are curled up in his arms, and a Houndour and a Vulpix are both lying protectively at his feet. If his harsh loss at Rory's hands is bothering him, he's not showing it.]

But we were pretty rad in the other matches! Ezreal, Yang--thanks for a good time!

Speaking of good times, my grandparents said they wanna throw a party to celebrate everybody kicking butt in the tournament. They said I could invite whoever, so like, consider this an invitation!

[Video, Private to Fai]

Hey, I have something I wanna give you, so come here, ok?

[Action, Open]

[Though he's now something of a recognizable figure thanks to his role in the reveal of Mega Evolution, Feliks spends most of the day at home, angry with himself for having no choice but to admit defeat, worried people will blame him for it. When he does step out in the evening, he goes out for a little walk in the woods, then ends up swinging by Teeter's for a drink or two to calm him down.]


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Yo! Union, I got a question for you.

Okay, so, the thought just came to me [No inspiration or anything..] I got these two little guys here. [He holds his Nidorans up in his arms, either Doug is a really small guy or the Nidorans are oversized...

So for years I've wondered this, maybe some of you Enlightened guy can help me out. Why do they both say "Nidoran"?

[The male Nidoran goes "Nido" at that and the female goes "Ran" both seeming rather happy in their masters arms.] Is one of them shiny? I don't think so, I mean, that's just a color thing.. right?? This one is a legitimate different shape and size, they can't both be the same pokemon.

They both know different attacks too.. one's a boy and the others a girl just so you know. This is Nigel [He lifts the male Nidoran, facing him--] and this is Nina [--then he lifts the female.]
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[Eren's egg has hatched. Usually this would be a time for excitement! But no. Eren is just… baffled. The warp band video turns on to show something weird and fat sitting in a pile of eggshell on a table. Eren isn't visible, just the weird pokémon. It looks a little something like this (except black and white, you know);]

[Eren sounds very… confused] Uh. So… does anyone know what this is? Is it… a bird? Or a pot… or what.

[then the thing's neck splits open to reveal it's mouth]

[the sound it makes is a higher pitched version of this.]

SAVIOR! Why do you keep making that sound?! What does it want?!

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