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[When Pamela appears on the warp band’s video feed she looks a little tired and exasperated. She’s sitting in a room at home, and several of her Pokemon can be seen in the background.]

How do you correct persistent behaviour problems? I’ve tried explaining things, I’ve tried positive reinforcement and I’ve tried taking away privileges, but it’s still continued. In a couple of cases, the problem behaviour is hazardous for others, so that’s what I need the most help with.

[As if to punctuate her point, Tulip the Pumpkaboo is spinning in the background and fires off Confusion. Luckily for Pamela, Lily, her Gardevoir, is prepared. The video cuts out for a moment as Lily teleports Pamela out of harm’s way. Instead, Marigold the Combusken is struck and Pamela has to scramble to keep him from setting her couch cushions on fire. After a couple of chaotic moments, she returns her attention to the warp band.]

See what I mean? Any helpful advice you can offer would be appreciated.

[She turns back to Tulip, raising an eyebrow.]

Tulip, sweetie, we talked about this. Spinning around is one thing, but firing off Confuse Ray like that? It’s not okay.


[Pamela’s Gastly, Crocus, is extremely possessive of his “mommy”. So possessive, in fact, that he surrounds her with toxic gas anytime someone gets close to her just to make sure everyone knows that she is his.’s a very good thing that her evolved Enlightened abilities include a complete immunity to poison.

Rather than hacking, coughing and being weakened by the poison gas, Pamela just facepalms and sighs.

Not again.
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Who: The Love Live! Girls, anyone who lives at Hikawa Shrine, and anyone leaving and entering the shrine! And stalkers. There are stalkers.
What: Practice for performing on stage! Their first practice ever.
When: Sometime in the afternoon, after school is over.
Where: Hikawa Shrine, Union.
Summary: Honoka has finally managed to amass a group of people to get together as a little musical group to perform. They are going to try to practice together for the first time, and that could go any number of ways.

"Hello everyone!" She shouts once all the girls who she expected to come to practice arrive. "I wasn't sure where we could practice, but I'm so glad Rei let us come here and use the courtyard! So!"

She stands, feet at shoulder width, in front of the girls, looking determined as ever.

"We'll do some singing first! And after a little break, we'll try dancing! Someone will need to clap for us to keep time, but we can alternate who does that so everyone gets to practice dancing. And then! We can get something to eat when we're done! If there's someone you don't know, get to know them a little bit before we begin our practice!"

"Okay! Let's start!"
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[She figures not everyone knows her name (most probably don't) so here she is again, introducing herself-]

Hi everyone! I'm Honoka Kousaka, from Caldera! I came to Union a while ago, and I wasn't sure what I would find, but what I did find was...

Singing! And dancing! And that makes people happy! [Guess who's seen some shows and went to the charity concert.]

I'm not very good, but I've been practicing. I have a Jigglypuff who's been giving me lessons, and she scolds me sometimes for messing up, but I've been working hard! And maybe one day, a bunch of us can do the same thing together.

I want to know if anyone else likes to do that too!


[Honoka can be found out in Union in various places. Idol training is hard! And Jigglypuff is making her run. She looks worn out and is whining a little about it, but she's still trying.

Later, there's dance lessons...those are going alright, but then she's not exceptionally talented at it either. It's obvious if you happen across their path.

And at the end of the day, singing lessons, right outside too- and Honoka sounds okay, but that Swellow that's with them trying to sing along is horrific!]
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[Ladies and gentlemen that wander through fantasies in these unlucky days, welcome to Kotori Minami's dream!

Sugar is in the air tonight. Every step into this realm is filled with the persistent tender aroma of candy and sweets but that makes sense, doesn't it? after all you fell into a world made out of candy populated by small pokemon which walk around and, sometimes, take a bite out of the sweet architecture around them. Who could blame them? it really looks delicious! to be honest it's hard to not take one bite yourself!

You may notice that everything seems incredibly big, too, but that has a simple explanation: everyone who enters this realm becomes smaller up to the size of a regular swablu. Who would have thought that those wandering Blaziken could be so big?


