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Who: Peter Parker, Anko Mitarashi, and their Pokemon
Where: Peter's Apartment in Union.
What: Ekans research
When: Forwarded to Saturday the 20th
Warnings: Not for the Arachnophobic or Ophidophobic.

[After the mess with the swapped bodies had ended, Peter had received a message from Anko saying she'd found her partner Pokemon. Peter immediately invited her over to his home. While some might think he'd had ulterior motives for picking that location, it was simply because pretty much everything he needed to do a basic observational study of the Ekans was located there. As soon as he'd gotten an answer saying she was on her way, he started setting things up.

As he did so, he took quick stock of his own Pokemon. Amanda was hovering around him as she usually was, Gordon, Kit, and Spots were watching an educational show on his new television, Treble was letting Lea chase him around as the Shinx tried to bat at his keys, and Webster was likely off taking a nap somewhere.]
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[There's the sound of a woman crying hysterically in the background.]

Ohhh, Goku, he's a woman, why does this happen to my beautiful family, can't we just be normal....

[Yeah, that's his wife Chi-Chi freaking out, but more importantly, there's a girl with long blonde hair in the video feed.]

Uh, don't mind Chi-Chi, she's taking this a little hard right now. Anyway, so this girl- I don't know who she is, but I've got her body, and I'm sure she'd like it back. I really wouldn't mind getting mine back too, it's a little hard to train like this... [YEP IMPLYING THAT LUX IS A LITTLE WEAK COMPARED TO WHAT HE'S USED TO OOPS]

And well, they won't let off about it either. [The camera points to Machoke, Staraptor and Murkrow. All giggling. Yes, the birds even got Machoke in on this one.]



[He's walking about Union in his new girly body, just trying to get a feel for it. And he is totally trying to wear his orange gi, but it's a bit baggy and Chi-Chi has pinned some of the sides in for him. He can tell she'd definitely got other powers that are wildly different to his own. Which means he might be fiddling with them even as he's walking around.

That ball of light that's suddenly appeared next to you is slowing you down for some strange reason. And now there's a 16 year old girl running at you full tilt screaming.]

YAAAAAAH! Quick, get away from that!


[Or maybe you are suddenly finding yourself enveloped by a shield of light, and the culprit quickly looks at her hands and thrusts them behind her, looking guilty. She didn't do that she swears. You know, even though she's got the same prismatic sphere around herself too.]
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[The video feed that comes through this fine afternoon is clearly another newbie, if the dialogue and positioning are any indication. It’s actually upside down, and the person looking at it is scowling just a bit.]

Geez, does this thing even work? Stupid…blinking. Quit it!

[It clicks off, and then back on rightside up as the woman frowns at it.]

There. Good. [Clearing her throat, the woman puts on an obviously forced smile.] Yo. Not sure who all can see this, but hey.

[Hooking a thumb at herself, Anko’s tone shifts to a brash, almost cocky tone.]

I’m Anko, from up north in Citadel. Came down here to check out what’s going on in Union, and to do a little research. If there’s anyone with experience around the mountains, particularly with mapping, let me know. I’m looking for someone, and that’s the last place I saw her.

[The video shuts off without further information. She doesn’t really expect anyone to help, but who knows with Unionites. They didn’t have to come fight that monster, either.]


[And around Union, Anko’s not hard to find. She’s trotting through the streets wearing a heavy coat despite the heat, occasionally poking her head into a sweets shop and emerging with a dango or some other snack in hand. She does this at literally every shop between the gate and the library, taste-testing to find the best.

Now, when she reaches the library, she isn’t exactly the quietest person there. In fact, she’s actually pretty damn noisy, since she’s hardly trying to walk quietly. She’s there for several hours going through books and maps and journals, huffing noisily each time she finishes, seemingly unsatisfied. Who’d have thought research was hard. Ugh…]

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