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[The feed cuts on a few days after everyone's homecoming from Gigas. The warp band isn't focused at first and looks a little low to the ground. It's obvious that it's being handled by a pokemon after a few minutes. If not by the weird shakey picture then by the very pleased "Bulbasaur- saur!" that follows once it's raised to a reasonable height to capture the scene.]

[Cyan and Ranka are over by one of the big fountains downtown. Cyan is sitting on the edge, plucking at her guitar. She pauses and-]

What if I tried something like this?

[She plays a bouncy set of notes and then looks up for Ranka's imput.]

[There's a quiet "Azu" as well - a bit mischievous, a bit warning not to make too much noise. For her part, Ranka's a bit distracted, and after those notes she follows up by humming the same melody, and then hums a very rough harmony, and nods.]

Yeah! That's a really good start, it's got, um, pep!

[Ranka giggles a little at her own word choice.]

[Cyan giggles in turn and nods. She strums her guitar a few times, seeming pleased with that. She looks up.]

I'm glad! Okay, then... do you want to try and put everything together?

[The bulbasaur holding the warp band makes a quiet, excited sound. Something that could be understood in pokemon as at last! maybe the warp band will get a performance.]

I think we've got a good base to start from! Let's give it a shot!

[Ranka's excitement is starting to bubble over, and she's practically hopping back and forth from foot to foot, and an Azumarill grins. If THIS doesn't get Ranka's career started then he doesn't know what will!

No seriously he knows nothing about promoting musicians properly, but he sure means well.]

[Luckily, they go unnoticed for now. Cyan is practically glowing with excitement. Getting to preform with someone else was really exciting and her tail swishes back and forth as she settles herself, nods a few times to get the rhythm started in her head and starts to play.]

[The instrumentals start, and Ranka taps her feet, finding the rhythm. Her lyrics are going to be a total placeholder, and she starts to work on her end of the melody with just a lot of 'lalala'. Very musical, clear, and quite beautiful words without words, but just as she's about to start on some actual lyrics her eyes visibly flit towards the camera and she freezes.]

I-i-is that on!?

[Bobby the Azumarill leaps away with a squeak that translates pretty closely to 'busted!']

[Bass the Bulbasaur follows suit, dropping the warp band as Cyan lets out a very distressed KYAAAAAA TURN THAT OFF! The feed shuts off.]

[OOC: Cyan is blue and Ranka is in green! Replies will be from both!]


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[ Tap tap. ]

Ah! It's on!

[ Also right up in her face, so enjoy a close up of her eye - wincing a bit before she pulls back, setting it on a desk. The apartment behind her is a bit sparse, although the bed has a few stuffed animals on it (and an Azurill, that, napping, looks like one) and posters of some musicians around Union.

Ranka grins, and a Caterpie crests her head, staring down at the camera. Okay, cute head tilt, and a small wave, and ignore the blushing and butterflies in her stomach and she's golden. ]

Hi everyone! I'm Ranka Lee and I just finally got this video... function so I thought I'd just... put myself out there and say hi to everyone.

[ She can save doing better for when she's got an actual stage. ]

I'm still pretty new to Union, although I've been here for over a week. I can hardly imagine growing up here. Right now I'm just getting myself really settled in making a living, but I hope to someday, uh, break out as a... a singer.

[ And that was just kind of lame. Her grin wavers a bit. ]

This girl on my head right now - [ She pats the Caterpie. ] - is Cathy, and behind me on the bed is my adorable little Bobby. I'm also working at the Lucky Spoon as well, so I hope we get to meet all of you in person sometime! Um, see you around...

[ Video off, time to slam into the bed and blush and take deep breaths. ]

[Action, Lucky Spoon]

title or description

[ From the moment she'd arrived, Union had been way too much to take in - there was no preparing for it really. Caldera had always felt big, compared to its near surroundings, but the sheer size and proportions almost seemed impossible to Ranka when she'd arrived. A city of such grand scale had to have a niche for everyone, though, Ranka was convinced of that, and yet actually making a career out of her voice seemed more distant than ever.

It turned out that a few jobs singing ad jingles and looking cute for a photo here or there didn't quite pay the bills.

With that realization tucked away in the back of mind, Kaname Minamino had been a lifeline for Ranka; she had experience serving food, Kaname's parents owned the Lucky Spoon, and that made it one of the most likely places to run into her, whether she was waiting tables with the assistance of a bouncy Azurill or wolfing down a snack on break while trying to feed the little fairy at the same time, talking to it almost like she was having a coherent conversation.

Hopefully no one recognizes her from the natto thing she got saddled with the other day. ]

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