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[ private: to red ]

[ She'd debated a bit on whether or not to check up on him. They hadn't seen each other in a while, not since she got lost in the forest ...

Still, they were friends and she could totally check up on him without seeming creepy or anything, right?

So with that, she got on the Warp Band. ]

Hey, uh ... it's been a while.

[ Please don't think I'm creepy, please don't think I'm creepy ... ]
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It is that time again! Red is out exploring the Deep Canyon this time, and has a friend today in Blue, his childhood buddy. Hearing about his fun on the Tropical Island, she has went with him to make sure he doesn't get himself killed and train up her team with some Intensive Training while Red is searching for Pokemon to bond with.

Likely he'll be coming with her to the locale all week to help raise up her party and catch up.

For today, though. He is content to search along the rocks with Abby while Zarya stays back a bit to watch Blue while she is tutoring Nike with 'something you'll definitely like' according to her.

"What do you think, Abby?" The Charmander doesn't attempt answering, instead scanning the rocks for friends and trouble.

"Yeah...Me too." The Island had definitely shaken both of them up, but that's all the more reason to try harder and get stronger.
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[The Warp Band opens to a very curious face. A bit older than most Clefairy though, judging from the lines under it's eyes.]

Fairy! (Hello!)

Aw, Judy. Did you find my Warp Band for me? Come here.

[Judy promptly drops the item and it rolls to see her run over to Red and hold up her arms; he quickly picks her up and hugs her tightly.]

I missed you. The island was fun, but I don't think you missed anything... Maybe we can vacation with Mom. When I get a Pokémon to travel there.

Anyway, let me get my Warp Band, I was going to let people know I'm heading into the forest today.

Cle... (No...)

[Red smiles sympathetically and shifts Judy to one arm while he picks up the Warp Band. Judy leans into the screen and starts speaking vibrantly while Red laughs.]

(Hello Red's friends! Please take extra good care of him for me so I can make him a nice dinner.)

Are you trying to meet everyone? I'll introduce you some time. ...Oh. You did turn it on already. Well I'm going into the forest and I'll be out there a few days because I'm really digging around for rare Pokémon. If anyone needs some help or wants some company just say so.

((OOC: You can also feel free to start an action prompt in the forest if you want, he'll be all over trying to catch a Pikachu, so even feel free to set it a few days from now too.))


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The 10th day of Team Evolution's visit dawns.

The night before, the Council had sent out another message commenting about their decision concerning the machines. They could not in good faith return any to Team Evolution after what had happened. But in exchange, they would offer an example of Warp Band technology and explain the means by which Union trainers and Pokémon communicate. This particular Warp Band could operate only one way - it could only receive messages directly sent to its particular address. There was no chance of the team being able to tap in to the network.

The Council did not make any comment on the extraordinary events that had occurred the previous day. It seems nobody knew anything about Mega Evolution or what to make of it.

Early on the 10th morning, representatives from the Council could be seen speaking with the leading members of Team Evolution once more, and though Rory appears disappointed, he does not argue overly much. The rest of their team is already in the process of packing up their tents... To the side, Crystal and Sakina can be seen, having reappeared after their unceremonious departure earlier. Crystal stays close by Sakina at all times; the latter seems vaguely disoriented.

Idle talk would have it that they intend to leave before noon. But there is some time for last minute conversations still, though they would necessarily need to be short.

Before departure, Rory has something more to say as well to anyone within earshot.

"We thank you for your hospitality, and we hope that we have given you all something to ponder. I will not belabor our departure by repeating what I said previously, but it is truly our fervent goal that we may build a world where neither humans nor Pokemon need live in fear. If any of you wish to contact us, we have been told that this Warp Band is capable of receiving direct messages. We would be glad to hear from any of you.

"We understand our previous actions caused a great deal of damage within this city. While we can do little to beg your forgiveness, we do wish to leave you with a token of good will."

He will bow, then.

"Perhaps we can agree on one thing - let us hold faith in the bright future of this world!"

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