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Dec. 26th, 2014 02:39 am
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[The feed turns on and Vanitas is standing there, on his own this time, holding a cute little Gothita doll]

So... I got this doll [he waves it around] it just appeared on my room during the night and umm... it moved and something weird happened. It kinda went like this [He waves the dolls arms] and now I can't really move around too much or I just.... Don't stick to the ground.

[He puts the band down and steps back, enough to have his whole body show up in the feed.

Then he just jumps a little, and kinda... floats there, going back down to the ground very slowly.

When he's finally back to the floor he walks back to the band, picks it up again and sighs, smiling a little]

Wish I knew how to stop it or why it happened... the doll is really cute though, I've never seen a Pokemon like it.

[he sighs again and puts the doll down]

Did anyone else get weird dolls that do this to them?


Nov. 20th, 2014 04:41 am
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[The feed starts up with a Pidove staring into it, cooing softly and pecking at the screen. It then changes to it's owner, Vanitas, with a single grey feather sticking out from one end of his hair]

Sorry about that [he clears his throat] I was just wondering if anyone here knows how I can become a nurse? I've tried asking the doctors at the hospital but they seem really busy all the time, so I thought maybe someone in Union would be able to give me an idea of where to start.
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BACKDATED to September 13th:


[Vanitas had woken up because his Budew, Thornbite, had jumped on him, which is really weird since she had never done that before]

What? I'm up, I'm up---

[wait a second.....]

what happened to my voice?!

[he sits up, almost pushing the small Pokémon out of the bed. He looks down and screams. Pure horror scream with a pretty voice.

He turns to his bedside table and turns on the Warp Band and stares into the feed]


[Have a really cute girl with short hair who's completely freaking out into the feed]

why did this happen?! Who's the owner of this body?!

[He then notices all the other people talking in the feed and relaxes a little, blushing a lot though]

I don't know how to be a girl
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[There are a few false starts, the video coming on for a second or two, focusing on a face, before going off again. After the third or fourth time that this happens, the camera pulls away, a young woman staring at the world with a bit of a perplexed look.]

Is this on? How can you tell? Is there a light or--


[It looks like she's found it.]

There we go. My name is Elhaym, Elly for short. This is what people in Union use to communicate, right? It seems pretty convenient. What else is it used for? Does everyone in Union have one, or just the Enlightened? Are Enlightened really that common here?

[That's a lot of questions, Elly. She smiles a little at the camera.]

Sorry, I just got here a few days ago, and I have a lot of questions. I heard that people in Union "bond" with their Pokemon? How does that work? Oh, and speaking of work, how does one find work here?


[Midday, one of the parks in Union. A redhead walks briskly like a woman on a mission, avoiding looking behind her as much as possible. Occasionally she'll glance back, make a bit of a face, and then continue to walk with her head down a bit. She looks like she is trying to get away from something, but what could it be?]


[It's a Mareep, tailing her, doing the best that it can with its stubbly little legs to keep up with the woman. Hey, where are you going? Excuse me? Miss? Excuse me? You're going to get yourself lost! Excuuuuuuse me!

Stopping, the woman sighs hard, bending down as she puts a hand out, stopping the electric sheep in its tracks.]

Why are you following me? I don't know what you want, I can't understand a word you're saying?


[The Mareep tilts its head to the side and Elly deflates a little. You're really cute, but what does she even do? A little help?]
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[A: Vanitas]

[It hadn't been long since the last time Vanitas had gone to the city alone, but this time he was a bit lost, looking at every store and stall he could find, and looking at all the trinkets and objects that people had for sale.

He was tired though, he'd been looking for something all day and he needed to take a rest, so he bought himself some fresh water and sat on the first bench he saw.

Though whenever he saw a person he would come up to them, water in hand]

What do you think would be a good gift for a pokemon?

[B: Scrapper the Drifloon]

[She had ventured outside the habitat for the first time on her own, leaving her friends Flood and Thornbite behind, going out in secret, all for the sake of finding something that would be fitting for her human friend.

She had met the kid with the weird hair a few weeks back, and she had heard the other two pokemon talking about how much Vanitas wanted to give her a gift, so she decided she would do the same for her human friend, makybe make him happy that way.

She noticed Vanitas was out in the streets though, so she did her best to hide and go somewhere else, floating around the streets looking for other pokemon that could help her out.

She would go up to anyone if she could make humans understand her, but hopefully there was a human somewhere that could speak to Pokemon that would help her out (she didn't have much hope for this to happen though). She went up to them and, without knowing it, ask every pokemon a question alike the one her human friend had been asking]

"What kind of thing counts as a gift for a human? Can you help me find something?"
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[If you're walking in front of the hospital you would see a young man, or boy, sitting by a tree, playing with some of the grass that's growing in there. He has his legs crossed and one of his arms against his knee, with his head resting on said hand. If you look closely you'll notice it seems like he's pouting.]

Stupid monsters...

[He sighs, his pout a bit more visible, and he plucks a bit of grass, examining it and letting go of it, doing this a few more times before sighing again.

He changes his position, his arm had been falling asleep, and he just rests his other arm on his leg and resumes his grass plucking, now on the opposite side.]

They were supposed to wait for me

[He groans this time, and throws the bit of grass he had in his hand towards the air, some of it falling on his hair. He looks up, towards the road, and glares at pretty much anyone that passes by, puffing up his chest and glaring even harder if someone dared stare back.]


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