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[Action; Hikawa Shrine (backdated to 6/9)]

[ Eli had been cooking up something for quite some time now. It was hard not to notice, with much of her time outside of work taken up by "other important things," as the blond put it. Nozomi was smart, she had an idea of what it could be, but somehow in her own mind she came up with reason for that to not be the case.

Her birthday wasn't really that important. It was just another day, after all. She would probably work the shop, maybe pick up a cake for everyone to share with dinner. It would be somewhat business as normal.

But that morning, she was woken up with a kiss and directions to get dressed. They were going somewhere. The shop would be taken care of. Confused, she put on a new dress and went along with Eli's grand plan.

It became clear that she was being led to the Hikawa Shrine, but still somewhere in her mind she came up with reasons other than the obvious. Rei needed her for something, and called on Elichi instead. Was there some sort of event going on? Was Rei out maybe? That was the most common reason for her to help out. Rei's grandfather was getting up there in years, and while he would never admit it himself, there were times when he needed help as his granddaughter went traveling with Ami and Makoto.

Needless to say, she was none the wiser.

The shrine seemed relatively the same as it always did on the outside. The surprise was waiting inside. ]
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[Video | to μ's members]

[ A few seconds after this goes up. ]

I've been thinking. Practicing around Union is good, but I think that we would be a lot better if we get used to performing in different places. After all, if we do performances in the same place, then they won't be as exciting for our fans. We need to vary it up.

[ She smiles sweetly at the camera. A bit too sweetly. ]

We should go somewhere warm, so we can keep our endurance up. If we aren't able to keep going just about anywhere, then we won't be able to give good performances, right? I know Elicchi and Umi would agree with me.

[ She's practically beaming at this point. ]

So that's why I say we all go out to the island! The fresh air and the ocean breeze will do everyone some good, and it'll be fun! I've already got somebody to cover the shop for me, too. We can go as soon as tomorrow if everybody agrees.

[ And you should. They can "practice." On the beach, with the nice white sand, warm sun, and refreshing ocean.

Surely this isn't an excuse for a leisure trip.

Certainly Nozomi has no intentions of skirting practice for having an outing on the beach with her friends. The thought had never crossed her mind more than a few dozen times.

Okay, so maybe she wants to play on the beach and show off her new swimsuit from Caldera. IS THAT REALLY SO BAD? ]

[Video | Public]

Hi everybody, Nozomi here~

Spring is finally here. Winter felt really long, with everything that went on, but hopefully now everybody can relax. All of the flowers are coming up, and there are a lot of cute, baby pokémon around the habitat too! That's what spring is about, right?

You know, I think I remember reading something about a festival in a book once. Apparently people believed that a pokémon with long ears and a bushy tail used to hand out candy eggs in baskets to children. People forgot about where the actual holiday came from, but from what I understand, the long-earred pokémon might have had something to do with an old fertility god from the past.

[ She smiles a bit too cheerfully. ]

I thought it was an interesting story, so in honor of that, I'll be having a sale on certain related items around my shop! You'll have to stop in and see what's on sale, though; I don't want to ruin the surprise. I promise you won't be disappointed, especially if you share them with someone you like~

[Action | Etteilla]

[ Come to check out the sale? The store, located in Ninetales Vale, is decked out in egg and "long-earred pokémon" decorations. Pictures of lopunnies, wigglytuffs, azumarills and others are scattered throughout the store.

It's unclear what the sale items she's advertising are. You'll just have to ask! ]
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[After the event, Eri needed something to keep her mind off the events that had lead to Nozomi getting hurt and also her intense desire to punch that Enlightened girl in the face. Thus, she was in one of the training rooms, drilling her Pokemon on dance. She's perhaps a bit sharper today than she might normally be, calling out errors with lightning precision, but the team takes it in stride. Unfortunately, this particular studio is ensconced within the center of one of the towers, and if anybody has every seen a Nidoqueen and Dragonite pirouette with the grace of a ballerina, they know that it does make a bit of noise for the people on the floor below, no matter how well-insulated it is. And to their credit, the particular Nidoqueen and Dragonite are exceptionally graceful. Just. Noisy.]


