Jun. 20th, 2015 10:47 pm
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[The feed opens on Banzu standing with his back to the sea and a folding table with various items on it next to him.]

Good morning, everyone. I've got a few demonstrations for you. Over the past few weeks I've been working on a few different pieces of equipment, and I'm thinking that a few of you might be interested in some of them.

[He picks up a metal canteen from the table, opens it, holds it upside-down, empties its contents completely, then closes it again.]

First off, this canteen refills itself with water whenever it's closed. It's not a limitless source of water, but it gave me all the drinking water I needed going from Union to Sanctuary on a single charge. [He opens it again and empties another canteen-full of water from it while he continues.] Anyone who's been in the desert or on a long expedition should be able to appreciate how useful a compact source of water can be.

[Closing the canteen and returning it to the table, he next holds up a somewhat wide and thick band of metal, which appears to be made of three arrows connecting tip to tail. He slides the bangle onto his wrist and taps the head of one of the arrows, then picks up a small berry from the table and eats it.]

Then there's this. It reproduces the move Recycle. [He taps the head of a different arrow and an identical berry to the one he just ate materializes in his hand.] It only works on berries, just like normal, but the ability to extend a food supply in a pinch could come in handy.

[He pops the new berry into his mouth, then returns the bangle to the table and picks up a green-tinted longsword.]

Next up. Facet? [A Carbink floats into view and uses Light Screen, Reflect, and Stealth Rock, setting up a rather intimidating-looking defense. Banzu holds out the sword with the point towards the Carbink and activates it. The sword pulses green and sword-shaped green lights fly out of it, spreading out as they fly and shattering the defenses that the Carbink created, while leaving the Pokémon itself unharmed. As the Carbink floats out of the frame, Banzu rotates the sword so that it's pointed at the sky and activates it again, causing it to glow brightly.] Defog and Flash, for clearing away fog, defenses, and darkness. Since you should probably be carrying a weapon on an expedition anyways, there isn't even any extra weight. I'm calling it the "Sword of Revealing Light".

While I'm on the subject of weaponry, [He holds up an odd-looking handgun.] I made this quite a while ago, but it seems like it's becoming more relevant lately. This is a Thunder Wave gun. So long as whatever you're shooting isn't immune to Electric moves, this'll paralyze it without causing any injuries. If we're gonna keep running into Gigas's forces like this, weapons like this'll make it easier to fight without the risk of accidentally killing anyone. Because that would be terrible. [His tone of voice is vaguely sarcastic there.]

And finally, something for defense. [He picks up a belt made of multiple metal plates linked together, with a large rectangular buckle. Donning it, he takes hold of one short edge of the buckle and pulls it to the other side like a double knife switch. A suit of armor forms around him, looking like a lightweight version of generic storybook Knight In Shining Armor armor, and when he speaks from behind the visor his voice echoes slightly.] The Iron Defense belt. The armor design can be set when the belt is made, so if this isn't your style I can make it look different.

[He throws the switch on the belt again and the armor vanishes.]

So if anything I've demonstrated here interests you, or you've got something else you'd like to have made, contact me over the Warp Bands, follow Route 1 from Union to the port, or head to The Prodigal Explorer in Union's Business District, and I'll see what I can do for you.

Banzu out.
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It’s just after midnight when the column arrives outside of Sanctuary, shrouded in darkness under the pitch black of a new moon. Bordered by mountains to the north, the city has two primary gates to the West and the East, both of which are shut tight with massive oaken doors, centuries old and further secured with an antique portcullis. The city itself is surrounded by walls of stone, easily one-fourth the height of those found in Union and about twice the height of many of the homes, sturdy stone buildings with triangular roofs, about the same size as Calderan homes. Like Union, there are many towers within the city, but unlike Union, the towers are cold, aloof structures that stand alone with no connection to the other towers. The city itself is stone, cold, gray, and unfeeling, with small drops of light from streetlamps which line the streets, emitting an eerie blue-white glow. This is Sanctuary. Home of the Magi, conquered by Gigas for forty years. This is the city that must be reclaimed.

