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Around dinner time, all active Warp Bands come to life, a familiar visitor’s face flooding into view. Sveta looks to be broadcasting from a small, furnished room, likely provided by the council for temporary lodging. The lamplight flickers, and she takes a deep breath, smiling. She can hardly contain her excitement as she begins to speak.

“Hello citizens of Union! As you may know, my name is Sveta, a member of the Elite Four from the distant city of Ever Grande. I, along with my colleague Alina and a few others, came to you a few days ago after hearing the stories of your people, and after speaking at length with those around your beautiful city. I can say now with the utmost conviction that we wish for the same world, a place where pokémon and humans can live together in peace and prosperity. We do not have to be governed by the mistakes of the past; we can walk forward, hand-in-hand, toward a perfect and just future.

“The Gods have brought us together, the people of Ever Grande and the people of Union. I believe that now with every fiber of my being! This is divine fate, it is destiny, and we cannot ignore its call!”

Standing, the view shifts, and her expression changes slightly. While still animated, her eyes flash with excitement, and a bit of disdain.

“But there are those who would stand in our way. They place humanity’s needs first, believe that they are the true inheritors of the earth. That was the type of hubris that nearly eradicated the human race from existence. They deserved that fate. Humanity torched the soil, molded it, corrupted it, poisoned it. They attempted to play God, and they were punished for their transgressions.

The Elite Four will not stand for those that might repeat history to rise again. We, along with the people of Union, will act out the Gods’ will, for we are their chosen. It is our job, no, our duty to educate those who do not wish to see the error of their ways—if not with words, than with action. Those who oppose us will see a quick, merciless end; it is the only way.”
Throwing her arms out for emphasis, the icy crystal holding her hair back glows, and frosty fractals begin to materialize on the molding around her room. Her breath comes out in puffs as her energy level reaches a crescendo.

“That we were born in the same era is a blessing of the Gods themselves! Friends, let us create peace together, one where pokémon can live together in peace and harmony! There is no better time than now. We stand on the precipice of change, and together we can soar toward a brave new world!”

And with that, the feed ends.

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[Today’s warp band feed features two individuals, and one massive gigantic grey blob. Friends might recognize Yosuke Hanamura and Yukiko Amagi. And some might even guess that blob is the infamous “Snor-Lord” but then they might also easily not, because really he’s just kind of a dweeb. There’s a serious look in the teenager’s eyes, like they have something incredibly serious to say. And even the infamous outlaw Snorlax seems quieter than usual.]

Hey. So, Yukiko and I sorta had an encounter the other day. Like, one of the divine kind.

[He takes a deep breath.] One of the gods contacted us. And it had some pretty important things to say.

[Yukiko’s head dips as she greets the viewers, and she pushes up her glasses before speaking in an equally solemn voice.]

It was a god named Suicune. It said it was the North Wind. The...Gale that brings the frost. One of the winter gods, I’d guess. It had kinda a lot to say, but it was really...um...weird, mostly because it wanted us to ask questions and not the other way around.

[He nods, looking at her and then back to the feed.]

And the answers we got weren’t exactly good. [She breaks in with a nod.] No, they really weren’t.

[He takes another breath, trying to recall everything to the best of his ability.]

We asked about Gigas, and Sanctuary. Turns out the gods have an opinion on them, too.

[She takes a breath as well, and Snor-Lord’s hands drop down onto both of their shoulders. The big brute leans in between them and grunts.]

It also said a few things about the gods too, and how they think. Like...they definitely are testing us. And they have a reason. But it didn’t say what, and it seemed like it was working for another god. Which I guess points to a kind of hierarchy?

[Snor-Lord nods again and speaks in a serious series of Snors/Laxes/Snorlaxs.]

Yeah, it was also kind of a jerk. Talkin’ about manners like a big lamer.

[Yosuke rolls his shoulder in irritation, not wanting the big pokemon’s hand there.]

Get your paws offa me! Anyway, it was seriously freaky. Especially with what it had to say. But we couldn’t sit here and keep this to ourselves. We’ll be here if anyone’s got any questions.

((ooc: Replies will come from either Yosuke and Yukiko and Snor-Lord, and if you prefer action they’re in one of the residential district parks. If you want a joint thread or one of them specifically, let us know in your header!

Also, order doesn't matter- feel free to boomerang either one of them if the other isn't around! It will help make things go faster :D ))
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[Within Union tonight, a certain musician is seated, playing her instruments, including a new one she'd found laying around in the old city. Nothing fancy, but it added to the feel of her music. Her music isn't loud enough to rouse anyone from their slumber. Quite the opposite, really. As always her music is soothing and relaxing.

As she picks up the tempo, Xiu begins to glow, her entire body and instruments shimmering with an eerie, yet beautiful light.

...and then she disappears.

A few seconds pass, leaving an odd silence, until the musician slowly fades back into view, her instruments resuming playing as if nothing happened. However, anyone watching can see a strange, almost indescribably aura as Xiu basks in the moonlight, and those who happen to be passing by might feel an urge to come closer and listen.

Her song also plays through the network via her warp band.]
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Who: Estelle, Xiu
When: May 16, 2016! That's Saturday. Forward-dating!
Where: Tropical Island
Warnings: Adventure!

[Estelle told Xiu that if she ever wanted to go some place dangerous, she would tag along! She knows, on some level, that she's now a tough and more experienced Enlightened than many. She likes that part of it; helping and protecting people close to her is great. It's like going into ruins and seeing the world.]

[She hasn't been to the tropical island before. It's nice to see it, and as she walks down the beach, she takes a look around, before stretching her arms. Then she looks over her shoulder, back at Xiu.]

It's nice and warm here! Want to look around the beach or the jungle area?

[Reminds her of home, at least in that way. It's completely different in others. She flashes Xiu a grin; it's actually nice having her along for reasons besides finding exploring fun. After the incident with the gods, she'd been out of sorts, but Xiu -- even if she didn't know it, even if she didn't intend to -- helped her get a sense of peace again. Estelle owes her for that.]
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[Hello, warp band owners. This evening you're treated to a close up of a girl's face. She gives the feed a sort of suspicious look before she pulls back with a smile. If you pay close enough attention, you'll hear a guitar strumming softly in the background.]

Oh cool, it's on! [There's a pause as she thinks of what to say now that she's got her newly acquired warp band working. Meanwhile, an Emolga peeks over her shoulder, chittering quietly.]

Relax, it's not gonna hurt us. Anyway!~

I'm Xiu, and I guess I'll be staying in this Union place for a bit. [She pretty much beams as she continues.]

Everyone should totally stop by and listen to my music! It's pretty good. If you don't, you're really missing out.

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