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[GLaDOS has quite possibly the strangest voice any of you have ever heard. Don't worry. She's just old tech.]

I do enjoy listening to you prepare to wander out to your various deaths, but I've generously decided to share my knowledge with you anyway. For example, iron ore tends to be found underground. It's true. And unless you want all that freezing and dying out there to be as worthless as the rest of your short, sad lives... well.

[A pause.]

Of course, there's no limit to what stupidity can achieve, but if I were you--and I'm quite thankfully not--I'd try an Aron.

And if it doesn't find anything, you can just melt it down for the metal in its body and try again.


Just kidding.

Good luck.

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Jan. 11th, 2014 12:42 am
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They'd interrupted one of her songs for that announcement, naturally. She couldn't really be offended, given that she's probably more sick of hearing it than the rest of the city was.

Rise sat back in one of the more out-of-the-way cafés in the entertainment district, playing with her Warp Band and procrastinating going to meet her manager. That announcement had certainly sounded serious, and she couldn't help but feel she should do something about it besides distract people with her sunny personality...

She sat forward again absently popped a berry into her Happiny's mouth while she was thinking. The little oval Pokémon squeaked in appreciation, though she was still more than a little concerned with the look on Rise's face.

"Hey, Toyo. Do you ever think we should be doing something more useful?"

The Happiny tilted her head for a second, then shook it.

"I think you like this job more than I do." Rise smiled very slightly, then fed Toyo another berry.

She fiddled with her Warp Band again. There was time to put a question out there before she had to get back to work, at least...she frowned. She better write it out. People'd probably recognize her speaking voice.

[Network Text]

sooooooo I have an unofficial clueless kid question for all you Rangers and Delvers out there in Union City! Does anyone happen to have an idea of where to find an iron mine out there in the wilderness?? It's awful cold to go wandering around blind, isn't it?


Jan. 11th, 2014 12:49 am
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Greetings everyone. Can I have your attention if you don't mind? My name is Chris Ramirez, former Ranger-in-training now Delver and I have a few questions to pose to you. First off, if you are a Ranger or even a Guard you may or may not have heard my surname in relation to any doctors or physicians. Not to mention the fact that I am from a long line of Rangers so... needless to say that I am breaking the tradition is kind of stating the obvious to put it mildly.

On to business now, while I'm concerned about running out of supplies there is a limited amount of Delvers in Union so that in itself poses a problem. While we aren't at that point we still should be cautious.

[Text message ends.]

[Action: Against Chris' own better judgement the young man had made the trip to somewhere on the outskirts of the Scorched Forest. He also planned to venture to the Lake Shrine later on as well to see if he could find any sign of something that could help the city of Union. So with his Eevee Carmen trailing along Chris had arrived without backup.]

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