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Jul. 10th, 2014 08:44 pm
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[Today's video comes live from Kanji's workroom at home. Perhaps not the most exciting of environments, but it works for him. Rolls of cloth, various resources, crystals, half-finished projects that he's been working on - busy young craftsman, it seems.]

Hey. So I've been visitin' Caldera a bunch lately. Lookin' at some'f the stuff they do over there. An' comparing it t' some'a the stuff I've been working on around here... heh. I've gotta lotta work to do.

Got me thinkin', though. This one kinda goes out to any Engineers watching... What's the most complex thing you've worked on Enhancing? I was thinking 'a doin' some Enhanced clothes for my guys, but I ain't had any luck finding out the best ways t' do it. Everything I've looked into has really been things like armour and weapons, you know? I've been doin' a bit'f metalwork, but it ain't really my thing.

So... has anyone done anything like that before? Got any tips?
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Action: At Magnet Rock )


Uh. Hey, folks.

[And there's Kanji's face on the screen, looking rather proud. Not quite as those who know him might recognise it, though. Zig-zag markings in golden yellow sit at the side of his face, and a small one across his nose. His ears have changed, long and pointed, tipped with the same colour - small nicks out of them look almost like battle scars. Compared to this, the blond colour of his hair's nothing...]

Well... Ain't any hiding it, is there? Been dreamin' about this day since I was a little kid... Always wondered what it'd be like. An' ... [he laughs] here we are. Brand new me, huh?
Feels kinda weird, though. Like I'm gonna break everythin' I touch. How long does this take to get used to?

But... [A slight blush starts to creep onto his face, tinting the ends of his ears.] This is kinda awkward. Could someone warp me, uh. An extra large set a' clothes? Only the set I brought don't, uh, quite fit right now... Ma, if you're watchin' this? Sorry 'bout that, but... ya know.

[He lifts a hand to scratch his head, revealing an arm similarly marked with angular patterns in yellow and black that suggest gloves, and black bands bearing short spiky studs that sit around his wrists.]

Maybe somethin' with wider sleeves, too? Guess I know what I'm doin' next week...


Apr. 12th, 2014 03:18 pm
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I have a question. Unrelated to everything that is going on, but it's been on my mind regardless.

Is there anyone in Union who has been studying evolutions? Really studying, I mean. Enlightened and pokemon can both evolve-- change appearance and sometimes even gain a new type, even. Personally, I've yet to evolve myself, but you know-- it begs the question of how it's possible in the first place, truly possible.

I'm an Engineer-- not someone with experience researching this sort of thing but it's interesting, isn't it? I mean Lady-- my Purrloin-- evolved recently.

We all know and accept the nature of evolution. With enough time and skill, even I will change. Maybe I'll end up looking more like the Steel type pokemon we know of-- I don't know. But it's interesting, isn't it?

I want to know about it so I'm asking you, fellow citizens of Union, if you would care to tell me if you know anyone who has evolved or if you have evolved yourself.

What did they look like before? What do they look like now? Has it brought on new skills or abilities, or do they remain the same?

You can do so anonymously, if you wish. I understand that this is a rather private question.


Feb. 22nd, 2014 12:00 am
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They were noticed a half hour before they arrived.

The Guardsmen atop the city walls, their keen senses trained to observe anything out of the ordinary, had not failed to observe the flight of birds disturbed from their nests and the distant shuddering of trees. The pace was steady. Not of wild Pokémon meandering about, but of something with fixed, determined purpose.

News spread quickly, as it ought. The Council was aware of the situation in five minutes flat, and the guard on the walls surreptitiously tripled in the same amount of time. It didn't take much longer for idle citizens to realize something was amiss, and as the rumors propagated -- There are people coming through the forest! -- so, too, did the number of people thronging at the gate craning their necks to get a look.

They emerge from the forest, their pace brisk and their numbers thirty strong. Many wear attire that is hardy, made for traveling - leather boots, thick wool pants, and long jackets in shades of deep crimson and black. Others, clearly of some higher rank, are clad in suits or other formal wear; a few wear pristine white coats that must have only just been changed. As they approach, most stare coolly upwards at the assembly gathered before them atop the walls of the city.

At their lead stands a man with a mild smile and shaggy red hair. Two others stand close beside him: a young woman in a crisp, fur-lined white coat, sleek black hair pristine and perfectly in place and a gentle smile on her face and an aloof woman with brown hair wearing a sharp suit who appears extremely disinterested in the proceedings.

The company pauses. And there is a long, awkward silence before the man with the red hair takes a step forward. He speaks, and his words, though understandable, have a strange, foreign inflection.

"My name is Rory Donnachaidh. We have come on behalf of our people to serve as a diplomatic presence to your city."

...Another awkward pause.

"...I believe it is appropriate to say - take us to your leader."

He smiles more broadly, as if he's made a joke.


We are Team Evolution.

We represent a group of people with a common purpose - to restore humanity to the peaks it once ascended and to raise up all Pokémon alongside us. We call ourselves Team Evolution for the only path forward for both human and Pokémon is to evolve. When we realized that our signals could be detected no longer, our scouts reported that the reason was human sabotage. Imagine our surprise to learn that a human civilization lay so close to those mountains... But what do I say? You, of course, must all have experienced surprise in equal measures, no?

We have come here for reasons twofold: to establish relations with this city and to retrieve the materials that you have been holding for us. It was a prototype, you see, and we would wish to have it returned.