[And the owner of this strange fantasy sits on the top of the gingerbread man statue while eating an impressive sized green macaron, her outfit a bit different today just like the fact that two cotton like wings are visible from her back.

Same bird, different world.

ooc: Kotori's dream! enjoy being really small, seeing random pokemon and running around a literal candyland. Feel free to tag.
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[Action, somewhere near the Entertainment district]

[It had been a whim, an action she thought little of. She has plenty of little wrapped sweets stashed in her clothing, after all; she won't miss just one. Yet... here Wakana is, with the Pokemon she randomly gave a treat to insistently following her. This isn't what she expected, and isn't what she wants; after some steps, she turns around to give the little blue-and-black animal a mildly annoyed look.]

I'm not giving you another candy!

[That didn't make the Shinx back off, however; instead, it comes closer. While the treat was nice, the prospect of more isn't what prompted it to follow her. 'Shii~' it says, not that the human girl can understand the meaning behind poke-speak.

Unless someone steps in, helping her with the unfamiliar technology of the warp band, that is.]


[Now that she has a bit more knowledge of how this 'thing' works, Wakana decides to attempt at figuring out the 'video' system--and ask some questions while she's at it.

Unlike some people, her first video isn't of her face super close... but while she is at a reasonable distance from the camera, she doesn't realize that her fingertip is over it somewhat. How is she to know the camera is right there?]

I think it's working...
Lotsa people can see this, right? That's what I was told, anyway. Well, I wanna know... just what is going on with the fog lately? The stuff never stuck around like this back around Citadel...

[Using the 'pause' when she murmured to herself again, a vague blur might be visible in the video feed as the newly bonded Shinx decides to jump into her lap. Startled, Wakana makes a sound of surprise, and jerks slightly, the fingertip over the camera moving off it.]

--Hey! I told you to stay still for a bit, jeez...

[Well, this is a reminder of something else she wanted to ask. Holding back a deep sigh, as she dislikes asking for help, she glances down to the Pokemon, who looks up at her in turn.] do I deal with these things?

[That was spoken too quietly, and not all that clear in what she means. Trying to clarify her words, speaking that silly seeming question at a normal volume, is just too much--she just quickly reaches out to stop the recording, instead.]
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[Over the bands today, there's...well, a little bit of noise. Like someone's desperately trying to figure out how to work something and kind of failing at it.

After a few moments, the video blips on - to reveal a large brown eye, the pupil slit vertically.]

C'mon, is this thing working now...?

[There's a hint of frustration in his voice as he speaks, but soon enough the owner of the eye seems to realize that he's actually working it properly. With a light 'oh', the point of view zooms out from the eye, showing that a scowling teenager was in possession of it all along.

The first thing someone would notice is the hair - bright orange and shaggy, with a high ponytail that trails from behind him to over a shoulder. It doesn't seem too strange...except that every now and then, the ponytail hair seems to move as one mass...and right when the camera jiggles, too. Weird.

It's also possible to see that the clothes he's wearing would look slightly familiar to anyone who's used to how the members of the Kurain school dress.]

Alright, listen. I just got here, so...I've got some questions.

One: What's with all the decorations? Is the city normally like this, or is something going on?

Two: The guy who I met before mentioned that I'd have to find someplace to stay, but...How do I do that? I mean...I can just go back to the forest. It's not a big deal.

Three: Are there any other pokemon that suddenly became human like me? ...I'm gonna need pointers on how this 'human' thing works.

[There's a pause after he says that, shifting his gaze away from the band. ...He doesn't turn his head (in fact, he's been remarkably stiff the entire time, not moving his head one inch), but he looks away all the same. After a moment, he breaks the silence - although in a much softer, less matter-of-fact tone than what he used before.]

...And, uh...Is it normal to remember that you died once? I...

[He trails off, then closes his eyes - a complicated expression flitting across his face.]

...Never mind. Forget it.

[And off goes the feed.]


[People in the city might find that odd looking teen from before wandering around, without any rhyme or reason. His movement is incredibly stiff - his knees don't bend once as he walks around, and his arms stay locked in place where they're hidden by the folds of his clothing.