After the recent events, I'll be returning to Caldera for a few days to see how things are going and assist in any recovery efforts. I expect they're handling things well, but it's my duty as a former citizen to lend a hand. Is anyone else from Caldera planning to go out as well? If so we should go together. I have a contact in the Steel Battalion that can give us our assignments.
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With the revelation of the presence of the Enhanced, Union was able to quickly mobilize. As the strange conditions continued to worsen, the Trainers of Union once again set out to bring order to the chaos.

This time however, they do not walk entirely alone. A small, dedicated team remains behind in Union, sorting through the dossiers and information that Crystal and Rory have collected. Connected to those in the field via Warp Band network, hopefully they can identify the Enhanced and find a way to calm them before a tragedy occurs.

[OOC: There will be a thread for each active team based on the sign-ups. Any areas that did not have any sign-ups will not be present and will be addressed later. As per our usual standards, moderators and NPC helpers will progress the log at least once every 24 hours. The Union log will work somewhat differently from the battle logs in that the participants will be collecting information concerning the Enhanced; when enough information has been accumulated, they will be asked to tag into the battle threads to provide guidance and support to those out in the field.

Characters participating in the Union log will function as support staff for this event. They will have their own log interacting with Rory and Crystal and as characters in other logs encounter the Enhanced, they can use the observations made to try to find out more about the Enhanced in the field and help the people in the field determine an appropriate situation. Because of this, players in the Union thread may threadjack any ongoing log to relay information as needed.

The outcome of this event will depend very much on player decisions and the ability of the characters to respond to the threats at hand, so we would highly encourage you all to tag as regularly as possible. Thanks!]
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Who: The Love Live! Girls, anyone who lives at Hikawa Shrine, and anyone leaving and entering the shrine! And stalkers. There are stalkers.
What: Practice for performing on stage! Their first practice ever.
When: Sometime in the afternoon, after school is over.
Where: Hikawa Shrine, Union.
Summary: Honoka has finally managed to amass a group of people to get together as a little musical group to perform. They are going to try to practice together for the first time, and that could go any number of ways.

"Hello everyone!" She shouts once all the girls who she expected to come to practice arrive. "I wasn't sure where we could practice, but I'm so glad Rei let us come here and use the courtyard! So!"

She stands, feet at shoulder width, in front of the girls, looking determined as ever.

"We'll do some singing first! And after a little break, we'll try dancing! Someone will need to clap for us to keep time, but we can alternate who does that so everyone gets to practice dancing. And then! We can get something to eat when we're done! If there's someone you don't know, get to know them a little bit before we begin our practice!"

"Okay! Let's start!"
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[Action; Beach]

[If you're anywhere out on the beach south of Union today, you will be treated to a rather curious sight.  Namely, that of Squid Girl, riding majestically astride two Milotic as they speedily cut their way through the ocean waves.  She's got one foot firmly planted on the back of each Pokemon, arms folded and tentacles flapping in the breeze as she laughs imperiously.  The whole thing looks rather like the aquatic version of
this, and is actually pretty impressive, considering the balance and coordination that must be involved.  She's mostly just showing off, though, and so of course she'll wave to acknowledge any onlookers she happens to see along the beach.  Once she's done, she'll definitely be coming ashore to brag too.]


So I've been practicing riding around on my Milotic lately, and it's tentacular and all, but I was inking it might be a squiddle bit more impressive if I had a chariot instead.  How much does one of those cost?  Can somebody build me one?
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[She figures not everyone knows her name (most probably don't) so here she is again, introducing herself-]

Hi everyone! I'm Honoka Kousaka, from Caldera! I came to Union a while ago, and I wasn't sure what I would find, but what I did find was...

Singing! And dancing! And that makes people happy! [Guess who's seen some shows and went to the charity concert.]

I'm not very good, but I've been practicing. I have a Jigglypuff who's been giving me lessons, and she scolds me sometimes for messing up, but I've been working hard! And maybe one day, a bunch of us can do the same thing together.

I want to know if anyone else likes to do that too!


[Honoka can be found out in Union in various places. Idol training is hard! And Jigglypuff is making her run. She looks worn out and is whining a little about it, but she's still trying.

Later, there's dance lessons...those are going alright, but then she's not exceptionally talented at it either. It's obvious if you happen across their path.

And at the end of the day, singing lessons, right outside too- and Honoka sounds okay, but that Swellow that's with them trying to sing along is horrific!]
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[Nozomi awoke to the sound of the wind rustling through the trees, and for a fleeting moment she believed herself to be still in the dream world. It was still dark, but something was different; there were stars in the sky, and the moon shone brightly.

