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[A few people might recognize Ruby when he comes on screen, and he looks excited.]

Guys, my dad finally gave me back my Warp Band!

[He's clearly been deprived. Behind him, you can see some of his room at home: it's all posters of contest stars and Pokedolls. There's some fabric laid out on his desk with a tiny sewing kit laying on it. He's had nothing to do but work on his Pokemon's outfits and routines while being grounded, so there's a lot more stuff than usual.]

Well, kind of. I think he forgot to put it back in the safe after warping my Pokemon back from the Habitat. But that doesn't matter!

Someone tell me about all the theatre stuff I'm missing!
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So, a question for you all, good people of Union, Caldera, and most recently the Citadel. I've been noticing the trend of Enlightened and even normal trainers hold a certain typing affinity. In Enlightened, of course, it is their own typing but trainers who might otherwise be considered ordinary have their own specializations as well. So, when crafting a team, what is the strategy? Do you create a team solely of the typing you specialize in? Do you branch out to cover the types you do not possess? I am quite interested in hearing your opinions!
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[With all the drama that had gone on with the invasion and other things Ruby really didn't understand, he hadn't wanted to make an introductory post on the Warp Band Network until it had calmed down a little. He hadn't wanted to seem insensitive... but mostly, he didn't want his Pokemon to be over looked. They were too good looking for that, and he hoped to introduce them all especially with the new additions. So The video feed opens to a young boy about eleven or so years old with glasses sliding down his nose while he configures the settings. They're quickly taken off (don't want to look like a nerd) before he shuffles back a little with a sweeping gesture. He's in some kind of small room from the look of it.]

Hello, Union! My name's Ruby, and I'm here to show you the new up and coming Pokemon Contest Champions! They're in prime, adorable condition!

[He tilts the camera down to show a Buneary, Ralts, Skitty, and Budew posing in what look like hand crafted outfits and hats. Ruby's knitted them himself and sewed the clothing with careful hands. They're good quality, perhaps not at a professional tailor level but certainly created with love and talent.]

I only wish you didn't have to see them in black and white! Introducing Nene the Buneary, Ruru the Ralts, Coco the Skitty, and Dede the Budew! Coco and Ruru have already won Cute and Smart in the Normal Rank contests! ....I know they're not very popular in Union yet, but they'll be super stars soon!

I made their outfits all on my own; I know you're impressed so we could work something out if you're interested in a fitting for your own Pokemon! I can also offer grooming and advice for Pokeblocks, Poffins, and Pokepuffs! Don't hesitate! I could really use the money.

[Ruby can later be found outside in Union with the Pokemon he introduced over the video, plus one Sewaddle dolled up in her own decorative leaf bonnet and a cute cotton neck ruffle with polka dots. She'd helped sew it herself, the reason Ruby had bonded with her in the first place. He's not sure a Bug Type has a place in contests, but her sewing skills were more than enough to put her on his team. He hadn't introduced her on the video because she wasn't ready for contests, and didn't know how to properly pose... Luckily Budew and Buneary seemed to get it naturally, so Ruby had high hopes. Leading the well groomed Pokemon into the park, the boy sat down at one of the picnic tables and set them up on the surface of the table. Opening his backpack, he pulled out a grooming kit and started to nitpick at them, clipping a lock of fur here, shining a petal there. He's very particular about how they look, and wants to make sure they're looking just fine if they'll be out practicing their routines...]

There we go, good girl Nene.

[He smooths out one of the Buneary's ears and she blushes a little, shy for her trainer. Then she hops down onto the grass so Coco can get her turn.]

Hey! Don't run off, you can't get your fur grass stained!

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[Kanji looks a spot edgy on the feed today. His plans for the week? Take a trip over to Caldera to help with the repair efforts. However? He'd made a promise - no long distance journeys, even with the warp, without a Flying type by his side. Just in case.

Said Flying type... well.]

Hey, everyone. Got a problem.

I'm ... kinda worried about Flick. Uh, she's my Pidgey? [Panning the view around to the bird in question (the cute little waistcoat making it quite clear who's training her) - she's trying to hide from view.] She's always been kinda shy, but it got worse after me 'n a few of the others went off training - you know, the other week. When we evolved. Wasn't sure what'd gotten into her.

But she was workin' hard last week, and... I saw her start to evolve too. Thing is, soon as it started - she kinda freaked out 'n - stopped.
I get the feelin' it's not the first time from the way my others looked at her.

[He sighs.]

How'm I meant to help her?
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Who: Ruby, a Skitty! Player Plot! (nor and Reena)
What: When Ruby ran away from home, he was unable to take his Skitty Coco with him. Venturing back near the upper quarter is pretty dangerous when it comes to the whole "avoiding dad forever" department, but he wants to see if she's around somewhere and finally bond properly with the Pokemon. Hopefully they'll meet halfway...
Where: Pokemon Habitats
ruby used cute charm! )

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