He's wearing a male Kimono, the undershirt and Hakama a dark brown-with a peculiar kind of haori on top. Two circles on the shoulders, the inside of them cut so that the undershirt shows. On the back of the haori, another circle lies between his shoulder blades, right in the center of his back. There's an intricate, cream colored design on it, looping around and coming up to the collar of the undershirt. All in all, it resembles something rather familiar...

There's also his hair - which, if someone noticed...they'd see that his warp band is tied around his ponytail, near the end of it. You'd think it'd slide off, but it seems to stay on without any problems. Is it because the hair moves all at once, instead of individual strands like normal hair?

At any rate, Ichigo is firmly checking around the city - getting to know his new surroundings, like he had when he'd woken up in the forest a little over two weeks ago. Things are...different from the outside, and he roams around nearly everywhere, not staying very long in one place.

It's possible you might run into him, but...well, actually running into him would be slightly unpleasant. It's like running into a wall. Then again...he's really not paying attention to where he's going.

At all.]
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[Nozomi comes on over the feed, wearing an interesting hat, her hair tied in a braid to the side instead of her usual pigtails.]

Hi everyone! I know Soulfasting is still a month away, but I wanted to let everyone know that we're selling decorations and masks at my shop, Etteilla. If you want a special order, you'll need to make it pretty soon, otherwise we won't have time to make them.

Also, in honor of the holiday, I'll be doing tarot card readings for ten percent off, or fifteen if you buy anything from the store. We're open throughout the day. Come see us!

[Action; Open to all]

[Etteilla, nestled in the middle of Ninetails Vale on a busy street corner, is particularly busy today. One of the big places to go for Soulfasting supplies, Nozomi, along with Mithra the Nidoking and Coeus the Reuniclus, are busy at work. While the first two are selling their normal wares along with decorations, Coeus seems to be working on something else, an easel set near the cashier's desk. There are paintings near him, all with price tags. They range from people, to other pokemon, to landscapes, and while they are certainly amateur works, they're not bad. He seems very proud of them, at least.]

[Action; Locked to Eri]

[It was late, and Nozomi was restless. Something had been on her mind lately. After sharing a vision with Rei Hino, she found she couldn't stop thinking about it.

Seeing herself perform on stage, standing with others, it seemed more than a bit out of character for her. But despite this, she got the feeling that she was enjoying herself. There was a warmth that she hadn't felt before, something that was hard to place.

What was the purpose of that vision? Who were the others standing with her, dancing with her? She felt that most of them were familiar to her, if not close.

Her cards were being difficult. They always were when she was on the brink of a breakthrough. Leaning over the array of cards, her mug of coffee steaming not too far away, Nozomi sighed heavily. She should go to bed, but this was going to bother her in her dreams if she didn't get it figured out.]

[Voice; to Maya]

[Sometime between 2 and 3 in the morning, a voice transmission comes in over her warp band. Nozomi sounds surprisingly quiet, her voice a little less confident than usual.]

Mayocchi? Are you around?
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[Warp bands are still too foreign for her and being this her first time ever trying to use the network she is actually pretty lost about how to use it. While she originally planned to use only the audio function for this she seems to have chosen video too by mistake, an error that now shows an image of her awkwardly close to the camera.]

I recently moved from Caldera and saw lots of cute decorations around. Can anyone tell me more about them?

[The amount of candy going around caught her attention more than the decorations though, as expected of a huge sweetooth like her.]


[It's hard, honestly hard, to miss them.]


[Not only a young girl, a deerling and a surskit are sitting right by this fancy pokepuff shop snacking on a generous sized pack of them without any care in the world, though luckily not clogging the entrance at least, but they also have a surprising amount of luggage with them which only makes the scene even more bizarre. Few things can top the sight of a lively surskit eating pokepuffs that are about it's own size when it comes to absurd sights to begin with.

The girl finishes eating her own portion happily and casually wonders something before reaching for the next pink treat.

Do you think they'll let me have the recipe, Deery?

[... The Deerling seems to have it's doubts about it.]

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