She was home.

After a quick check of her warp band--everyone was here, thank goodness--she set off on her way back. Thankfully, she wasn't far from the wall, and after a bit of walking, she made it back as the sun was beginning to peek over the horizon. She didn't have the key to the shop on her, so getting in that way would be impossible. Instead, she took the back way around, up the stairs and through the hall, fishing the spare key from its usual place.

Nozomi quietly let herself in, collapsing on the couch. She didn't want to wake Eri, after all, since she usually didn't rise for another hour or two. If left to her own devices, she'll fall asleep there until late morning.]


[Sometime in the late afternoon, Nozomi will come by the school. She looks a bit tired--two weeks in the Dream World will do that to a person--but generally in good spirits.]

Yoohoo? Anyone home?


Did everyone get back okay? The last few weeks have been a bit of an adventure. Hopefully everyone isn't too worn out of Soulfasting, especially with that concert everyone put on. That was a lot of fun to watch~

[Nozomi frowns a bit.]

I wanna apologize to anyone who had a special order, I don't think I'll be able to get every costume made in time without some help due to all of this. I'll be more than happy to issue refunds.

[OOC: In any of these responses, feel free to have your character have witnessed this, as it was broadcast across the skies.]
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Action/potentially voice or video if desired

[Waking up without Nozomi being there had been rough. Eri had spent the first frantic hours looking for her everywhere and asking around, but to no avail. Now that the news of the Dream World was starting to circulate she was a bit more reassured. People had been coming back and leaving, and as with the prior events this too would likely pass.


Today was her birthday. It was perhaps a bit selfish but she'd been hoping they could do something together. The day was supposed to be special, she was finally 18 after all, an adult at long last but today it just felt hollow and empty. A day like any other day.

And so, Eri didn't even make it out of bed. Her Warp Band is of course on hand, and she'll answer the door if it comes to it. She's not exactly in the best of shape either, paler than usual and looking more than a bit disheveled. If roused, she's definitely only moving because she feels she has to, not out of any desire to be doing so.]

Dream World

[Eri's slumber has been... hard to come by since this all started. She hovered in a haze between awake and asleep. With her mental state in shambles, she kept coming back to her training. Her dreamscape definitely reflects it, images of girls performing in the classical ballet style. The movements they make are accompanied by notes and analysis, hastily scrawled in quick but neat strokes. The movements are all heavily analyzed, she knows them in and out, and yet, as always, she is unable to attain them. It's not so much a dream as it is a repetition, a study of past failures and of skills she devoted her young life to learning but failed to master no matter how hard she tried]
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[Nozomi comes on over the feed, wearing an interesting hat, her hair tied in a braid to the side instead of her usual pigtails.]

Hi everyone! I know Soulfasting is still a month away, but I wanted to let everyone know that we're selling decorations and masks at my shop, Etteilla. If you want a special order, you'll need to make it pretty soon, otherwise we won't have time to make them.

Also, in honor of the holiday, I'll be doing tarot card readings for ten percent off, or fifteen if you buy anything from the store. We're open throughout the day. Come see us!

[Action; Open to all]

[Etteilla, nestled in the middle of Ninetails Vale on a busy street corner, is particularly busy today. One of the big places to go for Soulfasting supplies, Nozomi, along with Mithra the Nidoking and Coeus the Reuniclus, are busy at work. While the first two are selling their normal wares along with decorations, Coeus seems to be working on something else, an easel set near the cashier's desk. There are paintings near him, all with price tags. They range from people, to other pokemon, to landscapes, and while they are certainly amateur works, they're not bad. He seems very proud of them, at least.]

[Action; Locked to Eri]

[It was late, and Nozomi was restless. Something had been on her mind lately. After sharing a vision with Rei Hino, she found she couldn't stop thinking about it.

Seeing herself perform on stage, standing with others, it seemed more than a bit out of character for her. But despite this, she got the feeling that she was enjoying herself. There was a warmth that she hadn't felt before, something that was hard to place.

What was the purpose of that vision? Who were the others standing with her, dancing with her? She felt that most of them were familiar to her, if not close.

Her cards were being difficult. They always were when she was on the brink of a breakthrough. Leaning over the array of cards, her mug of coffee steaming not too far away, Nozomi sighed heavily. She should go to bed, but this was going to bother her in her dreams if she didn't get it figured out.]

