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Sounds like you guys were busy while I was gone. Very busy.

[New presence to some yet an old face to others. A muscled woman with winged arms and purple hair pinned up is shown, sitting on the floor covered in papers and feathers. Some her own, some belonging to Pokémon, but she looks pretty worn yet comfortable. Comfortable as in loose clothing that resembles a little bit of Calderian clothing. Hey, she needed new clothes during her months of researching.]

I'm not sure what to even say about what happened, but it's good to come home with the city in one piece? [A couple loud squawks off camera, in which she looks away towards the sound before looking back.] Val's happy too. I think he's more happy that everyone seems to be safe, but he's too proud to admit that part.

[Another yell in denial, something getting knocked over. The life of having an arrogant Braivary.]

I won't talk much about the event since I didn't experience what most of you did... I do admit, I think we will be okay. Just... We should keep our eyes open for a while. Just in case.
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[Well, someone finally came out of working and sort of hibernation.

As part of her usual routine to spend time with all of her Pokémon, Quinn is out and about in Union. Specifically the markets, but Quinn is looking different. Well, it's like she is moving much lighter now like weight is suddenly gone from her, but she still looks tough and intimidating like she could break someone's neck at any second now. Her winged arms are underneath a sturdy cloak to help with the cold, her hair is brushed back yet it's much longer now. Her eyes are brighter and more vibrant, almost like they have a glow to them. Valor, that small Rufflet that is always with her, isn't with her.

Among the crowd of birds flying next and above her, there is one giant Braviary flying along with Edan and Nino, dressed in scarves and each having a few bags in their claws. Shurelya is walking next to Quinn, dressed much like a human as well with a cloak and scarf, even if she is perfectly warm in this weather. The other three birds aren't fond of the cold, but thinking of it as endurance training helps.

In reality, these four birds are helping their "bird mom" with Salvation shopping and storing up necessities for the remaining winter. Quinn is mumbling to herself as she looks over her journal, which is a list of things along with tiny doodles as bags of decorations and things hang off her arms. Every time she is about to bump into someone or something, her Blaziken always pulls her back in time.

Sorry, kind of busy-

[And she's back walking and mumbling while doing her shopping. She's suppose to relax, but good luck getting that to happen when there's training and exploring to do in Quinn's life.]

[ooc: just another all around union post, free feel to tag Quinn around the market and stuff like that!]
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Log Deputy: [plurk.com profile] beholdthevoid & [plurk.com profile] sheepyton
Log Deputy Schedule: 24-hour cycle; at least 1 tag every 24 hours (dependent on at least one player tag)
Participating Characters: Ezreal, Lux, Quinn, Shyvana, Peter & Estelle
Plot Description: Investigating the giant hole in the ground in the middle of the deep Wild Woods.
Warnings/Notes: N/A

Spelunky: Pokémon Edition )
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[Someone is sitting outside of the city this morning in the trees, a Grovyle leaning against her chest and sitting in her lap.]

I get that almost everyone in the city got their bodies swapped last night, but was anyone awake when it happened? Did anyone actually witness their bodies getting changed? I may be one of the few unaffected, but I could get my body swapped at any second now. That's what I am asking if anyone caught the change in the act.

I know the situation is confusing and there is no explanation how this is possible, but we got to start somewhere to solve the problem, right?
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[It's Quinn (with Valor by her side as usual.) Instead of being outside of the city, she's actually indoors, on a desk covered in various papers. She's actually home for once. It's noticeable that some of the papers are drawings of Pokémon, mostly of ones seen in Citadel.]

I have a request for Engineers. Anyone can work, but someone that is experienced in making weapons would be preferred. Just say something if you are interested and we can discuss about it. I'm not in the rush to get this made, but with things getting more dangerous lately, I need to be better armed.


That is all.
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Who: Everyone!
What: Brave New World had it's beach episode. It's time for the first hot springs episode in this game to celebrate it's discovery!
Where: Scorched Forest - Hot Springs
When: Week 18 Weekend | Early Afternoon to the Evening
Warnings: Potential nudity and fights if someone get caught peeping. Let's try to keep it PG-13 in here.

this game is becoming very anime in here )
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[action | verdant forest | between early morning to the afternoon]

[ Besides doing keeping in touch with Rangers for work, Quinn has been fairly focused and quiet lately, as she finally took up some serious training sessions weeks ago. Exercises, running all over the forest, climbing trees and jumping from one to another, friendly sparring with her Pokémon, just anything to make her stronger. Fellow Rangers, Trainers, or even Pokémon can find her in various spots of the forest.

Or even in certain spots where she's wrestling a Malamar (with consent, mind you) as part of friendly sparring with her Rufflet and Raichu, who is also on Warp Band watching duty, watching from the sidelines. Yeah...

[accidental video | verdant forest | afternoon-ish]

bickering pokemon and another enlightened evolving. cut for conversation length )

[voice | evening]

[several hours later after that accidental video, an exhausted voice speaks. Someone that hasn't spoke on the network in a while.]

I'm not so sure what anyone saw of... that. But, rest assure that I am fine. Just still a little tired.

