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Who: Lea, Roxas
What: Trip to the Archipelago
When: Week 39
Where: Archipelago



Jul. 17th, 2014 01:12 pm
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[ It's been a little over a week since Roxas finally evolved. At first he was glad that he had evolved and gotten stronger but it didn't last long. The little mosaic wings? Yeah, those are alright. They aren't feathery so he won't get feathers everywhere. His pointy ears? Well Lea has them too it's not a big deal.

The big deal came from the fact that edges of his hair is now sporting pink and he seems to leave sparkles whenever he teleports or even does an attack. How are those impressive? At all?

So as a result he's been trying to wear a hat in order to cover his hair. Can't so much about the sparkles but he can at least do this.

The thing is he has a Shiny Furret that evolved from being a Sentret around the same time he evolved. She is also Pink and she thinks that he shouldn't hide his hair because it's not cool. So what does she do? Take the hat whenever she can and runs off with it.

Which is what she's doing now. ]

Lulu, C'mon! I told you to stop!

[ Dumb Shiny Furret.

But taking Roxas' hat isn't the only thing Lulu has in mind. She's also thought of something really cool and is in search of members to join her. Only requirements? That you're cool and you're pink. So are you a Pink, Cool Pokemon? Lulu might be coming up to you sporting her tinted pink sunglasses to discuss a 'few things'.

And specifically, she's looking for Melaka's Jigglypuff "Gunther" to see if he'll be her right hand man. Or whatever. Heck yes.

So whether you see Roxas walking around Union with a hat on, Roxas chasing or looking for Lulu, or Lulu coming up to you for a 'talk' it's all up to you. Regardless Roxas' life is not just staying cooped up in the Medical Center anymore. ]
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Who: Roxas and Lea
What: Just some training with some pink evolution here.
When: Wednesday, July 9th
Where: Training Grounds

From Zombie to Fairy. Or something along those lines. )
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The time for action is at hand, and the players have been set in place. Those who choose to make an attempt at diplomacy head off at the appointed time to meet with Valeria, the clerk and representative of the general who leads the Gigas army. Those who wish to take more direct action against Gigas leave with General Ironbrand to put their plans into motion. In the meantime, the refugees continue to stream into Union, while supplies are gathered and flow the other way.

The outcome of this war may very well depend on the combined results of these four efforts…

((This log will be a catch-all for all four efforts of the attempt to save Caldera. There will be four different parts of this post: Diplomacy, Aggression, Refugees, and Supplies. The first two should be well established, but the Refugees portion will encompass bringing those in Caldera who require help to Union and giving them medical aid and care, while the Supplies portion will encompass people in Union setting up shelters and gathering resources to send back to Caldera, as well as other miscellaneous tasks that may be of help. Gathering resources may entail leaving Union to explore out in other areas. You all signed up for groups, so please try to maintain these groups when posting, particularly to the Diplomacy and Aggression sections. The other two may be more free-form.

Mods will be responding at least once every 24 hours to keep the logs moving.

EDIT 5/31: Please try to group up if possible! We'll generally try to wait for threads to have 2-3 people before we jump in. Threads with 3+ may attract the attention of something a little more... interesting.))
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[ Action - Around Union/Pokemon Habitat ]

[ With the flowers in full bloom Roxas feels great! Arguably the best he's felt since he first woke up here at Union. His Pokemon seem to be enjoying the weather and flowers as well. Most particularly Sora the Sylveon, Keeper the Klefki, and Evangeline the Illumise. So if any of these three are around there might be some extra activity. Flowers being put in your character's hair, Sora being even more friendly than ever, and what not.

Taking advantage of the weather and his mood Roxas will be around Union with a few of his Pokemon. He's not sticking to areas near the University or Medical Center either. On his own accord, and not by chasing down two baby Pokemon he's out and about nearly everywhere in Union from the Entertainment District to the Residential District.