[Voice; to Maya]

[Sometime between 2 and 3 in the morning, a voice transmission comes in over her warp band. Nozomi sounds surprisingly quiet, her voice a little less confident than usual.]

Mayocchi? Are you around?
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come over now

bring clothes

dont ask why


[Wandering around Union is a strange, masked young woman. It's pretty easy to tell that it is one Nico Yazawa in disguise, at least for those who actually know who she is does anyone know who this pipsqueak is really?. What is odd, however, is that she is being followed by a very concerned-looking Nidoking. What is more interesting is that, for anyone near Ninetails Vale, they'll notice her exiting a certain shop while surreptitiously looking around and generally moving like she doesn't want to be noticed.

A woman on a mission, that obviously means that she should be stopped by anyone and everyone, right?]
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Who: Nozomi, Eri, Maki & Nico with special guest Rin
Where: The Scorched Forest/Hot Spring
When: 8/23
What: An adventure at the hot springs!
Warnings: Hot spring antics.

DVD/BD release only episode )
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So I'm wondering if there's anybody around who is skilled at crafting items. I've been looking around for a certain item, a "Razor Claw", specifically. I have the ability to teach Pokemon special attacks that they might not otherwise know, I'd be happy to tutor a Pokemon in exchange for the item.
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[No Nozomi today. The video comes on to a very face. Coeus is no longer a floating bubble butt baby, but look! He has nubs for arms! He wags them to illustrate. He is one step closer to being able to help out more in the shop! Maybe soon he'll be able to put things away, you know, with hands and arms! How cool would that be?

He's even convinced his human to teach him how to write! So cool!]

Coeus, what are you doing?

[Nozomi's voice chimes in from off-screen. Whoops! He's not supposed to be using this, eep! Feed off!]


[With the recent goings on between the raiders of Citadel, and the appearance of a God, Nozomi is feeling just a bit inadequate. It made since that Eri would show both her and Maki up in a fight--she was a trained fighter, after all--but it bothered her that she could not defend herself, let alone the other person with them.

So, during the week after the attack, Etteilla will be closed. Nozomi and any number of her pokemon can be found outside of Union, training. It seems that Nozomi has picked up a staff and is attempting to learn how to use it, to varying success.

When not trying to beat whatever it is she's trying to fight to a pulp, she can be seen sitting and meditating.]
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[The feed turns on to everyone's favorite fortune teller, accompanied by a cute little Pancham sitting in her lap. Something seems different too. The way that she's dressed; Nozomi has ditched her usual loose-fitting robes that she wears in the shop for something more fitting for the hot weather. It's a bit scandalous compared to the usual fashion in Union.]

They weren't kidding when they said it was hot out here!

[But the clothes were cute and airy, so it didn't bother her much. This place could use a beach.]

It's much different out here too. All the pokemon are really cute, and the people are interesting. This has been a nice vacation. I feel like my spiritual power got a boost from the trip, not to mention a bit of shopping done. Maya, Jinxie, I got you something special~

The fashion here is really cute, and keeps you cool. If anyone wants me to pick something up while I'm here, let me know!


[Exploring! Caldera was nothing like Union as far as Nozomi was concerned and, with Mithra and the new kid Sarutahiko the Pancham, Nozomi can be found wandering around the city, poking her head into various places.

If they're playing today, she'll even go to check out a game of Earthkin Clash, although she'll find quickly that she doesn't actually like it that much.]

Open House

Jun. 30th, 2014 12:59 pm
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[With the theater season officially open, the Divine Theater has little else do with the summer but prepare for next season's jam-packed schedule. However, preparation doesn't really bring in money, so, as they do every summer, the Divine Theater has opened its doors to summer classes! There is even word that those students who excel might even be considered for staff next season!

The first class is free in the hopes that they will bring in new students, in the hopes that people will sign up for more. The offerings are rather diverse.

Acting classes, both beginning and advanced; music lessons for singers and instrumentalists; conducting classes; beginning and advanced sewing and costume design; makeup; theater tech and lighting; beginning and advanced dance classes; stage fighting and choreography, just to name a few. There's a little bit of something for everyone here. The front desk ladies have even taken it upon themselves to start their very own beginner accounting class. It's cute, you should check it out

For those working around the theater, it was a busy time--maybe even more than when they were putting on productions. Cleaning to do, classes to help out with, and, of course, making sure any students don't go down secret hallways labeled "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" that totally aren't hiding their super secret base of operations nope nothing here to see folks.

