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[OPEN - Running Errands]

Orihime's short, chestnut hair swung lightly at the edge of her jawline as she walked. Clasped in both hands was a sack of her week's groceries, an assortment of inexpensive vegetables, a box of butter, a quart of milk, and a sack of rice. Nothing too fancy. There was a second smaller sack behind that one containing a few spools of thread in black, white, and light brown. Her long khaki shirt brushed at her shins, a simple pair of brown flats on her feet. There was nothing all that extraordinary about her at first glance, as she walked with her head down and an absent, faraway smile on her face. Her long-sleeved turtleneck shirt had the collar rolled down, the fit snug but modest.

There was still a little dusting of powdered sugar on her top, and a smudge of chocolate batter on her cheek, but either she didn't notice or didn't care. She'd worked hard at the bakery today, just as she always did now that summer vacation had started. She'd need the extra money for the upcoming school year, but for now, it needed to be spent on other things.

Like paying the deposit on her new apartment, since her last one had a giant hole blown through the wall, as well as the heavy fee she'd had to dole out for breaking her lease in order to live somewhere with all of its walls and bathroom in tact. Still, at least her brother's picture hadn't been damaged, and that was all that really mattered.

As she walked, her gaze was caught by something gleaming in a shop window, and she stopped in the middle of the sidewalk. She stared. Then she drifted forward, as if caught in a magnetic beam until she almost had her nose pressed against the glass.

Wow... A limited edition signed photograph of the great Pokemon Trainer and celebrated idol, Rise Kujikawa! And next to that... "OH! That's a rare one!" This time she did push a hand against the glass, her eyes wide as she spotted the trading card featuring Haruka Tenoh and her Rhyhorn. Was that signed too? She couldn't tell from the glare of the window, no matter how she squinted. She ached to rush right in and buy either one, but her wallet ached far more. With a resigned sigh, her shoulders wilted and she dropped her head, before forcefully pulling herself away. Maybe someday. After she finished school, and saved up enough money to open her own cake shop, she might be able to splurge on something nice like that.

For now, she just wanted to get home and roll herself into a hot bath, and cook an 'interesting' meal.



And this is why we can't have nice RP things! )


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So I don't know about everybody else, but this trip to Gigas has gotten me thinking. And I don't mean about the rock-skeletons in their closet.

They're knees and shoulders above where we are in basically every single way, and to get a born-and-bred Calderan to admit that takes a lot. I get it, we've got Enlightened here on our side, but we need to get with the times. How many engineers or tech-savvy types got a glimpse of the kinds of toys they have there? That's where we need to start. If they do end up coming back against us—or worse, if that Elite Four girl decides to come back with even more friends—then we're in trouble.

I've put my suggestion out there, but I wanna hear what other people think. Come on, Union, you've gotta step up your game, or you're gonna fall behind~


Apr. 22nd, 2016 04:29 am
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[ What's Tendou doing now that they're mostly back in Union? Apparently he's decided to station himself in front of a big wok filled with boiling oil, a whole bunch of fried food being slowly turned by a giant pair of chopsticks. ]

Grandma said this: "Cooking spreads to others. Flavour connects one person to another."

[ Breaded vegetables are flipped out of the wok, followed by seafood, and are finished off with a few dumplings, and are all gently placed on a bamboo tray to rest. A beautiful dish with already prepared food is then produced. ]

Gigas fries a lot of their food, don't they? I can't say I approve. There's far too much, and it's way too heavy. But there's nothing wrong with a good fry-up once in a while.

[ He tosses a bit of tempura into his mouth and chews deliberately, albeit slightly off screen. They're not here to watch him eat. He eventually swallows after a few seconds, and continues. ]

You can't understand a culture without understanding their cuisine, and you can't save a life if you can't offer them a big serving for dinner while you're at it, so you'd best get to learning.

All this cooking aside, though. I have but one request for all of you: Put aside their leaders, their politicians, their gods, and their conspiracies. Put them aside, and tell me what you've learned about Gigas.
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[The feed cuts on a few days after everyone's homecoming from Gigas. The warp band isn't focused at first and looks a little low to the ground. It's obvious that it's being handled by a pokemon after a few minutes. If not by the weird shakey picture then by the very pleased "Bulbasaur- saur!" that follows once it's raised to a reasonable height to capture the scene.]

