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[the night. It was so crisp, so dark, so full of evil.

(there’s not really any evil. Union is as safe as a cradle)

Evil that needed to be vanquished. Evil that had to meet its maker!!

And there is only one pokémon in the city of Union that could do the dirty work, that could clean up this town.

A shadow on the moon, a dark avenger…

a… bright mint green noibat.

Wearing a black face mask and a cape, emblazoned with a stylized spear

I am the shadow of the night! I am the defender of the weak!! I strike terror into the hearts of criminals! No evil-doer will escape the piercing justice of… THE SPEAR!

[the would-be caped crusader is ON PATROL tonight! If you even look like you’re doing anything suspicious (like, you know, walking), you may be dive-bombed by a very small, very green noibat named Spearmint.

Lea will apologize personally in the morning. He’s usually better at keeping “The Spear” inside at night


Oct. 23rd, 2014 11:28 pm
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[Scenario One]
[At last, he's managed to pop back into the Real World long enough to get some sleep... And of course, the dreams start right up like clockwork. As with many others, the first is a nightmare.

The scene is a burning forest at night. Clouds of smoke billow through the air, trees are hellishly crackling and disintegrating, and the occasional monstrous roar echoes through the night. There is a sense of grave danger... Though it's too dark to see, out in the night, there seems to be a faint silhouette of something enormous and monstrous... and two glinting lights as of eyes.

The scene is strange, though, like watching a film. It blurs suddenly, and focuses now on three people running as quickly as they can through the burning forest. A redheaded boy is in front; behind him is someone with an identical face but blonde hair, perhaps recognizable... There isn't much time to process the scene before the blonde boy trips and falls; he is quickly grabbed by a woman behind him in a red dress and pushed forward.]

Run, run!

[The two boys run. The scene lingers briefly on the woman as she halts... slowly grabbing a burning stick and turning around. But the 'camera' swings now to follow the boys. They run without speech. There is no time or energy to do anything but dash through the forest and pant breathlessly. Trees collapse around them; the fire licks at their heels, but still they run...

A scream suddenly echoes through the night, but it cuts off quickly.]


[The boy with red hair whirls around.]

Where's Mom?! She was right behind us!

I-I don't know...

Mom! Mom!

[With reckless abandon, the redheaded boy screams and runs backwards the way they had came. The other boy doesn't move, too frightened to do anything but collapse to his knees and scream.]

No - Claus! Claaaaaaaus!

[The scene of the forest suddenly freezes in place... before abruptly crumpling into nothing, leaving Lucas kneeling in an empty, pitch black void. His breathing is heavy and his eyes are brimming with tears as he stares down at his knees and continues to call.]

Claus...! Mom! Don't go...

They're gone. They're gone. It's all... because of me...

[Scenario Two]
[The second, in contrast, is pure bliss. A field of sunflowers stretches as far as the eye can see, bright and beautiful. The sky is cool blue, with the occasional perfect puffy cloud drifting by... It's almost too idyllic.

Laughter can be heard in the distance, with the occasional echoing voice.]

Claus! Don't run too far!

I just want to see the edge...! Lucas, are you coming?

[There is no response from Lucas. He is lying down in the middle of the field, facing up towards the sky with his arms crossed behind his head and a light smile on his face. Around him flicker the ghosts of three people... The woman with the brown hair is the most consistent, kneeling down beside Lucas or taking his head in her lap, though she, too, slowly fades whenever anyone comes near enough for Lucas to take notice.]


[It seems as if he is properly lucid in this dream, as he will greet anyone who appears.]
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Who: Lea, Roxas
What: Trip to the Archipelago
When: Week 39
Where: Archipelago

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[action; locked to Len]

[The night before the heartswap, Rin and Len fell asleep snuggling each other like they usually did. Following the change, Rin in Lea's body clings to Len in Hotaru's body as though the latter were just a teddy bear.

Also, s/he's snoring obnoxiously.]

[video, quite a while later]

[after freaking out with her twin and housemates, Rin has settled enough to read the network, though she's no less pouty for it.]

Okay... I guess it's everyone having this body problem, but what the fuck! How can this even happen? Why!? I've never met this guy, and I'm already sick of being a human. In fact, I think I might be sick in general? I mean ...It's not supposed to be painful, is it? Weigh in here, flesh-and-blood types.
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Gooood afternoon, everybody!

