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[ A familiar face is on the screen. She looks a little like she's been living life rather... uh, naturally. To the earth. Mud bathing, the like.

Despite that, though, she's looking good. Happy, even. Her pumpkaboo is clinging onto her shoulder, as per usual, as she looks around and starts to speak once she's sure the camera is on. ]

Uh- Hello. It's Shyvana here. I left rather suddenly last time, and for that I apologise. I am back now, and will be returning to my duties as a Sword of the Saviour. I look forward to serving you all. [ She bows slightly, and the pumpkaboo waves as the transmission ends. ]

[ Later during the day Shyvana can be seen slightly cleaner and more rested. She's walking around the shops, marveling at the various foods that come packaged these days and seeing if she can catch anymore familiar so she can catch up.

Her merry band of pokemon include a trapinch running to keep up, and aforementioned pumpkaboo rested on the Trapinch's head. They are rather small, so hopefully they don't trip anyone up while they're in a mad dash to catch up to Shyvana.... ]
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Log Deputy: [ profile] beholdthevoid & [ profile] sheepyton
Log Deputy Schedule: 24-hour cycle; at least 1 tag every 24 hours (dependent on at least one player tag)
Participating Characters: Ezreal, Lux, Quinn, Shyvana, Peter & Estelle
Plot Description: Investigating the giant hole in the ground in the middle of the deep Wild Woods.
Warnings/Notes: N/A

Spelunky: Pokémon Edition )
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Who: Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear and Shyvana
What: The start of a new friendship...?
When: Week 43
Where: Near the Council Hall

cut! )
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[Saturday, mid-morning. Hello world, it's a Gabite! Or, rather, a Gabite stomach; it isn't until it bends down in an attempt to pick up the warp band that anyone can see its face. Extremely upset, it stares intently at the feed which shakes back and forth. As it turns out, trying to pick up and hold anything when all you have is little nubby claws is a bit difficult. Oh thumbs, how she missed you.]

Someone help! I--waaah!

[That sounds like Shyvana.

And the warp band slips from her claws and falls to the ground. Noooo, it took her so long to even get it turned on. Laying on its side, it unfocuses and focuses on the Pokemon's feet. How is she going to even...

Okay, bending down now, the Gabite attempts to pick up the camera again, this time juggling it in its wings(?) and hoping that that will be a bit more secure.]

I woke up like this! ...Not like this, but in a different body. And then it did this! I can't figure out how to make it turn back, let alone why it changed in the first place. [She readjusts the camera a bit.] I tried pinching myself a few times, but I'm not dreaming. What's going on?!


[Wandering around Union is a Gabite, followed by a Mareep, who is trying to be as supportive as possible. It looks like she's trying to make the most out of the situation, and has large grocery bags draped over her wing-like arms. And a few on her Dorsal fin. She looks rather proud of herself. After all, when life gives you lemons, then it's time to make a lot of lemonade.]
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Who: Jinxie Tenma, Shyvana, Banzu, Rei Hino, Lute Sforzando
Where: Old City
When: Week of August 10th
What: Searching for more Rotom parts
Warnings: Open tag order with mod tagging back every 24 hours to keep the thread moving. Also probably action brackets because I'm lazy.
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[Video. Morgiana is outside somewhere. Her hair looks a little...redder? It's subtle.]

I have news. While helping the Calderans with the reconstruction a little lost in countryside and I met this.

[She shifts the view to show an adorable little pokemon. He is currently facing away from the camera and eating a piece of watermelon. Judging by the rinds lying around him this isn't his first piece.

After a moment, Morgiana reaches over and pokes him. He turns around suddenly, then waves.]


[She turns the camera back to herself.]

It followed me home.

Oh also, I've learned a new trick!

[She backs up a bit, crouches slightly, then throws a punch at the air. What looks to be some kind of glowing chain extends from her fist, whipping around wildly. This is all well and good up to the moment when Morgiana suddenly looks in alarm at where the chain was flicking off screen, then runs off.]


A park somewhere in Union is covered in a light haze of smoke, as Morgiana runs frantically back and forth from a public fountain, trying to put out the fire she just started by showing off her new evolution. A shiny Pancham is running around too, though more in panic than with any obvious plan.

[Responses to the video portion are assumed to be after she puts out the fire.]
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[The video turns on to Lux, who isn't quite looking at it yet. Instead, she's shooting glances all over the room, a tentative look on her face, before finally looking at the camera with a long sigh.]

Sorry, I had to be sure Camille couldn't hear me.

I think I have a problem.

[Why else do you come to the network, Lux?]

Or, rather, my friend does.

Now, I don't judge people or pokemon by how they look, I want to be very clear! But it's about Camille. She... I mean, it isn't really bad per se, although I do wonder if she's completely healthy... and there was that incident the other day at the dinner table... twice... Aaaand now we're not allowed to keep eggs in the house or else we're afraid she'll go into a homicidal rage, but that's completely beside the point!

[Oh, speak of the devil. Someone pops her head around--does her face seem a bit fuller?--and stares at the feed a bit. She also seems to be shedding a bit, with some rougher scales visible near her neck. The Dragonair lingers for a moment before slinking off.

Lux watches her and doesn't start speaking again until she hears a door close.]

At first I thought it was just her usual summer shed, but she's gotten huge! She's on a diet right now, but it's only getting worse and she's always in a foul mood lately, so I can't really say anything, and--

[Lux stops as the door opens, freezing there. She holds her breath for a moment.]

...O-okay, have a nice nap!

[The door slowly closes and the blond finally breathes.]

So I'm really concerned! She works at the breeding center taking care of the babies there, so I don't want to think... I mean, I know she wouldn't, but what if...

[The look on her face says it all. She doesn't want to be a grandma! Also Camille would be the worst mother ever let's be totally honest]

I want to make sure she's okay and healthy, but I don't want to push the issue. What should I do? Has anyone seen anything like this? Not like I could anymore anyway, but she's too heavy to even carry around! I'm concerned!


[A few days later, Camille can be seen around town and is in a mood. Not only did she just get out of work--which was stressful to say the least--but she's been feeling terribly bloated lately (not to mention moulting, as if she wasn't already irritated about that). Her favorite hat no longer fits right, and at this rate, her winter clothes, when the time comes, are going to be way too small.

Ugh ugh ugh this is the worst! She doesn't even have her favorite food to look forward to when she gets home! Angrily, she swats at something with her tail, which goes flying through the air. If she was in a better mood, she might notice that her strength has gone through the roof, but right now she's focused on her appearance. This is terrible! Just terrible! The absolute worse!]


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[ The image at first is a black screen and the audio is muffled but it eventually zooms out to show a person's face -- a grey tinged and pretty confused looking lady, in fact. The camera wobbles every now and again, but she huffs and begins to talk. ]

Hello, people of the Union, my name is Shyvana and as of today, I have joined the organisation known as the Swords of the Savior. I hope to serve you all well.

I shall spend the rest of the day getting to know this area, if-

[ The video abruptly cuts, but when it comes back on Shyvana is red-cheeked and flustered. ]

A- As I was saying, if you are to see me around,  please feel free to greet me. I would like to meet the locals. 

[ You could give her a reply via video, or if you are to bump into her around the Union, she is most likely lost-looking but trying very hard to cover it up. ]

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