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[The black and white feed doesn't do much for Kairi's love of the color pink or her red hair, sadly. But that's not important. She's smiling and waving excitedly. In the background, her Cleffa seems to have wrangled a Caterpie and a Seedot for a tiny tea party in the grass.]

Hi, everyone! I was finally able to leave the city a couple days ago and I made some new friends. I admit I'm not really an expert with grass or bug Pokémon, so I thought I'd ask other trainers for advice. Is there anything these Pokémon really enjoy eating, besides the usual? Or, hmm... games they like playing?

[She brushes a bit of hair behind her ear, thinking.]

Oh, right! Congratulations to everyone whose eggs hatched! All the little baby Pokémon are so cute... [♥♥♥] I hope I can get an egg of my own someday.


[Later on, Kairi is taking a break outside the Habitat. Because of her interest in becoming a caretaker, she likes to help out with odd jobs at the breeding center and the habitat. She plops down on top of the wooden box she was supposed to deliver, her Cleffa sprawled out in her lap.]

Phew! Talk about hard work. [She reaches down to tickle Minnie's belly, regardless of passersby. She's not in the way of traffic, but with her pink clothes and red hair, she sticks out a bit.] Takes a lot out of you, huh?

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