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[For Raine, since the return from the unexpected journey to Glacier, it has been a few weeks spent studying, catching up, learning some of the quicker ways to get around Union and... settling in. Something which had been easy enough for her and her brother; less so when it came to her Pokemon bondmates.

In particular, her Oddish had become somewhat difficult to handle since her return, not adjusting to the changes all that well and the fact that Raine had been away for a while. It had developed a tendency of shaking some form of sleep powder or stun spores at any humans who got too close before retreating somewhere to hide.

While she was used to dealing with it, it would be unfortunate if someone else had unknowingly agitated the Pokemon while it was having one of its fits, though she doesn't feel comfortable broadcasting the situation. Still, she's looking a little harried, after the Pokemon scampers off after being re-summoned, yet again, and she's finally forced to consult the network-

... and yes, that is a Pikachu fussing with her hair in the frame.]

My apologies for bothering you with something like this, but if anyone has happened to notice an Oddish that is behaving -- well, oddly -- can you let me know where you've noticed it and keep your distance from it? We were in the business district, so she probably hasn't gotten very far. Thank you.

[Short and to the point. As it is, she'll get back to searching, herself, even though the Pikachu accompanying her also seems a little fussy, since here they are in the business district but no actual shopping seems to be taking place. Priorities...]
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[Lulu has been in Union for a few days now, arriving as soon as she heard words about Glacier and some other mumbles she doesn't really quite understand yet. After one... light prank on a guard with her magic, thankfully they took that she's just a child and helped her out on what is going on here. She even got her first Warp Band!... Whatever that is!

She is laying on her stomach, a Seedot and Flabebe shown resting in her hair longer than her body like she can use her own head as a blanket. There is something else moving in her hair too if a harmless wanderer notices. Messing with the Warp Band like point it with a stick or little glitter sparks get sparkled over it.



[The view is too close to a little purple nose, a Pokemon mumbling before she pulls back a bit. Wiggling back from the Warp Band placed in front of her.]

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... [The echo is improvised, but the young girl is shown more clearly. Purple skin, purple hair, strange furry ears and obvious signs the common Fairy type usually shows. Looks no older than a ten year old. Obviously not an Union citizen, but there is something... magical about her.]

This thing is weird, but tin heads say I gotta keep it and use it... I heard voices coming from it sometimes so is that you, city of Union? Are you the tiny voices and colorless faces?

That's so sad you guys don't have color! I can help find your colors, but I don't know where to begin. I think someone back home know how to fix it!

[Still, she waves and grins her little fangs.]

I'm Lulu! Pleased to meet all faces or voices that comes my way!

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