Of course, we understand that you have little reason to trust us and great reason to drive us away. We will not attempt to enter your city if that is preferred - but we will camp outside, between the forest and the gates, for the space of 10 days, after which we will depart, with or without our materials. We hope you will be willing to speak with us during this time. We would also like to... hold a demonstration to explain our actions, if you and your Council are willing.

Please, come and speak with us if you have any questions. That is an offer extended to anyone in your fine city. I shall personally ensure that any visitors are treated with the greatest of courtesies...

((For approximately 10 IC days, the people of Team Evolution will be camped outside of Union. The next part of this event will require sign-ups. There is an accompanying OoC post to this post here. Please see that post for more details.

Please feel free to use this IC post to talk with the NPCs. All responses here will receive an NPC response.))
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Who: Zarvora Cybeline, Varun "Banzu" Elmas, William Flemming, Ezreal
Where: A research lab in some Union government office somewhere.
What: Eggheads sharing the results of their studies on the devices found in the mountains.
Warning: Science.

The room had several tables covered in components of the machines, most in various states of disassembly. The center of the room was dominated by one that was still mostly intact, which was under several powerful lights and carefully disconnected from the battery. It was a familiar room to everyone who had been working on unlocking its secrets.

They'd had a few weeks to do so, and now everyone had assembled to share the fruits of their labors.

[No posting order. Everyone start your own thread.]
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[Lea is lying on his back on his bed when he turns on the new, fancy camera on his warp band. A Darumaka is on the pillow next to him, his arms and legs tucked in and rocking back and forth while he naps]

Hello! Ain't this a fancy new little... thing. Video, is that what it's called? Pretty cool, gotta say! I can see everyone's smiling faces without even getting out of my bed.

[Lea's smile fades a bit]

You know the worst part about weekends? [SIGH] They end. Tomorrow it's back to work and I don't feel like I've done near enough sleepin'.

Oh! [he snaps his fingers, and the darumaka stirs a little before going back to sleep] I remember what I meant to say. I'm opening up shop for tutoring again. I can teach your pokémon moves they might not otherwise learn. I can only do one a week, though, and I need to see the color of your money upfront. But hey, it might be useful for all you Rangers and folks going out into the big world to fight bad guys.

[Private; Roxas]

Yo kiddo! What kind of snacks do you want me to bring you tomorrow? Aside from ice cream. Ice cream is great but it's not real food.
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[From all the laughing going on behind him, one may guess that Jade is at a party. Unfortunately, that isn't the case.]

Private to people who had participated in the Caverns expedition )

[And now, a public voice post to everyone, which may be somewhat hard to decipher as the laughing in the background grows steadily louder.]

Does anyone have any experience with persuading unwanted Pokemon to leave your homes? Normally, I'd simply dispose of- [Ah. That could be construed in a negative light.] - that is, dispose of them if necessary, although generally I prefer to drive them out. But it seems Duskull has taken quite a liking to his new friends and I'd rather not harm them.

[There's a loud crash behind him. Jade sighs.] Although I'm beginning to reconsider.


[Late evening finds Jade heading down to the newly-discovered Mausoleum, Sandshrew trotting along beside him and Duskull swooping around cheerfully over his head. He tries to avoid anyone exploring down there, mostly because he guesses most people wouldn't approve of what he's doing. Which would be trying to pry open the vaults and take a peek at the coffins.]

[He has reasons for doing so. Honest.]


Feb. 5th, 2014 11:22 pm
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[Four Pokemon are playing around outside one of the houses in the Residential District. An oddly colored Smeargle is currently cheekily dotting the face of a Magnemite, while an Axew chortles nearby. A Metapod, meanwhile, has already been fully painted and seems to be quite proud of its new designs.

Meanwhile, a teenage boy with white hair watches them on the steps of his residence. A notebook is open, but he hasn't written anything in a while. Watching these Pokemon, he thinks back to how they joined him. He appreciates their companionship, but at the same time he's begun to realize something. In pretty much each case he can think of, it had been Takuro who had helped initiate the bond, not Hiroshi. Somehow, there was always a gap there, and Takuro seemed to be the one who always had to pull the two sides together. Even when he bonded with Hiroshi himself...

He's beginning to realize a fatal flaw. He doesn't really GET Pokemon, somehow.]


[Yes, there's a video option now, but Hiroshi is too embarrassed by his request to use it.]

Excuse me, if I could have a moment of somebody's time? I am currently looking for someone with a great deal of experience in understanding Pokemon. I... am looking for someone to help me be a better trainer. If someone out there is willing to help out someone like me, could you let me know? ...I am sorry, I would rather not give my name before I get an offer for help. This is... not an easy thing for me to have to ask.

Thank you, and... sorry for any trouble.
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[Given how long he had spent working as an engineer, there were times when Dr. Flemming thought that perhaps there were other things for him to do. He didn't have the experience to do research on the Enlightened, and it was disappointed that he knew so little about how his own powers worked, but it was a mystery that he couldn't solve.

Not now, at least. But at the very least he could look through what blueprints he had.

Half completed ones for various things, some entirely theoretical.

Edwin, his aron partner, was asleep in the opposite corner of his office as he strummed through them.

If he was going to be searching outside of the walls for a mine, repellant would be a good thing to have with them. But he didn't have any of the components on him or even in the office. He had his wooden gun, but that wasn't much use in the winter.

He let out a frustrated sigh before he left, closing up his small office, partner in tow.

Maybe one of the other engineers had the materials he needed.]

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