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It's another lovely summer day! It's later in summer now and as the excitement from the previous weeks die down, another sign goes up in the local park...

Pokémingle!! Back by popular demand!

It's an open event for Pokémon of any kind! Play games, walk together, and relax in the sun! Trainers, let your Pokémon take the day off! Let's make Pokéfriends!! (^_^)

((Pokémingle returns! While the base premise is that it's a relaxing day at a park, feel free to respond with other top-level comments with what else your Pokémon might be doing around Union. No real rules about top-level threads, so if you want to include all of your Pokémon in one thread or do separate ones for a few Pokémon, go ahead. (Try not to make top-levels for 15 different Pokémon though if possible.) No trainers allowed!! Or at least, minimal trainer interference!

Let's make PokéCR!! ^_^ ))


Aug. 11th, 2014 10:20 am
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[When the feed clicks on, Chie can be seen sitting in one of the Valkyries' feasting halls with a plate full of an absolutely absurd amount of meat on it.  This isn't that surprising for people who know Chie and her obsession with getting lots of protein in her diet.  What is surprising is the fact that the meat is still on her plate and not being shoveled into her face.  And speaking of her face, she's looking a little worried.]

Hey, uh... has anyone seen Morgiana lately?

[She tries to keep from frowning too hard, but it's just not working out for her.]

We were fighting the raiders together before that huge Pokemon showed up, and then I kind of lost track of her.  She never came back home after all the fighting was over.  I thought she might have come here to train with the Valkyries, but they haven't seen her either.  I mean, I know she can take care of herself, but...

[Sighing and trailing off, she picks at her meat with her fork, moving it around on the plate.]

If anybody's seen her or talked to her, let me know, okay?  I'm getting kinda worried.
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[ Video ]

[ The video feed turns on to show a close-up of an Eevee's face. It seems to be peering curiously, and there's a flash of what might be a familiar black and purple cloak just visible behind her.

The voice that shoos away the Pokémon is obviously female, though. ]
Umbra, you're going to have to move. I can't even tell if this is working with you there!

[ The Eevee moves to show a girl with shockingly white hair and odd cloak - isn't it too hot for that sort of clothing? She seems pleased, though. ] Ha! It is working! I knew I could figure it out!

[ Her grin fades for a moment. ] ....Right, that doesn't sound weird at all.... [ Let's try this again- ]

Hello, Union. My name's Robin! I'm new to the city, and I was hoping I could get a push in the right direction for... well, several things, really.

I'm looking for a place to live, for one. I don't have much, just a few books and changes of clothing, so I don't take up much space. As comfortable as the benches in your city may be, I'd like something a little more substantial. I don't have much money now, but I hope I can find work quickly enough, and I can always work doing chores until then.

...And secondly, a job. I can translate from several dead languages, I can fight fairly well, and can work well with Pokémon. Anywhere I can put any of those skills to use would be welcome.

And... ah, it's a pleasure to meet you?

[ Action ]

[ After trying her hand at asking for information over this new-fangled network, Robin can be found wandering around the city. She's easy to spot, what with her strange black cloak with purple eyes on the sleeves and Eevee running around her legs or riding on her shoulder.

Mostly, she's either looking at apartments or asking for work in shops, both of which she's having a spectacularly hard time having any luck with. Feel free to help her out, ask what she's doing, or tell her that her Eevee is annoying. ]
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[Hey there Union, are you feeling a little more relaxed now? Well, even if you aren't, Mukuro is. She's decided today is a good day to finally get around to really exploring all the corners of Union... And what better way to do that than to shift?

If you're around Union today, you might see a Poochyena trotting around. She might stop and watch you, but generally won't interfere with anything unless you come bother her. You might also notice she's a bit more... freckly than other Poochyenas.
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[The feed from the Warp Band flickers and focuses briefly on the face of an unhappy looking young man with his hands bound behind his back before it rotates back around. A severe looking woman is seated upon what seems to be a throne...]

What a curious device. I can see the use though. Am I speaking to the people of Union and Caldera? I am Frea, Matriarch of the Valkyrie tribes of the Citadel. Some of my girls said you gave them a run for their money. Good. It keeps them on their toes.

Anyway, here’s the deal. I've got… about twenty of your people. They’re getting a bit homesick and I don’t really want to keep them. Fact of the matter is, I've got a bit of a situation and they were ripe targets with all that food they were carrying. There’s an enormous Pokémon that’s been thrashing around our territory and burning just about everything it can get to. It’s driving the game away and has messed up a few of our tribes already. My people need food, and this sucker doesn't seem keen on leaving. So here’s my thought. First, I’ll return your people and their equipment to you. Can’t give back the food, already got eaten, sorry about that. If you can help us drive off this Pokémon, though, we can work it off. You scratch my back, I scratch yours, you know how it goes. We've got some things you guys might find interesting and valuable, but I can’t exactly part with any of it while I have an enormous monster of flame and steel beating down my door. Sound good?

[Those who have penetrated far enough into the Rolling Plains have made visual contact with something interesting. Far to the north at the end of the plains, there is a single tree, enormous in size. Frequent flocks of large flying types with mounted female riders can be seen coming to and fro, and the more keen-eyed among you can see that there appears to be an entire city built into the tree. The tree itself, clearly this “Citadel” Frea mentioned, seems to touch the sky, not even fully visible due to the cloud cover.]
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So, a lot's been on my mind lately. When I arrived here, I learned Feebas can evolve with a special scale. I don't have one yet and I don't have much money on me either.

And rather recently, I realized I should if I want to get stronger but...Carp, I just get nervous thinking about it. It's not just simply a power boost but it's like becoming a completely new being, right? On the other fin, if I do evolve and get that relic to protect my clan, will they still accept me? The elders didn't know we could evolve to begin with.
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[Her Wrap Band had been gathering dust for so much time in one of her drawers that it felt even weirder to have it on. Lin was far from being a social person but, in an attempt to make her take a little break from duty, she had been told to get out of Union for a couple of days and explore. Of course, it was hard for her to actually go and do that, since she wasn’t very happy with the possibility of running into a wild, untrained Pokemon. Besides, she could take advantage of the situation and train with Rocky, her Aron, in the wilderness.]

This is Lin Beifong, testing the video transmission from the Wrap Band for safety reason. I’ll be leaving Union for a couple of days. Let me know if this isn’t working the way it should.

[The video cuts there. And if anyone where to be close to the gates of Union, they would see Lin with her Aron walking close by.]

Now, listen closely. I know this is your first time leaving Union so I want you to be alert. The wilderness is no walk in the park and you never know what might happen out there, so do not let your guard down, got it?

Ar! Aron!

Good boy. [Then Lin gives him a treat.] Let’s get going.

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