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[action, Business District]
[A few days after the hustle and bustle involving the Plains and the Citadel, a perhaps familiar face can be seen in the heart of Union with a ladder up against an unoccupied building. He's got some nails clamped in his teeth, and he's struggling to keep a sign steady while hammering it in place.

The sign is charmingly handpainted and reads:

Seekers Union Branch: Established August XXXX
Open for Business

Underneath it there's a taped portion with a big map stuck on with certain areas circled in red as well as the words 'Now Seeking Seemly Seekers to Seek Seamy Secrets'. Areas that haven't been discovered yet aren't displayed on the map.

At some point in time, he'll smash his thumb with the hammer and fall off the ladder.]

...Damn. This is harder than dealing with that monster.

[public Warp Band network]
Good news, everyone. Forget about those boring rewards, I'm here to announce the real upside of all of this crazy monster business. I mean, come on, who needs incredibly rare and valuable evolution items, anyway? Don't be Team Evolution, guys.

Anyway, we've got permission to start up a base of operations here in Union. I know, right? - I'll wait a second for applause.


You guys are pretty easy to make happy; it didn't even take that much brib -- negotiation with integrity and mutual respect. I'll be your friendly Seeker liaison for the time being, so feel free to ask me anything, and I'll give you answers. ...They might not be the right answers, but you'll get something, anyway.

((Characters may now join the Seekers if they wish and may express affiliation in the Organizations page.))
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Who: Pamela Isley and OPEN
What: Pamela’s 19th birthday party. Everyone is invited.
When: July 18th
Where: The Isley manor

[Although Pamela’s mother Cordelia Isley is a known socialite, the Isleys don’t often throw parties – or not large ones, anyhow. Pamela’s father Walter Isley is a high ranking Engineer and a workaholic, so most Isley parties are just small affairs organized solely by Cordelia, or sometimes by Pamela’s grandparents, Hugh and Jocasta. In the latter case, the parties tend to be for an older crowd.

In light of Pamela’s nineteenth birthday, her recent evolution, and her involvement in the diplomatic relations between Union and Caldera, her grandparents felt generous and decided to throw a large party. Pamela herself had been hoping for a small event, but her grandparents and mother were having none of it. So Pamela took it upon herself to personally improve her grandparents’ front yard and garden. There’s a long winding path leading up to the Isley home, thoroughly adorned with flowers that are in full bloom.

The invitation was extended to everyone in Union as well as their Calderan visitors. Although nowhere near the entire city is here, there’s still a fairly large turnout of people from all social stations ranging from poor to nobility.

(ooc: Changed the date from the 19th to the 18th so that characters can attend without clashing with the upcoming game plot!)


Jul. 17th, 2014 01:12 pm
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[ It's been a little over a week since Roxas finally evolved. At first he was glad that he had evolved and gotten stronger but it didn't last long. The little mosaic wings? Yeah, those are alright. They aren't feathery so he won't get feathers everywhere. His pointy ears? Well Lea has them too it's not a big deal.

The big deal came from the fact that edges of his hair is now sporting pink and he seems to leave sparkles whenever he teleports or even does an attack. How are those impressive? At all?

So as a result he's been trying to wear a hat in order to cover his hair. Can't so much about the sparkles but he can at least do this.

The thing is he has a Shiny Furret that evolved from being a Sentret around the same time he evolved. She is also Pink and she thinks that he shouldn't hide his hair because it's not cool. So what does she do? Take the hat whenever she can and runs off with it.

Which is what she's doing now. ]

Lulu, C'mon! I told you to stop!

[ Dumb Shiny Furret.

But taking Roxas' hat isn't the only thing Lulu has in mind. She's also thought of something really cool and is in search of members to join her. Only requirements? That you're cool and you're pink. So are you a Pink, Cool Pokemon? Lulu might be coming up to you sporting her tinted pink sunglasses to discuss a 'few things'.

And specifically, she's looking for Melaka's Jigglypuff "Gunther" to see if he'll be her right hand man. Or whatever. Heck yes.

So whether you see Roxas walking around Union with a hat on, Roxas chasing or looking for Lulu, or Lulu coming up to you for a 'talk' it's all up to you. Regardless Roxas' life is not just staying cooped up in the Medical Center anymore. ]


Jul. 17th, 2014 10:23 am
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[Video - July 17th, Afternoon]

[When the feed clicks on, it shows an extreme closeup of the tongue of a Shellder, which eventually hops back so it can be seen in all its glory.  For some reason, it appears to be wearing
a tiny admiral's hat and an eyepatch, and it lets out a disturbing gurgling sort of laughing sound.]