I want to ask fellow Flying type Enlightened on how they deal with their wings, if they have any, and their clothing. Or dealing with wings in general. Better start asking before I wreck my wardrobe.
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Log Deputy: Void ([plurk.com profile] BeholdTheVoid)
Participating Characters: Quinn, Luxanna Crownguard, Jinxie Tenma
Plot Description: Weird signal things are happening in the Forest. Quinn gets the mission to investigate and while normally she does things alone, she invites a few friends for backup. Just in case. You never know these days.
Warnings/Notes: Nothing to note yet; will update if necessary!

let's go! )
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It's Friday night and Ezreal decided to take the esteemed Luxanna Crownguard to a bar generally frequented by Delvers, Guardsmen, Rangers, and all sorts of other rough-and-tumble men and women who make up Union's thriving blue-collar community. The bar, of course, is quite a dive, with loud, boisterous people having just finished a day's work coming to take a load off and get frightfully hammered.

[This is an open mingle post for anybody who might, for whatever reason, find themselves in a dirty, grimy bar full of loud sweaty people on a Friday night. There will be mingling and, of course, the inevitable bar fight. Enlightened are encouraged to use their powers interestingly but remember - no lethal damage! It's all in good fun. Overenthusiastic enlightened may find themselves responsible for large chunks of the repair bill for the bar, be warned.

Also of note: legal drinking age is 18 years old but this bar is likely reasonably easy to get into if you're a bit underage.]


Mar. 14th, 2014 09:51 pm
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This new wood is great! I've been making some stronger fishing rods, anybody want one? My prices are very reasonable I assure you.

Edit - another Voice post a few hours later:

Hey, any Engineers available? The Rangers are asking for a bulk job on the new rods, and it's hard to manage on my own. I could use some help. We'll split the profits, of course.
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Hey everyone.

[Quinn being neutral as ever, but the video feed is completely thrown off track by some very obnoxious laughing. Not from Quinn, but from someone in the background. What does it sound like? Something like this. From her spot on her paper covered desk, she turns behind her.]

Mai, come here for a second! You said you wanted to join in on my next broadcast.

[With a sudden shadow overcasting behind Quinn and white tentacles wrapping around her neck loosely, it's a little creepy yet Quinn seems not affected by it. The face of the the Overturning Pokémon comes into view. She seems interested yet suspicious. She starts to speak, but if you can't speak Pokémon language, it's just a bunch of "mal's/mala's" type of sounds coming from her.]

((Oho? So this is how you speak to other pathetic creatures from large distances?))

Correct. You are a pretty unique Pokémon from the islands that evolves under a certain condition so why not share about you to others?

((Very well.))

Mai here is a Malamar, which is the evolution of the Pokémon known as Inkay. She was already strong when I bonded with her, but her requirement for evolution requires for her to turn herself upside down to activate it. Normally, Pokémon evolve normally when they reach a certain level of their power or use a stone, but doing something mundane like a handstand to activate their evolution is kind of interesting, don't you think?

((However, she's extremely weak to Bugs so throw your worms at her!))

[Those squawks coming from the background, which was from Valor. That got both ranger and Malamar to turn their heads behind them.]

Valor! ((Shut it before I break your tiny neck, fool!))

[Quinn turns back to the feed.]

Also, good luck to those that recently applied to the Rangers. I will most likely see you guys at training camp if I do attend to help with the training. I can answer any questions if needed to new recruits and trainers alike.
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[Back out in the forest near the Forest Shrine, the video is generally showing a Pikachu and Sandshrew training together in battle. It's been going on for a few minutes with the Pikachu relying on physical attacks while the Sandshrew attacks with physical strength and strong moves like Magnitude to bring down the Pikachu enough to make it yield.

If you are still watching, what might catch your attention finally is that the Sandshrew started to glow and change form. Evolution.

The glow fades and a Sandslash stands in place of the Sandshrew. The two Pokémon ran straight for the camera, the one recording reaching out to pet the Sandslash.

You evolved. Congrats, Kaia. You fought and grown well with Jas these past few days.

[The camera is now turned to face Quinn and some of her Pokémon. She's been resting against a tree, Kaia the Sandslash moving to sit in her lap. Valor the Rufflet is on her left shoulder and a Klefki is sitting next to him, humming and jingling her keys in a small tune. Jasper the Pikachu climbs into her lap with the Sandslash. And then there is Edan the Fletchinder on the other shoulder.

Yes, she's used to being covered in Pokémon. This is normal to her.

Kaia isn't the most active Pokémon I bonded with, but she really did work hard to get to this point with her training. This was all on her own free will, to train with her allies and was never forced to do anything she doesn't want to do.

I'm sure most of you can agree that evolution is a thing that should not be forced. Our visitors are different and all, but I am feeling uneasy with them as much as some of you are. There is also something that bugs me about this tournament. If you are participating, I wish you good luck. I also wish for everyone to stay on their guard. Just in case.

I already gave my thoughts on... "everything" to a strong connection. They listened, but I don't know if it's enough. For now, all I can is wait and watch. I'll act according to whatever happens next.


