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[What a great way to start off a post. Someone crying out in distress over the audio function.

Theres some ruffling, around, the distressed noises of one Spheal in the background and then it's suddenly video!

I can't- I'm floating!

[Not that there's really anything to see, the video portion being wildly waved around in a panic. From the ground, to some buildings to an up close and personal distressed face of Xion, then a spheal, then back to the ground.

And then suddenly things go upside down for a split second before she's back to audio.

I can't get down!


[And if your character happens to be anywhere around to witness the floating, upside down disaster that is Xion's current predicament, she's in the entertainment district, trying to get down.]
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[Get out, her doctors had said.

See some of the city, her doctors had said.

It'll help jog your memory, they said.

But the truth is that she'd sort of become lost a long, long time ago. None of these streets looked even remotely familiar to her, and her Spheal is being of little help in this situation. Enough so that she's actually taken to carrying Aster around as she tries to find her way. Uselessly, mind you, but she's trying!

... But it's also starting to get a little bit late in the day, and she hasn't eaten anything since breakfast.

Her stomach growls loudly, closely echo'd by Aster's. Xion looks down at the pokemon, who's also looking up at her.

I don't know where to go.

[The spheal chatters a bit at her, and Xion looks around, reaching out literally to the first person she sees to tug on them to try and get their attention rather pathetically.]


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