[OOC: If you did not choose to take the Pokeballs (you don’t have to have affirmed in an NPC thread, it’s entirely up to the character), they may have either 1 large Pokemon or 2 small Pokemon. A large Pokemon is classified as any Pokemon that is 4’ tall or long per the official Pokedex guidelines, anything smaller is considered a small Pokemon. Without the aid of Pokeballs the Pokemon will be required to be out and active throughout the log, and will not be able to be recalled or sent away if they are injured and must be carried if knocked out. As always, please limit yourself to 2 major actions in the log, and declare all Pokemon accompanying you in your first tag to a log. As always, to keep the logs moving, we will be responding every 24 hours.]


May. 15th, 2015 12:11 pm
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[The feed opens to Banzu sitting at the desk in his office, the camera obviously having been placed on something to give a more formal view.]

Good morning, everyone. I've got a couple of opportunities that people might be interested in.

First off, I'm looking for people who'd be interested in learning to operate Pathfinder, either as pairs of humans or a human with a Pokémon who has hands and isn't weak to Fire. If you work out, I'd be hiring you to pilot Pathfinder to and from the Tropical Island for a variable portion of its regular trips. Details will be discussed one-on-one.

Secondly, I have a Bibarel and a Diggersby who I haven't had much for them to do in a while. Rather than them just spending most of their time in the Habitat, I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in looking after them and giving them more chances to get out.

If either of these opportunities interest you, please contact me so that we can discuss the details.

Banzu out.
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Hello everyone, Lux here with a bit of official Seeker business. I was hoping if a few people would be willing to help me out. I promise that I won't take up too much of your time.

The Seekers are looking to collect first-hand accounts of what those that went underground during the... time travel-vision-whatever that might have been--the earthquakes, in order to hopefully learn more about the experience, as well as possible connections to the past before the time of the Savior.

These interview can be conducted in a number of different ways. If you feel comfortable, someone from the Seekers--either myself or someone else--will meet with you in person, in a place of your choice. If you don't feel comfortable meeting in person, we can arrange other methods to communicate, either through the warp bands, letters, or some other means.

You do not have to feel obligated to speak to one of us, let me be clear. However, we do hope that enough people are willing to recall what they saw while down there. You have the option of staying anonymous if you so choose, but getting first-hand accounts of what you saw or felt during this time are important in understanding the past, as well as what the Gods' intentions were in the past, or are now.

Thank you everyone for hearing me out. I hope to hear from some of you soon!
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Log Deputy: Ax, Plurk @ AxiomaticGrue
Participating Characters: Lucca, Gilgamesh, Banzu, Taki, and Haruka
Plot Description: SCIENCE OF COURSE! AT HIGH SPEEDS! That is to say: Creating Rotomcycles, testing them out, and all that sort of stuff.
Warnings/Notes: Science, Shenanigans, and probably general silliness. Don't think there's any warning to give but I'll add them as needed.


Apr. 22nd, 2015 12:05 am
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So on my group's trip, we saw a god - "Yveltal", who I'd hafta say can be called the God of Death from what we saw - heard about another god - "Groudon", who apparently tore up something called "117" - saw one of the ancients' cities - "Mauville City" - and met the Savior in person.

So how did everyone else's trips go?

Banzu out.
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It comes suddenly and without warning. The ground beneath the land shakes with great force and fury, the great towers of Union shifting dangerously due to the magnitude. Somehow, miraculously, nobody is injured, but great structural damage is sustained on many of the connecting bridges that keep the city together.

On the streets, people are fearful. What if another quake comes? What if they aren't as lucky that time? Teams of Engineers are all over the city, checking on the damage and making what repairs they can. Electricity has been knocked out in many areas and crews are still struggling to recover it, although the Signal Tower remains with power and broadcasts over radio and television are sent to reassure the populace.

Thankfully, no aftershocks come. Messages are already coming in from other ally cities, Caldera and Citadel are mostly fine, Refuge, while fine, has devolved into panicked prayer to appease whoever they offended to send such a large quake. As surveyors go out to examine the damage, they will find that new underground routes have been opened all over. Unfortunately, those who went to investigate have not returned, sending a second wave of panic through many of the cities. The Union Council is working with the governments of the other cities to plan a proper response, and they hope to announce within the next few days as the city recovers. For now, however, the new paths are strictly off-limits to all citizens, and have been placed under heavy guard by the Swords of the Savior, the Steel Battalion, and some Valkyrie volunteers.

((Feel free to use this post as an IC mingle to react to the earthquakes!))


