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[Video post, backdated to afternoon or so]

[There's a young man on the network, maybe seventeen or so, handsome and pale as only a sheltered rich kid could be. He's smiling in a friendly and charming manner.]

Good day, everyone. For those who might not know me, my name is Kyouya Ootori. I'm a little [completely] new to being a Trainer, and so I thought I might ask if anyone had advice for someone on their way out to the forest for the first time.

[Social networking is important no matter where you are, after all, and Kyouya wants to get a feel for how this part of society handles itself. Being a polite newcomer should be a good way of accomplishing that, particularly since he's not even lying.

A canine nose suddenly interrupts the video feed, which is abruptly moved.]
Hotta, no. Down. ...Here, have a look. [It's returned to its position, but now there's a Houndour next to Kyouya, regarding the video feed curiously.] It's for communication. [Really, he isn't sure how much a Houndour will understand, but talking to things that can't understand you is a charming and harmless quirk, so he doesn't have any problem displaying it.]

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Jan. 4th, 2014 09:10 pm
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