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[The video feed comes on after a moment of fiddling, revealing the gentle smile of a young man. He seems to be just outside of Union, if the sight of the large tree behind him is any indication.]

There we go. It looks like I've gotten patched into the video network properly now. I--

[Am suddenly getting jostled as the warp band is snatched in a flurry of black and red color. The view jerks around, a surprised noise coming from the man before he gives a bit of a sighed laugh, like one might for an unruly child.]

Very funny, Axl.

[There's a snicker somewhere closer to the band, sort of high-pitched and young sounding.]

Give it back.

[The noise that comes is very clearly a nope! of some kind, and the man immediately starts off after whatever's holding the warp band.]

[For those who are out and about -- either just outside of Union or inside of the city -- they might end up introduced to this young man when they see a Zorua go sprinting by... and X slams full force into them while trying to catch him.]

[It's about an hour or so later that the chase finally ends and X manages to reclaim his band. The chase has taken him right back into the city, and he looks a mix of amused and mildly miffed about it, drawing a hand through his hair.]

-- I am X Light. It's a pleasure to meet all of you. This is my first time properly out of Union, and I was wondering if any of you had any advice for me?

((This is a dual intro for both X and Axl! We'll be replying to threads separately, though Axl (or X, depending) may butt in at times!))

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