Apr. 7th, 2015 11:31 am
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[In the background is a research lab, though not Gil's. There's various other people in lab coats swarming around some kind of strange rusted hulk in the background. And he's filming it because RP. Don't ask questions.]

Work continues on the artifact we found in the Old City, but at the very least I think we have a good grip on what it was.

It is a large, motorized vehicle of some kind. The configuration suggests it was built for hauling cargo, probably within the confines of some government facility or one belonging to a powerful corporation.

I can't imagine vehicles like this were very common. The infrastructure you'd need to maintain them and use them would be so immense it boggles the mind. Thousands of miles of high quality roads. Massive refueling stations everywhere. Thousands of mechanics who's whole purpose was specifically taking care of them, for such a large machine would need a lot of care. You'd need to build your entire civilization around supporting these vehicles.

And people said MY ideas were outlandish.


Mar. 4th, 2015 10:47 am
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Who: Gilgamesh, Banzu, Ezreal, Lux, and Jayce
Where: The Old City
What: Exploring dangerous pockets of the Old City to see what's making them dangerous.

The first part was easy )
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Thanks to the efforts of several people and Pokémon, I'm pleased to announce that as of today "Route 1" now connects Union to the port. If the prospect of a long and difficult walk to and from the port has dissuaded you from taking a trip to the Tropical Island recently, then you'll be pleased to learn that the journey is now quicker and easier than ever, via Route 1: the first route to take for your island vacation. I hope to see you all on your way to the Tropical Island soon.

Banzu out.
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Who: A whole bunch of people. If you want to drop in? Drop in.
What: Clearing the path between Union and the port to create Route 1.
When: February 16 - March 2
Where: Verdant Forest

With a workforce assembled, the clearing of a path between Union and the port can begin. A path has already been plotted out and used by most people traveling between the two locations, so the plan is quite simple: starting at the port end of the path and moving towards Union, trees will be cut down and dragged back to the port, stumps and boulders will be cleared away, and by the time they're done there will be a reasonably wide and clear road through the Verdant Forest. Not paved or perfectly smooth, but enough of an improvement that travel between Union and the port will be significantly faster and easier.

[Feel free to make whatever threads you want. Anyone in the thread who wants to throw some kind of obstacle in the way can if they want to. Go nuts.]


Feb. 13th, 2015 05:55 pm
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Studying old records has led me to believe there are some untouched pockets of old tech in the Old City that have been allowed to go unexplored because of large numbers of hostile pokemon hanging around them. I wouldn't be surprised if there was something in the old caches that was CAUSING them to be more hostile, but there's no way to find out without looking for ourselves.

Unfortunately, I'm not a delver, and I can't levitate with my mind or shoot fireballs from my eyes like some enlightened can. I want to get down there, though, so I'm proposing mounting an expedition. What one man cannot do on his own, many others working together will have no difficulty with.

[He brings out a map of the Old City and points to three red circles in a relatively small area of it.]

The caches are here, here, and here. I'd want some other engineers and probably a few delvers, plus anyone who can fight or carry heavy things around. Who's interested in advancing the cause of SCIENCE!?
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[With the troubles in and outside of Union subsiding, peace returned to the city. The ports were bustling and busy as ever with sailors and traders making their rounds. Just when normality seemed to have returned, here's a rather odd sight: a small girl, dressed in black, though regal garbs, climbed up one of the ladders of the Palisade. She dragged herself up back to the surface, drenched in sea water, and... a little bloodied to boot.

Her skin is bone pale as if all life had been drained from it. And yes, that was indeed the case. The girl, from any distance, looked dead. She was missing an eye if anyone bothered to look closely, not to mention.

She lied on her back, taking her time to regain energy. Or that's what she believed she felt, anyway. And the girl laughed.]

... H-how... fortunate! We are finally on land once more... Princess.

[Back beneath the palisade, a mantyke was looking up, waiting to see or hear for something.]


[A piercing red eye appears on the visuals. Mikotsu withdraws her head, seeing that yes, this Warp Band.. It's working quite well!

At this point, she recovered enough and found a means of wrapping bandages around her missing left eye. The girl looked very much like she was from a ghost story, smiling as eerily as she did. She speaks, but her tone, her voice, it's like she's doing an impression than speaking properly. Mikotsu taps at the fishbone charm decorating her hair as she does so.]

