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Who: Kyouko Sakura and Mami Tomoe
What: Kyouko chose poorly. Mami comes to help her.
When: September 2nd.
Where: Inner Wildwoods
Warnings: Injuries and blood?

You didn't have to face the darkness alone. )
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[A: Text, to everyone]

I hope that everyone is recovering from the recent ordeal. It was worrisome, to say the very least. Nonetheless, it seems that some benefit may have been derived from it, at least.

Has anyone successfully done one of these new evolutions?

[B: Text, private to Kyouko]

[Yeah... here's why she did text. She doesn't trust herself to not get emotional talking to Kyouko about this.]

I saw it in my memories. Inside of that cave that the others went inside of. Not the real thing.

[C: Action, later, at Junes!]

[Mami promised that she would stop by Junes. She wants to go see it, besides; she could stand to buy a few things, especially a few things from home. But her friend boyfriend it's complicated really there's not a good word for him special cute buddy Yosuke works here. And that is more than enough reason to get her here.]

[You might find her browsing the aisles, looking over the various goods. Especially some of the clothing. Winter is coming, after all, and she means to be ready for it. But she's also looking for Yosuke, peering about all parts of the store.]

[And later, she's sitting down at a table in the cafe portion, sipping tea. Because of course she is!]


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[There's a familiar face that pops up on the warp band, although it's been a while since Kyouko found herself in Union. She doesn't look much different. A bit dirtier, maybe. Wandering unexplored lands training and in search of her adversary was not exactly a vacation.]

It's been a while, Union. [While she looks relaxed, there's just a tiny edge to her voice, like she really doesn't want to be here.]

I'm lookin' for someone. [She's not going to beat around the bush.]

Thought I saw her on the band when I stopped in Caldera not too long ago. Blonde hair in two like, twisty formations. [She takes her ponytail and twists it into the approximation of one of Mami's drills.] Too nice for her own good. She's from Citadel. Anyone seen her?
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[What's up, Unionites? This morning's normally scheduled broadcast has been interrupted by the sound of someone's boots dropping onto what's likely a table. Which is quickly followed by the lovely sounds of someone eating. Kyoko's just helping herself. At the end of the day, a girl's gotta eat. least, until she's interrupted. Apparently she wasn't quite as quiet as she'd thought.]

W-What are you doing in my house?!

[A bewildered voice rings out from the side, clearly Maki, upset with finding a strange girl in her home. There's a brief pause as Kyoko takes another bite of her breakfast, talking with her mouth full.]

Oh, this is your place, huh?

Of course it is! But that doesn't answer the question what you are doing here!

[ Maki is annoyed, for good reason, having an unwelcome guest in her house....even if she had just weeks ago been telling Kyoko she wished she could do something to help her. Kyoko on the other hand, just...doesn't care.]

I'm eating, obviously.

What about you? Come here often?

[ Maki stamps her foot on the ground.]

Y-You can't just let yourself into someone else's home without being invited in, you have to ask first! And don't put your feet on the table! Where did you even get--

[ And with that, there's a crash as Maki tries to stop Kyoko, ending the feed.]

((ooc: Red text is Maki.))
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Log Deputy: Void
Participating Characters: Banzu, Isabela, Yuuna, Kyoko
Plot Description: Exploring the Archipelago for scientific knowledge but mainly things that Banzu can make money off of.
Warnings/Notes: No warnings yet, will add if there are.

Where the real money from the movie is made )

[For more info on the ship see here.]
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[ After explaining to Nico in Nozomi's body that she wants to try to fix things between them, Maki's taking another step in that direction. Except, this video was DEFINITELY just meant for Nico, and not everyone else! ]

Look Nico, I have something to say to you, so can you just watch this without getting mad at me for two seconds?

[ Already Maki is starting off sounding a little haughty, and difficult herself, but that's how she is. ]

W-We're not so different, you know? We both like music and dancing, and we both try pretty hard in what we do. W-What I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry for making it sound like I was judging you back at the hot springs. It's obvious you try pretty hard. ...Even if you are pretty shameless when it comes to dancing naked, back at the hot springs.

[ Why is this so hard...Maki's full on red now. ]

I just want us to be... friends. O-Or at least civil with each other! Is that so difficult?

That's all I wanted say. Just don't get the wrong idea here, or anything, okay?!

[ Blushing and awkwardly trying to avoid the subject of just what Maki could be thinking there, she shuts off the video and posts it, forgetting to make sure it only sends to Nico.. ]
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[The video feed that comes through this fine afternoon is clearly another newbie, if the dialogue and positioning are any indication. It’s actually upside down, and the person looking at it is scowling just a bit.]

Geez, does this thing even work? Stupid…blinking. Quit it!

[It clicks off, and then back on rightside up as the woman frowns at it.]

There. Good. [Clearing her throat, the woman puts on an obviously forced smile.] Yo. Not sure who all can see this, but hey.

[Hooking a thumb at herself, Anko’s tone shifts to a brash, almost cocky tone.]

I’m Anko, from up north in Citadel. Came down here to check out what’s going on in Union, and to do a little research. If there’s anyone with experience around the mountains, particularly with mapping, let me know. I’m looking for someone, and that’s the last place I saw her.

[The video shuts off without further information. She doesn’t really expect anyone to help, but who knows with Unionites. They didn’t have to come fight that monster, either.]


[And around Union, Anko’s not hard to find. She’s trotting through the streets wearing a heavy coat despite the heat, occasionally poking her head into a sweets shop and emerging with a dango or some other snack in hand. She does this at literally every shop between the gate and the library, taste-testing to find the best.

Now, when she reaches the library, she isn’t exactly the quietest person there. In fact, she’s actually pretty damn noisy, since she’s hardly trying to walk quietly. She’s there for several hours going through books and maps and journals, huffing noisily each time she finishes, seemingly unsatisfied. Who’d have thought research was hard. Ugh…]
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[Well, this little device was an odd little thing. Kyoko didn't get why they seemed so important, but whatever. She'd give it a try. If what she'd heard was right all she had to do was...tada, she got the voice function activated. She doesn't waste any time in speaking once she realizes this.]

So, this is the Union, huh? I expected something a little...I dunno, more.

[Well, something considerably more exciting, anyway.]

There anything good to eat around here? I'm starving.

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