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[Today the warp band opens up right around lunchtime to show what appears to be one of the Southern Gates, and Banzu's newly constructed Route 1. Lucca's standing there, next to a cloth covered lump about the size of a Rhyhorn, her whole body practically thrumming with excitement. She has this big, goofy grin on her face like a Skitty that's caught the Pidgey, and she's wearing some odd looking duds over her usual. Tugging on a pair of gloves, she finally speaks up.]

Right, so. Thought I'd give you guys a little bit of a show today. Gil, Banzu, and I have been working on something new, and we've finally got it all together, tested, and deemed it reasonably safe for production and use.

[She turns sideways, gesturing dramatically to the cloth.]

I'm not gonna bore you with the details on how it was made, but suffice to's gonna change the world!

[With a flick of her wrist, she yanks off the cloth to reveal...this thing! If the video could show gleam, it totally would, because the metal of this machine is polished so much that you could probably see your reflection in the side. But as it stands...]

Citizens of Union, Caldera, Citadel, and Refuge? I present to you...the Rotomcycle!

Cut for Length, more presentation below! )
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I'm Steel and Ground type, but my connection to the ground has never been what I want it to be. [she's actually pure Steel and has Child of the Shifting Earth, but without knowing enough of her birthplace Kuvira doesn't know her own ability.] I've heard about mines in the mountains to the east. That's where I'm going this week.

[Maybe being surrounded with her element will help. anyway, there's a stilted pause as her independence conflicts with the idea that she could use help]

Someone who knows the area might be welcome.


Apr. 29th, 2015 12:31 am
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[action, Medical Center Wednesday]
Welcome to the Medical Center!

[Instead of the usual receptionist, anyone who visits the Medical Center in the afternoon will instead be faced with an awkwardly smiling boy who is barely visible above the counter.]

I'm sorry to say that many of our, um, highly qualified healers are... are busy... right now.

[He gives an awkward smile as some loud bellows echo from the hallways behind him.]

But our staff today would be happy to make you comfortable while you wait!


...Um, well, that's actually just me. My name is Lucas, and I've been training to be a medic for a year and a half. If you'd like to tell me what's wrong, I'll see what I can do to relieve the pain while you wait for a professional's opinion.

[Crashes and bangs.]

...T-There's a Snorlax, you see. It tried to eat some of our equipment...

[More bellows.]

Actually, it ate a bed...... and the chair and the table and the... bedpan. But don't worry! It's under control, and you shouldn't be waiting longer than a half hour. Please don't try to go back there; it's restricted access.

[.........To anyone who continues to stare at him in horror, Lucas will wipe away the beads of sweat pooling on his forehead before thrusting forward something furry and cuddly.]

A-Ah! Would you -- Would you like to hold our therapy Eevee...?

[therapy eevees are not a real thing]
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Who: Martin, Matthias, and You!
When: Last week of April/Early May
What: Flower Grove antics!

[Martin is delighted to finally be out of Union and traveling with Matthias and their teams to the Flower Grove. The weather is perfect, everyone is happy and healthy, and Matthias packed their food.

Martin is a very simple man sometimes and can be easily appeased with food.]
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[Kuvira has fixed large, thin-walled metal sheaths to the arm blades of a very young-looking Scyther, which is making noises of complaint and walking around with its arms sagging as if too heavy to lift, but when her Ralts starts waving its arms at it it starts waving back. Kuvira herself doesn't have her armor on, making her look a lot younger, and is sporting bandages on one arm. Dull metal blocks are embedded in the back of her other forearm.]

I think she's complaining just to complain. This keeps everyone safer and should help build her muscles. But she's not done growing yet. The weight probably isn't good to keep on for long.

[Scyther trips on a pebble and falls flat on the floor, much to the excitement of Ralts. A little Spearow lands in view apparently just to give the camera an exasperated look. For her part Kuvira doesn't even turn and look.]

Maybe she'll grow out of this clumsiness. Can anyone offer a place for bulk cloth or leather? I need to keep her blades wrapped.
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-I think it's on now. [Out of the frame a Ralts chirps, and she nods.] Hello. I'm Kuvira, lately of Caldera.

You of Union have a different way of aligning with Pokemon, I've heard. It has to do with these Warp Bands. I would appreciate hearing more about this. This is my first time using one.


[Union is totally unlike Caldera. It's so green and spread out, and those towers... and the people! Kuvira mostly keeps her composure, though her eyes are wide as she fights not to stare and takes herself on a tour of the less seedy areas. Her Ralts, not bothered by the desire to look professional, skips around at her feet and gapes openly at everything.]

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