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[Ace turns on his warp band, and his hat is nowhere to be seen, his hair is a complete mess, and there's smoke in the background]]

Anyone have any experience with a few pokemon evolving at the same time?

[Action, Habitat]

[There's a bit of smoke coming out of Ace's shorts, but he doesn't really care much. There's a Swoobat flying around his head, a Pikachu trying to crawl onto his lap, a Gloom pulling the side of his shorts, a Charmeleon pulling on one of his arms, and a Lampent floating in front of him, making amused sounds at the situation]

Guys, please, this is why I brought you back here, you made a mess in the apartment, please behave!

[The Pikachu is the only one that listens and her tail droops a little, but she doesn't move from her spot on Ace's legs.

Ace would give anyone that happens to be in the habitat a pleading look, asking for help, because now he's realized he can't control a bunch of excited pokemon, specially not the three that just got their new bodies.]
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[If you're looking at your bands right now you'll be able to see a shaky video feed, and maybe a random leaf once in a while.

An Oddish is holding the warp band and pointing it at what seems to be a bonfire, somewhere outside, with a Litwick floating around it and a Slugma curling up in one side of the flames.

The poor Oddish is trying to stay away as much as possible, shaking a little, but holding the warpband no matter what. The Litwick comes and waves at the camera, pointing at the bonfire and laughing. You can hear a laugh from the fire itself]


[If you happen to be walking by the bonfire in the video, you'll notice it's not really a bonfire, but rather a man spouting flames from every part of his body and he's laughing like a little kid, waving a hand in front of his face with a small ball of fire in front of his face]

I evolved!
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[The camera is pointing at Ace's face, and he's looking a bit distressed]

So... Something happened

[He moves, and something can be seen hiding behind a table in the distance, and whenever Ace tries to get closer the little pokémon just runs away. At one point the pokémon stops in front of the camera, and it can be seen that is an Oddish, who looks terrified.

This happens around three of four times, and Ace just gives up and sits down in front of the camera again]

Since he came home he's been avoiding me, I thought it was because I'm a fire type, but he's talked to Lava and Candle, so I have no idea what's wrong

[the Oddish just looks from behind a chair and glares]


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[If you are currently near the outskirts of Union, you might hear a bit of a racket.

Or you might outright just find Kaido, Flabébé and Sraggy.

They've set up a set of twin practice dummies (a big one for Kaido, a smaller one for Scraggy) and are practicing kicks and punches with synchromised timing, with Flabébé alternating between checking on the egg they have nearby and pushing a large ball around with Fairy Wind.

They've been at this for a week. Someone stop them.

Or alternatively, complain about the noise]
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[Things had been a bit boring for Ace lately, after the earthquake things had been crazy but now that it had calmed down he really had nothing to do. Except walk around the city with his faithful companion, Candle, floating by his side.

He was hoping to find something good to eat, and maybe finding someone who was as bored as he was. He passed a few stands, a lot of the fruits seemed delicious, but he really wasn't sure what he wanted to eat.]

Hey Candle, what you think I should get??

[He turned to look at his pokemon but he wasn't there, instead he was a few metres away, floating in circles around someone. Ace walked over to the person and tried to take his Litwick off the floor, but the candle just floated away from him]

I'm very sorry, he has a thing for bothering people, and umm if you wouldn't mind, can you help me catch him?

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