Are you teaching? Attending? Helping out? Maybe just curious?]
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[Eri's tone is sharp and businesslike as the feed opens]

Greetings, everybody. I have not been in Union for very long, but I have been told that the city holds an organization quite similar to the Steel Battalion of my homeland. As I am... liable to be living here for awhile, I think this might be the best fit for me, I was already in training to join the Steel Battalion back home. Does anybody have information on the Swords of the Savior? Can they confirm or deny the similarities?


[Eri can be found in an open training hall. It's been a bit since she has trained and if she is to join the Swords of the Savior she had best make a good impression. Today, she is armed with a slim rapier, and is going through some basic forms. What is of note, however, is she doesn't move in a very conventional manner. The forms themselves would be on their own somewhat recognizable even to a Union swordsman, but her movements are fluid and graceful, almost more of a dance than an attack]
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[ Maki had simply gone out to buy a few tools to tune up her piano, she had never expected that day to be anything special. She bundled up with her usual knit hat and headed into the city to the music shop that she frequented. As a Purrloin Shifter, Maki was still worried about people seeing her like that. She knew others were okay with it, but it was far too embarrassing for people to see her like that.

At the store, the owner recognized Maki right away, leading her to the brand new grand piano that had just been finished. "Try it, try it," the woman told Maki, pushing her down onto the bench in front of the brand new ivory keys. As much as the flustered redhead tried to say she didn't want to, the woman wouldn't take no for an answer.

A few testing strokes of the keys, and soon Maki was playing a chord, than another, increasing the tempo. Before she knew it, she was playing a song she had written, her eyes closed as the words quietly at first came out.

Of course, someone else in the store had seen Maki's playing and couldn't help but record her as she performed. When she finished, Maki finally noticed the taping going on, and quickly turned bright red, waving her hand in front of her, and pulling that hat down a little tighter on her head. ]

H-Hey, d-don't go around recording people without their permission!

[ That's where the video cuts off, leaving Maki with a video of her on the network that she can't take down.

ooc: For your listening pleasure! Maki's song!. Also feel free to bother Maki in person too! ]
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[A young woman comes into view, the lighting a bit dim. Were those candles? Regardless, she seems to be dressed a bit oddly, the flickering light doing even more to make her seem mysterious. Even still, she smiles.]

Hello~ With things winding down from the difficult situation in Caldera, it looks like we've grown quite a bit! I don't know how many Calderans have warp bands, but if you do, welcome! I hope that everyone is settling in all right.

My name is Nozomi Toujou, and I work with my family at Etteilla, a shop in Ninetails Vale. You may not have heard of it. Our specialty is in fortune telling and charms, and because of the sudden influx of visitors, as well as the Kurain School of Channelling opening the public, we're running a short special! Anyone who brings a friend to Etteilla will get 10% off for themselves and anyone with them; and 25% if you enroll with our school~

[It's such a great deal, and after a few shameless plugs for her cousin's school, she draws a strange-looking card, holding it close to her face. The Wheel of Fortune.]

My cards say you should take a chance, and they're never wrong!


[All around Union, Nozomi, Mithra the male Nidoran and Lakshmi the Purrloin are out and about! She is doing what she can to talk up the Channelling school, as well as taking the time to do a fair bit of work getting new customers for her shop. Business hadn't been slow per se, but with the population burst that came from all the new refugees filtering into the city, she would be stupid not to take advantage of that.

In the business district, she is focusing purely upon passing out literature to varying degrees of success. For some odd reason, people didn't take as much stock in psychics and channellers and the like, which always seemed odd to her.

She can also be seen around the market, although she appears to be more focused upon getting groceries than meeting with people. She gets the usual--produce and other foodstuffs, treats for Mithra and Lakshmi--although she stops at a meat vendor and watches for a bit. Is that a small look of longing? It was so expensive, but...

Finally, once her errands are done, she can be seen at the park, letting her two pokemon get all their pent up energy out by running and chasing each other. She, however, seems content with people watching. She doesn't appear to be looking for anything or anyone in particular, but has a bit of a smirk on her face, as if there's some joke there that only she gets.]

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