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[Well Dylas eventually gotten himself a job with a local bakery to deliver cakes and other goodies around town. Not the most glamorous job, but the owner was nice and he gets to roam around Union - there's just one thing he didn't like about it, but he rather not think on it.

So he can be seen in all sorts of places on a bike with stacks of neat, white boxes tied to it, every once in a while he stops to either deliver the goods or check to make sure everything's tied up neatly. On the handlebars was a Pikachu shading her eyes, looking out for obstacles.

Once he found one of the addresses on his list, he heads up to the door and knocks quite loudly - cringing internally]

Hey. Shake Those Buns! ...Bakery here. Got a Delivery for you.
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[Dylas can be seen wandering all over the city, ducking into shops and other places of businesses, asking about where he can find work at because he really doesn't want to be a useless bum]


[The first thing that comes into the screen is a Magikarp in a large fish bowl, then it awkwardly pans to Dylas' face]

So I just caught this - what am I suppose to do with this thing anyways?
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Who: Levi, Moonbay, Doug, Dylas
What: Inspecting some spooky noises from the ruins
When: After TeVo left the area
Warnings: Minor swearing? Combat.

[Flashes of light and 'screams' were heard from the Old City Ruins within the last couple of days - initially attributed to Ghost-Types hanging around the Mausoleum, but it was quickly dismissed. It's not considered a high priority, but a request was sent out for delvers and rangers to investigate the phenomenon and report back.

There's many tunnels, but this particular one should bring the group the closest to the reported sightings. Time to get prepped and roll out!]

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