Shellder!  Shell shell!

[Situated in the background of the shot is Squid Girl, tied to a chair with her tentacles bound and a gag shoved in her mouth.  She's angrily hopping up and down in the chair, but ultimately failing at getting herself loose.  Finally, she at least manages to spit out the gag.]

Someone kelp!  The Clam squidnapped me and tied me up in this stupid warehouse!

[The Shellder snaps around to shoot an Icicle Spear attack at Squid Girl, hitting her right in the face with it.  And with another gurgly laugh, he hops over and shuts off the feed.]

[Video - July 17th, 20 minutes later]

[The feed flicks back on just a scant 20 minutes later to show the Clam once again.  Squid Girl is still tied up to her chair, as is one Feliks Łukasiewicz.  There is also a Rapidash caught in a Whirlpool in the corner of the room.  It seems the first rescue attempt did not go quite as planned.]


[After that quick bit of gloating, the feed once again cuts out.]

((OOC: There will be two subthreads on this post - one locked to Feliks for the initial failed rescue attempt, and a second one for anyone coming in after that to try to rescue them both.  Everyone can feel free to just pile on the same thread for that in a giant free-for-all.  The Clam is devious, will be using a Water Stone to evolve into Cloyster halfway through, and has one or two other tricks, but at the end of the day he's only one Pokemon.  Have fun with it!

Anyone wanting to respond to either of the Video prompts can also try to talk to the Clam, presuming any Kindred Souls happen to feel like tagging this.  He'll respond with ridiculous villain monologues worthy of late 1970s Saturday morning superhero cartoon shows, just like his namesake.))

02 [Video]

Jun. 26th, 2014 03:44 pm
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[The screen flickers on to show not a human, but an Eevee looking pretty smug about something.]

Is this thing on? Well, looks like it. It's really dusty...

[The Eevee is speaking, though he seems to forget that not everyone can understand him. He rubs a paw against the screen and then makes a slightly disgusted face as his paw comes back with a bunch of dust clinging to his brown fur.]

'Kay. Well, anyway. The boss and I recently got this thing here.

[The pokemon bats against the screen to tilt it so that a Thunderstone is in view.]

Since I kept pestering the boss about evolving, he found out that these things can make me become a Jolteon, so I wanted to show my evolution off to everyone!

[In the distance, there's a voice that sounds like it's calling for something or someone. Tonitrus' ears twitch as he glances back. His attention returns to the screen and he places a paw on the stone. There's a bright light as the Eevee's form starts to change, a jolt of electricity spreads around the glowing white form...and suddenly after a moment, a Jolteon is revealed!]

How's THAT? Pretty cool, right?

[The distant voice becomes less distant as in the background of the video, Aster can be seen approaching the newly-evolved pokemon. He eyes the Jolteon and shakes his head before kneeling before the video feed and speaking.]

Sorry about him bothering you all. He can be a bit of a show-off sometimes.

[The pokemon researcher eyes the Jolteon meaningfully. The Jolteon ignores this and instead rolls his eyes, plops down on the floor, and watches the screen before the feed ends.]


Apr. 30th, 2014 01:05 am
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Hello, everyone. I suppose it's high time I introduced myself.

[it shows a young boy, who looks somewhat uncomfortable in his own clothes. He hasn't worn anything like this before] My name is Nate, and well... I guess there's no other way to say it. I'm not from around here, I'm from a village called Sekiun.

I can't really answer many questions about it, but... it's very different from Union, and I can't exactly go back. It's a long story.

But I'm here now! I want to learn as much about Union as possible! I want to be a trainer...! If there's anyone who'd be willing to help someone starting out, I'd very much appreciate it.


Yeah, that's all I have for now. Thanks for your time, everyone.
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[Behold the exhausted but freshly-scrubbed face of one Garrett Hawke, come to introduce himself to the network with a very important question (to him).]

Has anyone heard of a village named Rhododendron? No one at the Medical Center has heard of it, but they suggested I try asking on the network.

It's where I'm from, and I'd like to go back, but I'm not sure where it is from here. So any information at all would be great.

[He hesitates very briefly, then flashes a charming smile.]


[OOC: This guy's hometown is so far off the map no one will have heard of it, and it's also been completely destroyed, but he doesn't know that yet so he's still asking around. Feel free to yank his chain or crush his dreams or just be brutally honest, it's all good! o/]

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