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[The other end of the warp-band happens to be a kid that can't be older than ten or eleven. He looks at the the band critically, with an eyebrow raised, frowns and then clears his throat.]

So ...Soulfasting is coming up. It's a really fun holiday and It's nice when people are actually respectful of the dead. See ... the spirit world really isn't as far as people think and really all anyone wants is to be honored and remembered.

The holiday is about bringing both worlds together.

[He pauses, cause he was going somewhere with that. He frowns a little deeper. Its a disgruntled expression someone his age shouldn't make.]

So, if anyone goes around this year dressed up like ghosts claiming to be other people's dead aunts or whatever: Don't bother. We'll know.

Also it makes you a jerk.

Anyway, my name is Norman. I'm from the Kurain School of Channelling and we'll be around for the Holiday a lot so ... if you need any channelling or have questions about the spirit world, come by and see us.

[He pauses like he's trying to make sure he's not forgetting anything. After a moment he nods and just shuts the feed off.]

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Jan. 4th, 2014 09:10 pm
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