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[She could be seen seated alone at one of the booths by the bar. On the table were four empty cocktail glasses and a plate of heaven knows what. Underneath the table was a rather tired looking Garchomp taking a nap by her feet and a Luvdisc doll that randomly winks from time to time.]

Huh, I've been too busy working and training, that I barely noticed the weeks pass. It was this stupid doll that reminded me.

[She hold the doll up so everyone on the feed could get a good look at it. Then puts it down and instead raises her glass.]

Happy Salvation everyone, and to the people like me spending it alone at a bar, cheers to us.
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[She'll be starting off her day the way she always does. With some tea and a treat from her favorite little cafe. But since she's just spent the last eternity cooped up in her grandparents' home taking care of them, she opted to start off her morning sitting outside. It was a lovely day, after all. Lovely by her standards anyway.

Oh, but she did have something she really needed to do today. Taking her warp band, she sends out a rather important message.]

It's been a while. I know I missed a lot being on hiatus from my work and handling official matters with my family. But now that everything that needed to be dealt with, has been dealt with. I'm happy to say I'll be returning to my post with the Swords of the Savior and the Historians.

To anyone who doesn't know me, my name is Cynthia of the Thompson family. My family owns Celestic Labratories, and my father used to be a high ranking officer in the Swords. If anyone needs me, I'll be at the University all day, or maybe I'll just stay outside. Hmm...
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[Behold the exhausted but freshly-scrubbed face of one Garrett Hawke, come to introduce himself to the network with a very important question (to him).]

Has anyone heard of a village named Rhododendron? No one at the Medical Center has heard of it, but they suggested I try asking on the network.

It's where I'm from, and I'd like to go back, but I'm not sure where it is from here. So any information at all would be great.

[He hesitates very briefly, then flashes a charming smile.]


[OOC: This guy's hometown is so far off the map no one will have heard of it, and it's also been completely destroyed, but he doesn't know that yet so he's still asking around. Feel free to yank his chain or crush his dreams or just be brutally honest, it's all good! o/]


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Hello, Union! My name is Blue, and I'm looking for a particular stone if anybody can help me out.

I know the nido lines evolve with the help of one, and I have a gorgeous nidorino I wanted to keep one for. If you know anything about where to find one or have one yourself you wouldn't mind parting with, I'd love to chat. I could offer money or maybe teaching a move or two to your pokémon... we can discuss the details together.

Annnyway - that's all, really. Thank you if you can help me out! And congratulations to those with newborns to care for after the spring fun some of the pokémon had.

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Who: Feliks, and whoever shows up. Mingle log, everyone's invited!
Where: The old Łukasiewicz manor
When: In the evening, on the day after spring's sudden onset.
Warning: Alcohol will be available? Otherwise, depends on the players--stick a warning in the subject line if anything gets out of hand.

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