Greetings, citizens of Union! It is my pleasure to introduce to you the rightful leader of the Blue Sea Clan, the great Princess Mikotsu!

We, that is, she and I, are deeply moved and grateful for your hospitality... hoho. These are troubling times for all of us. As a visitor, the Princess will make an effort toward the enrichment of your bustling city. She humbly asks that you pardon her for the intrusion.

If you'll allow this, she hopes to become quick friends with all of you soon. Quite soon!
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With the revelation of the presence of the Enhanced, Union was able to quickly mobilize. As the strange conditions continued to worsen, the Trainers of Union once again set out to bring order to the chaos.

This time however, they do not walk entirely alone. A small, dedicated team remains behind in Union, sorting through the dossiers and information that Crystal and Rory have collected. Connected to those in the field via Warp Band network, hopefully they can identify the Enhanced and find a way to calm them before a tragedy occurs.

[OOC: There will be a thread for each active team based on the sign-ups. Any areas that did not have any sign-ups will not be present and will be addressed later. As per our usual standards, moderators and NPC helpers will progress the log at least once every 24 hours. The Union log will work somewhat differently from the battle logs in that the participants will be collecting information concerning the Enhanced; when enough information has been accumulated, they will be asked to tag into the battle threads to provide guidance and support to those out in the field.

Characters participating in the Union log will function as support staff for this event. They will have their own log interacting with Rory and Crystal and as characters in other logs encounter the Enhanced, they can use the observations made to try to find out more about the Enhanced in the field and help the people in the field determine an appropriate situation. Because of this, players in the Union thread may threadjack any ongoing log to relay information as needed.

The outcome of this event will depend very much on player decisions and the ability of the characters to respond to the threats at hand, so we would highly encourage you all to tag as regularly as possible. Thanks!]
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This is a notice that I'm suspending normal trips to the islands. The waves are getting too big and I'm seeing whirlpools forming. There's also been some minor damage to the port, and I wouldn't suggest anyone spend too much time near the shore at this point. For anyone who booked a trip, you'll be contacted first once things are back to normal.

That said, I'm pretty sure this ain't normal weather for this time of year. If anyone's up for trying to find a likely source for this problem, I'm more than willing to provide the transportation. Just, if you get motion sick easily or can't swim? Sit this one out.

Oh and one more thing: I've agreed to let Rangers assigned to monitor the situation use the port's tower for observation and the port as a base camp. I've cleared space in my workshop. Just don't touch anything.

Banzu out.

[Action for shore-watching Rangers or anyone braving the coast]

[Exactly how much arm-twisting was involved in this agreement is unclear (it wasn't much - this is to his benefit too), but as promised there's space in the workshop, with a folding table and chairs set up for meetings and maps, some tents pitched indoors with cots, and a lit brazier to both chase away the winter and to help dry anyone who got soaked by sea spray. The port did sustain some damage - the external drydock doors are cracked and no longer providing full protection to the interior, the shoreline has retreated noticeably, and the final few posts in the palisade are either missing or tilted over the water - but so far this hasn't affected its use. Banzu's mostly retreated to his upstairs apartment and transferred most of his Pokémon back to Union, but he does occasionally come to get something from a workbench or go up to the tower to take a look himself.

For more details on the port, see here.

Note: This is not the main event post, this is just in case anyone wants to investigate the ocean ahead of time.]
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Hello everyone! I hope you had a good new year. Hopefully this year will bring more good things to us and our neighbors. Last year was certainly exciting, and I get the feeling that this year will prove even more so.

On that, I have something of an announcement. I've been working on a project for quite some time now, and while I haven't been able to talk about it at length before, I'm finally allowed to speak a bit on it. I'm actually fairly excited.

Back in the summer, the Seekers chapters in Union and Caldera began doing research into a piece of technology known as a Pokédex. In old times, it acted as a portable compendium for pokémon, able to identity different species and dispense information on the fly. We were able to uncover some schematics and parts from the Old City, and since then have been working night and day to see if we could replicate this device in some way, shape or form.

Until recently, we were stumped. We could compile the information and place it into a database, but we couldn't figure out how to make it portable. However, after speaking with the elders at Refuge, we were able to uncover quite a few interesting parts. With these, we believe we'll be able to make something usable soon!