[If you are near the Forest Shrine, you might catch Quinn against the same spot against a large tree. Surrounded by her Pokémon, she is sketching a small group of Deerling eating off in a fair distance. It's a chance to catch her off guard yet her Pokémon got their eyes out for any danger or visitors. She will greet anyone who comes to see her if they are around, just don't try to interrupt the Deerling group she is sketching.]
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[Action: Closed to Ezreal, Quinn & Yang]

[Mid afternoon, the day and time agreed upon. Lux waited impatiently near the entrance to the Old City, gear in hand. She periodically checked her warp band for the time, despite Camille's constant humming that they would be fine; after all, she even agreed to shed her fancy-lady articles for something a bit more... common.

The objectives were simple: Investigate the mausoleum area and see what they could find, all while preserving what they could. She had a fresh notebook for drawings and notes, and other things she might need for the trip down. She just needed her traveling party.]
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So I've heard that a lot of people have been investigating the mausoleum in the Old City, has anyone found anything other than Ghost-type Pokemon? There can be a lot said for a place where people honored their ancestors, and I'm hoping that everyone is treating these ruins kindly. This is a historical site, after all!

[She'd heard nasty rumors about possible looting and was hoping that they weren't true.]

I was also curious, have there been any other findings regarding the machines recovered. I don't have a head for technology myself, but I'm very curious.

[Audio message to filtered to Ezreal; very early morning]

Ezreal? Ezreal, are you there? Helloooo? It says it's transmitting, but if you're saying anything I can't hear you. Anyway, I have something important to discuss with you! Are you there? Ezreal!

[She'll keep going on until he answers. Or periodically checking every few minutes.]


Feb. 10th, 2014 10:36 am
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[The transmission opens with a slightly grainy and wobbly black-and-white image of the light of evolution fading to reveal a Fletchinder sitting on a fallen limb in the forest.]

I don't think I got most of it, did I?

[Fletchinder does his version of a shrug.]

That's too bad, but I'll get another chance.

[Fletchinder begins preening his new feathers while Apollo continues filming his starter.]

I've seen Pokémon evolve before, but this is the first time that someone who I've bonded with has evolved. It never stops being incredible to watch them change. I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing it. What about everyone else? Is it the same way for you?

[A brief pause as he remembers that not everyone is like him.]

How many of you have seen a Pokémon evolve before?

[The image wobbles severely for a bit while Apollo turns off the camera.]
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So. I actually managed to get some good information out of Napoleon, with some bribery. Damn stuck-up dinosaur. I told him if he told me everything he knew, I'd let him hang out in the breeding center for a while. He uh... yeah. Do I really need to explain it?


It seems like some of these other humans from other settlements, whoever they are, installed the machines in the caves not too long ago. They used a "really stinky gross spray" to keep pokémon out of the way while they worked. Some sort of repellant spray, I'm sure. Then he said that horrible noise started and didn't stop until we destroyed the machine.

But here's the craziest part; he said he was a Tyrunt right up until the noise started. He said he wasn't really ready to evolve yet, but he's not complaining. I had to bribe him with a whole fancy tauros carcass to get THAT info. But I think it's worth it. Even if I'm pretty much broke now, ugh. I have half a mind to release his prissy ass back into the wild.

[ACTION; Closed to Jean and Marco]
[Another day, another dollar, as they say. Many of the Guard recruits had been moved from patrol duty to clean up and rebuilding, and Eren, Jean, and Marco are among them. It's tough work, but it certainly feels good to help people.

But Eren has other things on his mind.

... I'm going out training in the forest again this afternoon. Either of you wanna come?
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Well, things look like they are back to normal. For now, anyways.

[With the rustling in the trees and the sounds of various Pokémon wandering around, mostly the chatter between a Pikachu and a Sandshrew going on.]

This is mostly important to my fellow Rangers, but just giving the heads up that I am going to be outside a little longer than usual. [And her kind of usual is pretty damn long.] I heard a few things and need to check on a Pokémon who is also... an "old friend", guessing that's the right term. Edan will make trips to Union with my reports, but I'll be back before dark.

If anyone needs me, just give me a call.

[action - verdant forest]

[It's no surprise to anyone if Quinn is more outside of Union than she is inside. When Edan returned after making an delivery to give her superiors her daily work, she gets on the move with her team. Edan on air support while Jasper and Kaia walk on the ground next to her. They are on the search high and low for something while they are doing their patrols.

Where in the world could that stubborn bird be...
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[An SOS signal goes through on your warp band, very quickly accompanied by a young woman's voice. In the background, there is the very distinct sound of fluttering wings and screeching. She sounds as if she's running, the sound of her voice and the rampaging Zubats echoing. There also seems to be some kind of interference, as her voice keeps cutting out.]

We-- ...Zubats in-- hundreds of-- don't go in the-- requesting assis-- in--

[Then there's the sound of her warp band hitting something, and the signal becomes clear.]

That's better, this silly thing! WHACKING IT HELPED, THANK YOU EZREAL! We're being chased by Zubats, hundreds of them, in the mountains. In need of assistance, I'm not sure when they'll stop following u--

[A loud screech.]


[Another, much more indignant screech.]


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