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I have two requests to make. I seek Engineers for these requests, and I can promise you compensation for your efforts.

[Anybody who knows Sanageyama should be able to recognize his voice, though it's not often that he gets this serious. Also, for whatever reason, he has chosen to forego video.]

First: I require a Good Rod. It will help me with my training in the near future.

Second: I require someone to add a function to my Warp Band. To be specific, I need it to read text posts aloud. The sooner this function is added, the better.

That is all for now. I'm expecting responses soon.

[OoC: Okay, so! As part of his evolution to his Tier 2 skills, Sanageyama is now blind. However, his other four senses have sharpened to compensate for the loss of his sense of sight. In-person interactions likely will be rather similar to what they were before. Video interactions, however, will be different as he cannot tell what's going on on the other side of a screen. Expect anything that your character might try to show on a screen to completely miss his attention.]
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Who: Uzu Sanageyama, Ingrid Bernstein
What: A rematch to their previous fight
Where: Outside Union gates
When: Two weeks ago (backdated)
Warnings: Fighting. Possibly some belligerent sexual tension.

insert kiai here )
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[OOC: Private to Kaido and Sanageyama

Satsuki seems to be even more frowny since the Caldera announcement. Less than even an hour later, she video-messages both Kaido and Sanageyama, her expression even more stern and resolute than ever.]

Nikaido, Sanageyama. I have a favour to ask of both of you. You must have heard the news already, and I am sure you both realize I shall be going there. Sanageyama, I expect you to come with me. Nikaido... Do what you want. But I need both of you to meet me as soon as possible outside Union, close to the walls. Be at your best. There is something I need to try.

[The message ends there. And when you two arrive outside Union, she'll be waiting there, easy enough to spot with her usual white clothes. Not as usual this time, though - unlike most of the time, she's wearing Junketsu. Which might give you an idea of what she wanted to try.]


May. 18th, 2014 01:35 pm
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I'm back from leave.

[In so much as one can call one of Ingrid's extended training sessions "leave." She lets that simple, straightforward remark linger briefly, then adds:]

As usual, I'm available to help with heavy lifting when I'm not otherwise preoccupied. If you're in need of such services, feel free to contact me via warp band.

[There's another pause, before:]

...I assume nothing major has happened within the past week or two, but if I'm mistaken, I'd also appreciate it if someone brought me up to speed.
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Log Deputy: nor PM, church PM
Log Deputy Schedule: We're both on around 9PM-9AM EST usually if you need us right away.
Participating Characters: Anyone who wants to join!

Plot Description: Spring Gala at the Fabre's!

Every year, Judge Fabre throws a birthday party for Asch and Luke's mother Suzanne. Because she's a bit sickly, the party is thrown outside when the air is the freshest in the spring. Any and all nobles and those of high standing in the community are invited, but there are... ways for the common rabble to get in and have a good time as well. Namely, the part of the manor ground's fencing that was torn down during the earthquakes. That, or maybe the guards are having a good time too and wandered away for some ...action. Either way, everyone's eligible! There will be food and drinks (children, mind the wine,) cake, dancing and more! Don't forget the fireworks at midnight, it might be something romantic for you and your sweetie. Wear something nice and mingle!

Warnings/Notes: Nothing but fancy outfits and maybe a little alcohol around here.

Welcome to the Fabre's, please enjoy your stay.


May. 12th, 2014 05:51 am
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[Seeing Kaido at Teeter's isn't exactly a rare thing.

What's more rare is to see him at Teeter's alone, fairly more drunk than usual (and with his resistance, that means he's drunk quite a lot), and looking generally cranky and miserable.

He's sitting in a corner, Floette conspicuously absent, and drinking some cocktail the barman suggested because why the fuck not, yeah?

Hopefully none of his friends will show up or notice he's there by which I mean, go troll him]

[[Depending how much he trust you, he might not breach the actual subject that's been bothering him, but feel free to bother him all the same]]
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[Anyone outside or on the walls of the city early this morning will notice a stranger approaching the city. Heading from the woods, they're wearing a dark grey hooded cloak that hides their face rather well. They seem to be carrying a sword, as well as a lightweight-looking bag strapped to their shoulder.

They also seem suspicious.

When the person comes close enough, they briefly look up at the walls - if anyone watching is attentive enough, they might be able to make out the features of a girl - and smile, giving a small "hmph" of satisfaction. Finally here.

With that smile, the girl continues on towards the city gates.]

Let's see how much has changed here.
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[Ichiro appears on the screen. He looks a bit exhausted]

So... has anybody ever bonded with a Pokemon who then just refused to listen to them at all? How do you deal with it? I got this guy...

[the camera pans to reveal a Sneasel chasing his Shroomish around the theater]

...at the Ice Rock. He challenged me and I defeated him in single combat, so he said he wanted to learn to become stronger.

And now he won't listen to me.

Or do what I ask. Or...

[There's a loud crashing sound]


[The feed cuts out]


[Ichiro can be found around the Union Divine Theater chasing Sneasel around. Sneasel is gleefully running around and generally having a great time of it, causing problems and minor property damage as he goes]
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[Normally Minako wouldn't go out of her way to make a post over the network outwardly stating that she didn't know something. But sometimes you just have to bite back your pride and put yourself out there.

So here's Minako, a giant fluff of something sitting in the middle of her bow. It flaps its arms(?) a bit before floating up about six inches, then dropping down on her head again. From the state of her hair and how flat her bow is, it looks like it might have been doing this for a while.]

[And that's it. That's the video. Just a very tired, extremely clueless look on her face, and the strange fluffball dive-bombing her head constantly for a minute or so. Because wtf is this even.]
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--this button here!

[ All of a sudden, there's audio that blips onto the network, but this time it's a little bit different. ]

I know what I'm doing! I mean, duh, I've had this warp band for a while, Pinky. I've totally figured this thing out. [ Even though there's nothing being said, it's just so obvious that there's something giving an incredulous look to human voice that's talking. ] ... Don't look at me like that! Gosh!

Fa fa cleffa. (You should have listened when your parents gave you the warp band.)

I totally paid attention when they explained it to me. I mean, I could turn this thing on and talk to people whenever I feel like it! I just didn't want to!

Faaaa. (Riiiight.)

It's true!


Apr. 12th, 2014 07:25 pm
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[The feed is swinging around wildly as the arm the Warp Band is on undergoes a series of swinging motions. Each swing is accompanied by a half-grunt, half-shout, as well as the sound of cutting.]

Oh, it's on now. Hope I didn't give anyone motion sickness.

[And the camera pans over until its holder's face is visible in the feed.]

Haven't introduced myself on this thing yet, have I? The name's Uzu Sanageyama, and I'm with the Guard.

So, how about these plants? I tell you, dealing with them's been a pain because they just keep coming back. At least it's giving me a workout. Has anyone figured out what's causing all this yet?

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