This is a call to any interested engineering types and delvers. We need a bit of help for the final push, to help figure out how to combine the database with the warp band's interface, and to either go through or retrieve more parts. We are also in need of those willing to help gather and compile information about various species of pokémon for the project.

While I'm certainly not the only one working on this, if you are interested, please let me know so that I can direct you to where you need to go. Thank you everyone and have a great new year!


[The message is the same, but is sent separately to Lenna and Natalia.]

Hey, when are you available next? I wanted to talk about a few things.


[To say that she was thoroughly and completely over her head was a bit of an understatement.

Walking around the business district, Lux focused on the more fashionable shops and boutiques. This was more Camille's domain, but the blond mentioned wanting to take care of things by herself; it was probably a bit mistake. She didn't know the first thing about being fashionable, outside of a few very basic rules that her Dragonite taught her. Even then, those were very skewed, and more often than not Camille had a taste for the dramatic.

Sure, every girl envisioned what her dream wedding might look like, and Lux was no different--even with her previous circumstances. But the individual pieces were never solid in her mind, and sending her out to find what she wanted was overwhelming to say the least. She could see a small benefit in letting her family plan the whole thing.

Staring through the shop window at some extravagant dress that likely weighed more than she did, she let out a long sigh. This was harder than she thought.]

I think I need a break...


Jan. 1st, 2015 06:46 pm
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[An uncertain young girl appears on the screen.]
Hi there, and Happy New Year I suppose. Mama says I should use this to get to know people in the city. Which I guess is a good idea, since there just seem to be so many people here. I'm not really used to that. Mama and Papa and I've been out exploring for years and years and years now. [Her expression brightens.] It's been a lot of fun! Mama knows a ton about plants and rocks and stuff and Papa's like super amazing at studying Pokemon and finding new species and stuff like that! Sure there weren't a whole lotta other people, but we had each other and our Pokemon, so it was fine.

[Her expression darkens and she frowns. An uncharitable person might even say she's pouting]

But then Papa fell and we had to come back here 'cause he hurt his leg, and now I keep hearing them whisper that I should stay here when they go out again so I can go to traditional school and make friends and stuff. [She crosses her arms over her chest and now she really is pouting.] I don't like that idea at all. It's too crowded and loud here. And there's nowhere near as many interesting Pokemon.
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[We open to the sound of a small explosion and loud, colorful swearing.]

How did that thing get back in here!?


And what are you doing here? Fine, make yourself useful and get that thing out of he- It's reset already? Shi-!

[There's the sound of another explosion and the feed cuts off.]


[Banzu's not looking to be in such a good mood as he walks through the Business district later in the day, visiting the Salvage Shop and any places that sell chemicals. It could be the Voltorb doll following him around. It could be the Riolu he doesn't want to deal with following him around, grabbing the Voltorb doll whenever it's about to explode and tossing it into the air so it doesn't damage anything. It could also be the bits of metal growing out of his body: striking surfaces on his knuckles, larger pieces around the backs of his ears, little plates on his cheekbones, lines on his jaw, and several more unseen under his clothes. What? Where did those come from? It's not like he's secretly been an Enlightened all this time or anything...

Yeah, the jig is up. There's no way he can hide that he's a Steel-type any more. He's not looking forward to the inevitable responses to this revelation. The Voltorb doll and the Riolu are just icing on the cake.

Note: While the patches of metal on him are silvery today, in all future encounters they will be a dull black. Alloys!]
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[Umi has a small dilemma that no one has seen yet. One that she wants to resolve ASAP.]

I'm looking for the services of someone who can fashion an item for me. I'm willing to pay or I can exchange services by teaching one of your Pokémon a move.

I would appreciate it if this could be done quickly, but I understand if it might take some time. Thank you in advance.


Nov. 26th, 2014 08:27 am
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[Unlike most of Squid Girl's videos, this one has a far more serious bent to it.  This is perhaps immediately obvious when the feed clicks on to show her with ripped up clothing, missing half of a few tentacles, and bleeding from a few places.  She's clearly on the beach near the south of Union as she stumbles along, and anyone who looks closely will notice that her wounds appear to be from a few well-placed shark bites.  Anyone who looks really closely will be able to see a Sharpedo fin moving ominously back and forth in the water in the background.]

U-um... what do you do when one of your Pokemon tries to eat you?

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