You could also find him at the Pokemon Habitat relaxing with his Pokemon as they run around the habitat or just relax alongside of him. But regardless of where you find him he's going to be far more approachable and a lot less awkward! ]

[ Locked to Lea ]

[ He's not going to be in Union the whole time. He's going to spend some time outside of Union as well! Particularly the Moss Rock in the Verdant Forest. But before he goes he decides to message someone, Lea, with the following message: ]

Hey Lea! I'm heading out to the Moss Rock I've heard about. Want to come along? I'll wait for you at the edge of the forest. Don't be late or else I'm going myself!
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[ After Roxas' trip to the Lake Shrine with Blue he took the time to consider the offer that Sora gave him a few weeks prior. That when he was ready to go to the Canyon Sora would come along with him. Earlier this week while Sora was visiting him Roxas had made that decision.

So that is what the two are doing today.

Before Roxas left his room he quickly wrote down a note in case Lea came or some unexpected visitor. Since, to him, neither of them seemed very likely that day this was all the note said:

Going cliff climbing with Sora

The fact it says a name doesn't help when your Sylveon is named Sora as well.

But that aside Roxas is looking around at the base of the Canyon. So far he doesn't see how Sora really likes this place but maybe it's because they're not at the top yet, right?? He did say something about the wind and the view. ]
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[Locked to Armin and Roxas and maybe Lea later]

[Sora had every intention of signing up for the tournament. However he had been putting it off for a day while he tried to figure out which of his Pokemon would be best for this, as well as training for himself. Sure, he had a few misgivings about this whole situation- but Sora was never one to turn down a chance for competition. It'd be a good way to see where he stood against the other trainers, right?]

[Well, before he went to sign up, he decided to swing by the psychiatric ward Medical Center to do a regular visit to Roxas. He had hours to kill before the deadline came anyway. And on the way, he ran into Armin who decided to tag along. It was...a little strange, having someone else along to visit his brother- but Armin knew Roxas! So surely that'd be okay, right? Maybe it would cheer both Roxas and Armin up.]

[And so they make it to the medical center. After signing in to the visitor form, Sora makes his way to the direction of Roxas's room.]

Roxas's probably in his room right now. It's still a few hours until the cafeteria starts serving ice cream.

[ pretty much the only explanation that Armin has gotten so far to what's going on here.]

2 | Action

Feb. 9th, 2014 06:01 pm
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[ Around Union. Before trip to Old City ]

[ Roxas is actually out and around the city for once?? He's still trying to stick close to the Medical Center as much as possible but he's somewhat strayed away from his usual path between the Medical Center and the University. The reason being is because he's looking for something. During the Earthquakes his Klefki apparently lost one of her keys - her favorite in fact - and he's been helping her look for it.

He's still trying to avoid people as much as people but feel free to spot him looking around where a Pokemon could have lost something in the rubble. Both his Pokemon -- Sora the Eevee and Keeper the Klefki -- are out helping him search. ]

[ Medical Center. After trip to Old City ]

[ Caves, or rather Ruins, are not fun.

Roxas could be found around the Medical Center for just a little bit while he helps a doctor with an errand but as soon as he's done with that he's sent off to go rest in his room in the Psychiatric Ward. Unless you visit him in his room there is only a small chance to catch him while he makes his way from the main part of the Medical Center over to the Ward. ]
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[ This was Roxas' schedule for today: Get up and go to school, spend an hour after school with his Eevee, and then go home and do homework. It's been the same since he was enrolled into the University which had been about two weeks prior.

So today was no exception.

In the morning it's really hard to catch Roxas as he's heading to school. He does his best to try and steer clear from the crowds. It's not impossible per se but there are times later when you might be able to catch him. That is if you don't catch him tripping on a rock and almost flat on his face and a 'vuiii?!' from Sora the Eevee after.

The first would be at the University. Either during class, between classes, or during lunch. In classes he's normally in the back of the class either listening to the teacher or, if his school work is done, staring blankly at something. Between classes is much like the mornings where he is trying to avoid people as he works his way to his next class. It's a smaller environment though, so he may or may not almost bump into you. At lunch he's somewhere away from everyone playing with Sora the Eevee so go ahead and try to bug him.

After school he'll he on his route between the University and the Medical Center again. He's still trying to stay out of people's way but Sora has made it a goal to try and find someone to run to or bump into today. So if something catches Sora's eye he might just run over and examine it knowing that Roxas will follow.

Because hey he likes meeting people and Roxas needs to meet new people. So it's a win-win.]

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