[Maya seems to be trying to keep a nosy Axew and Spiritomb in order while she holds on to a very gaseous looking egg.]

Guys. Stop it. I'm tryin'a--

[As Axew gets in the way, Maya sighs loudly and reaches over to hand the egg off to Shi, who's sitting behind her.

...Actually, it looks like she's got her whole ghost menagerie with her.

Either way, with her hands free, she tugs the warp band out of Axew's mitts and pats his little head, ignoring Spiritomb's snickering.]

Thaaat's Hans, by the way. He's kinda new.

Anyway, I just wanted to remind everybody that the Kurain School is open-- again-- after all of that. So we'll still be offering classes and channellings if you need... either.

Oooor we can just chat, if you wanna come by! Otherwise, that's all, I'm out.

Oh- but first! Jinxie!

[Maya holds up a certain item both she and Jinxie received after the raids; a Reaper Cloth.]

Let's get this evolution party on the road, shall we? Come over here already!
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Who: Roxas and Lea
What: Just some training with some pink evolution here.
When: Wednesday, July 9th
Where: Training Grounds

From Zombie to Fairy. Or something along those lines. )


Jun. 17th, 2014 11:52 pm
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[Lea has set his warp band on a table (or a rock, considering he's in the pokémon habitat, wearing his uniform). He swishes his new tail in annoyance.

Under one arm is a very apathetic looking fish. It looks about as happy to be there as you might expect. Lea holds up a sparkling scale between his fingers

Alright. Listen up, Unions! And Caldera, I guess! I need a favor. You see, this hunk of seafood-- [he gestures to the Feebas with his shoulder] -- needs to be traded to evolve. Now, I don't want to give him away permanently, so what I'm asking for here is a quick trade-trade back!

For your time, I'll tutor your pokémon! For free! Yeah, it's totally a good deal. Especially if you have your own pokémon that needs to be traded to evolve.

So act fast! [he tosses the feebas in a small pond behind him] Because the sooner this guy is a Milotic, the sooner I can actually teach him some useful tricks.
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[Who is this? The ID number of the warp-band is Lea's, but this is not Lea. This is another young man, with dark skin and even darker hair, tipped in a lighter color. He has the most fierce forelock in the universe and a long ponytail in the back. His clothes are plain, but he's wearing a string of large, round beads.

He waves cheerfully at the warp band, grinning a fangy smile. When he speaks, it's oddly stilted, with strange pronunciations and cadence; like he hasn't really spoken before

Hello, friends of Union! My name is R… My name is Puck! And I am new to this city town!! I am a Shifty. Er… Shifter! I am! And I am looking for new friends! Let's be friends and go and partake in human activities together! Like going to bars and eating the food and drinking the alcohol!

[in the background, Lea makes an appearance, a darumaka on his head]

Hey! What are you doing, Robin?

Ah ah ah ah!! Never mind him! That is my good friend Lea, calling me the wrong names again! So funny! Anyway, please respond!! Thanks you! [CLICK]
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[ Action - Around Union/Pokemon Habitat ]

[ With the flowers in full bloom Roxas feels great! Arguably the best he's felt since he first woke up here at Union. His Pokemon seem to be enjoying the weather and flowers as well. Most particularly Sora the Sylveon, Keeper the Klefki, and Evangeline the Illumise. So if any of these three are around there might be some extra activity. Flowers being put in your character's hair, Sora being even more friendly than ever, and what not.

Taking advantage of the weather and his mood Roxas will be around Union with a few of his Pokemon. He's not sticking to areas near the University or Medical Center either. On his own accord, and not by chasing down two baby Pokemon he's out and about nearly everywhere in Union from the Entertainment District to the Residential District.

You could also find him at the Pokemon Habitat relaxing with his Pokemon as they run around the habitat or just relax alongside of him. But regardless of where you find him he's going to be far more approachable and a lot less awkward! ]

[ Locked to Lea ]

[ He's not going to be in Union the whole time. He's going to spend some time outside of Union as well! Particularly the Moss Rock in the Verdant Forest. But before he goes he decides to message someone, Lea, with the following message: ]

Hey Lea! I'm heading out to the Moss Rock I've heard about. Want to come along? I'll wait for you at the edge of the forest. Don't be late or else I'm going myself!
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[ After Roxas' trip to the Lake Shrine with Blue he took the time to consider the offer that Sora gave him a few weeks prior. That when he was ready to go to the Canyon Sora would come along with him. Earlier this week while Sora was visiting him Roxas had made that decision.

