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[In one of the more spacious areas of Union there's a small gathering of Ghost-type Pokemon milling about with a Misdreavus trying to direct them. She's speaking very passionately though the other Ghost Pokemon are either ignoring her or making snide remarks back making her frown and only try harder in getting them to listen.

Off on the side, Sho is watching the whole proceeding and is waffling between looking bored out of his mind, to laughing when a Ghost Pokemon gets a hilarious reaction out of a passerby, or looking disappointed and scoffing when a Ghost-type who was trying to pick a fight with him flees after one attack.

His Misdreavus chews him out whenever the last one happens.]

What? He was asking for it!

[Selene is less than amused.]
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[If anyone had wandered a certain way through the dream world they may have stumbled across Sho's own dream. But unlike the front that he presented to the world, this dream wasn't about fighting or anything too exciting really. It's a pretty domestic one given the scenery.

Sho can be seen wandering around and talking with an elderly man who is responding back with equal intensity. Just in a much more calm manner as opposed to Sho's feisty-ness. However, for anyone who has had the chance to interact with him, they might be surprised to see the red-head is actually listening to the old man.

The old man eventually walks into the house that is there and Sho follows after him. He's saying something about the old man "Not being any fun" and the old man huffs before telling him to go get water for dinner. Sho scowls (halfheartedly) but does as he's told.]

(OOC: Sho's dream is going to circulate around his memories of this one place and this one person so if you want a different snapshot, let me know.)
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Sheesh, its been boring here lately. How can any of you stand it?

[The Warp Band feed shows Sho looking bored out of his mind. And a bored Sho usually meant some sort of chaos was going to happen in the near future.]

And what's with all of this stuff? [To punctuate his point, he flicks a decoration, making it wobble dangerously.]


[Normal people would use the walkways like everyone else. The paths existed for a reason after all. But Sho didn't care much for such things. As of right now, he was just leaping between buildings and getting around that way. Down below, his Houndour Kagutsuchi trotted along easily and in no rush at all to keep up. They always found each other in the end anyway so he saw no reason to fret.

Coming to a stop on one roof, Sho looks around briefly, makes a bit of a disgruntled sound and leaps into the street below, not bothering to check if he almost landed on someone or not.]

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