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[This is a Nidorina. This is a Nidorina with a thin chain around her neck, a Razor Claw hanging from it like a pendant. But that's not the point.

The point is that anyone familiar with a certain Shifter may notice that the look on this Nidorina's face is very similar to the look on a certain Nidoran♀'s face. A look of utter exasperation but restrained fondness for whomever is holding the Warp Band. Oh Blue Rose, you and your utterly strange relationship with Nero. She just evolved and she's still giving him those looks.]

So, guess who's... Don't look at me like that, Blue. Remember who's going to make you freaking queen soon.

Promises. If you were, you'd have done it by now.

[That makes Nero snort.] Okay, so you don't appreciate being adored. I'll just show them something better.

[Nero props his Warp Band on something, making the feed jump for a bit, and when he comes into the picture, it's fairly obvious what that "something" is. His right arm had changed. Before, it was blue (a dark shade of grey in the feed), roughly textured, with claws instead of nails, but now it had an addition-- small triangular fin attached to the fore-arm. Or rather, the fin had grown out of the arm. Not to mention the claws at the end of his fingers have gotten just a bit larger and sharper.

Clearly Blue Rose isn't the only one to have evolved.

With an inordinately pleased look on his face, Nero flexes his improved arm and punches the air with it. Anyone expecting the fin to flap around with the exercise will be disappointed, because it's extremely stiff.]

There's got to be something about the Caldera air if Blue and I evolved at the same time. Not that I'm complaining. [He smiles wide, a huge grin that shows off a bunch of sharp teeth.] Arm's gotten heavier, and is awful on clothes, but a guy can definitely get used to this. I'm gonna have a whole lot of fun with this arm.

Just don't cut yourself shaving.

And don't wear yourself out trying to be a buzzkill, Blue.
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[ After Roxas' trip to the Lake Shrine with Blue he took the time to consider the offer that Sora gave him a few weeks prior. That when he was ready to go to the Canyon Sora would come along with him. Earlier this week while Sora was visiting him Roxas had made that decision.

So that is what the two are doing today.

Before Roxas left his room he quickly wrote down a note in case Lea came or some unexpected visitor. Since, to him, neither of them seemed very likely that day this was all the note said:

Going cliff climbing with Sora

The fact it says a name doesn't help when your Sylveon is named Sora as well.

But that aside Roxas is looking around at the base of the Canyon. So far he doesn't see how Sora really likes this place but maybe it's because they're not at the top yet, right?? He did say something about the wind and the view. ]
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[So it really has been a couple of days since Riku's obtained his warpband and become an official trainer. Since then he's checked out a few posts, seen a couple of newbies along with him asking for advice. It all helps, though, and Riku's pretty amused by everyone's willingness to showcase their Pokémon.

Which is why he's doing this. Riku's own brand of info gathering. He does want a good team of these critters.]

What's the most unique Pokémon you've met or seen? And how far have you been from Union?
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Huh. Here goes. Hey, everyone.

[It's hardly like Kanji's never seen a warp band in his life, but he's not the sort to go shouting out to everyone on the thing. But here he is, now, with a faint bleating at his side suggesting that his Mareep wants to take a closer look itself. He laughs slightly.]

- hey, fuzz, gimme a second here? I'll sort your stuff out in a bit.



[Scratching it between the ears, he goes on-] So. Gotta question for the more experienced Trainers out there. Say someone was goin' for a trip out into the forest... you know, getting serious about this stuff... anyone got any suggestions about good places to start out? Good spots for a beginner to really get down to business? Where I ain't - uh, he ain't [fooling no-one there, pal] gonna run into too much trouble? Or where there's something cool to see.

Lemme know, okay?

[As he's recording this message, he's sitting on a bench near his home, sorting through a heavy backpack - okay, is he sure he's got everything? He's packed, repacked, got food, water, camping supplies, weaponry (or what anyone else would call it, anyway)... but something's still nagging at him. He's got to have missed something...]

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