So that is what the two are doing today.

Before Roxas left his room he quickly wrote down a note in case Lea came or some unexpected visitor. Since, to him, neither of them seemed very likely that day this was all the note said:

Going cliff climbing with Sora

The fact it says a name doesn't help when your Sylveon is named Sora as well.

But that aside Roxas is looking around at the base of the Canyon. So far he doesn't see how Sora really likes this place but maybe it's because they're not at the top yet, right?? He did say something about the wind and the view. ]


Mar. 4th, 2014 05:24 pm
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Video; Filtered to Armin and Roxas )

[Action - Pokemon Habitat]

[A little while later after that's over with, Sora can be found near a pond in the Pokemon Habitat. The man-made pond itself is devoid of Pokemon except for one large Gyarados sitting in it. Like all Gyarados, she's huge and pretty scary looking. However, Sora is too busy trying to give her directions regarding a large rock next to him. And for some reason, his clothes and hair seem to be pretty damp.]

Okay, Dory- let's try this again! Just break the rock! I know you can do it!

[The Gyarados gives out a terrifying roar that sounds fitting for a Godzilla movie to get pumped. She raises herself up, opens up her wide jaws and-]

[Slaps the water with her tail as Dory uses Splash. The slap is powerful enough to make a big enough wave to get the first few rows of Seaworld (or rather- Sora and the rock) wet, but besides that it's not very effective.]

[Sora groans as he wipes water off his face. Maybe she really did forget that she evolved.]

Uh...good try, Dory!
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I have a question for everyone, hopefully someone can help me.

[The camera shifts to show two identical Dratinis, both growling at each other.]

You see, I came across a strange Pokemon when I was down in the Mausoleum. I managed to get a picture of him before... well, before this happened. Here, one second.

[The camera moves again and quickly cuts out, a fuzzy picture of a fox-like Pokemon flickering on the screen, staying for a few moments, before going back to full video.]

When we first met him, he looked like a Drifloon, but changed to look like Camille. I managed to pick out the fake the first time, but now...

[The two are really going at it, both bristling.]

I could really use some help. It was easy enough to figure it out before I bonded with him, but now... They even sound the same!
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[CLOSED to Sora, Xion, and Roxas]

[Lea had tried really really hard not to laugh when he found out Roxas and that coconut-headed kid had locked Sora in the closet for "his own good". Lea had no real authority over Armin, but he did give the kid a good tongue lashing. Then, after he made sure Sora was ok, and swinging by to grab Xion, he drug them off outside the city. For Xion and Sora, it could be a little adventure.

For Roxas?

It was a punishment.

Lea folds his arms and glares at Roxas.

That wasn't a good thing you did, Roxas. Locking people in closets with no bathroom is not a way to go about things! As punishment… [he points to a large, scorched tree in the distance] You're gonna run back and forth between here and that tree until I tell you to stop. Get goin'! [he turns to Sora and Xion] I gotta keep an eye on Roxas, so… Sora, will you watch Xion if she decides to go lookin' around? She got lost in the city a few days ago, so I don't trust her to walk around by herself. It's one of the reasons I brought you guys out here, since I know this part of the forest like the back of my hand. But she needs to see the world, too. [he grins] Think of it as a way to stretch your legs and get some Ranger training in.
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[Lea is lying on his back on his bed when he turns on the new, fancy camera on his warp band. A Darumaka is on the pillow next to him, his arms and legs tucked in and rocking back and forth while he naps]

Hello! Ain't this a fancy new little... thing. Video, is that what it's called? Pretty cool, gotta say! I can see everyone's smiling faces without even getting out of my bed.

[Lea's smile fades a bit]

You know the worst part about weekends? [SIGH] They end. Tomorrow it's back to work and I don't feel like I've done near enough sleepin'.

Oh! [he snaps his fingers, and the darumaka stirs a little before going back to sleep] I remember what I meant to say. I'm opening up shop for tutoring again. I can teach your pokémon moves they might not otherwise learn. I can only do one a week, though, and I need to see the color of your money upfront. But hey, it might be useful for all you Rangers and folks going out into the big world to fight bad guys.

[Private; Roxas]

Yo kiddo! What kind of snacks do you want me to bring you tomorrow? Aside from ice cream. Ice cream is great but it's not real food.

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