[Cyan and Ranka are over by one of the big fountains downtown. Cyan is sitting on the edge, plucking at her guitar. She pauses and-]

What if I tried something like this?

[She plays a bouncy set of notes and then looks up for Ranka's imput.]

[There's a quiet "Azu" as well - a bit mischievous, a bit warning not to make too much noise. For her part, Ranka's a bit distracted, and after those notes she follows up by humming the same melody, and then hums a very rough harmony, and nods.]

Yeah! That's a really good start, it's got, um, pep!

[Ranka giggles a little at her own word choice.]

[Cyan giggles in turn and nods. She strums her guitar a few times, seeming pleased with that. She looks up.]

I'm glad! Okay, then... do you want to try and put everything together?

[The bulbasaur holding the warp band makes a quiet, excited sound. Something that could be understood in pokemon as at last! maybe the warp band will get a performance.]

I think we've got a good base to start from! Let's give it a shot!

[Ranka's excitement is starting to bubble over, and she's practically hopping back and forth from foot to foot, and an Azumarill grins. If THIS doesn't get Ranka's career started then he doesn't know what will!

No seriously he knows nothing about promoting musicians properly, but he sure means well.]

[Luckily, they go unnoticed for now. Cyan is practically glowing with excitement. Getting to preform with someone else was really exciting and her tail swishes back and forth as she settles herself, nods a few times to get the rhythm started in her head and starts to play.]

[The instrumentals start, and Ranka taps her feet, finding the rhythm. Her lyrics are going to be a total placeholder, and she starts to work on her end of the melody with just a lot of 'lalala'. Very musical, clear, and quite beautiful words without words, but just as she's about to start on some actual lyrics her eyes visibly flit towards the camera and she freezes.]

I-i-is that on!?

[Bobby the Azumarill leaps away with a squeak that translates pretty closely to 'busted!']

[Bass the Bulbasaur follows suit, dropping the warp band as Cyan lets out a very distressed KYAAAAAA TURN THAT OFF! The feed shuts off.]

[OOC: Cyan is blue and Ranka is in green! Replies will be from both!]
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The City of Gigas is unlike anything the people of Union have ever seen before. The city is immense, a sprawling metropolis that covers the land as far as the eye can see. Built up primarily around enormous centralized towers, unlike Union these towers are dark concrete buildings, covered in glass windows. The buildings seem to serve any number of functions, and have a startling variety in construction, style, and even size, creating a unique skyline that is breathtaking to behold. The city is connected with roads of asphalt, upon which whiz smoke-belching steel carriages at frightful speeds, the engines (and piercing, constant horns) creating an ever-present din that engulfs the city in loud, chaotic sound.

“Downtown,” as the Gigans know it, is a huge collection of stores, apartments, and businesses. Apparently, the larger homes are built in Calderan-style but tend to be further from the main commotion of the downtown areas, of which Gigas citizens assure Union citizens that there are several, each with their own district name and culture. The technology is quite advanced as well, full color televisions are standard in every home and built in devices so slim and with such sharp images that they seem decades ahead of Union’s own technology. Pokemon are still quite present in Gigas, many people riding flying types and the buildings having huge perches to accommodate them. As with the vehicles below, however, Gigas seems to regulate air traffic to individual lanes and the birds seem well-trained as they convey their trainers to and fro.

Humans are just that, here, Human. No unusual shapes and sizes like the Enlightened and Earthkin of the Union Alliance, and those displaying unusual traits receive odd looks. Like many civilizations to the east, Battling is a common sport though in this place it’s more like the combat arenas of old. Several stadiums dot the cityscape, the sounds of Pokemon Battles and cheering crowds echoing for blocks all around, and it’s a stadium where humans are not welcome. Unless, of course, they want to make a show and spar against a Pokemon, of course.

This is Gigas, the City of Reclamation. Union civilians have free rein to explore this grand city as councillors are invited into the massive capitol building to negotiate with the Gigan leaders. Gigas civilians, for their part, are polite, friendly even. While many of them are caught in the bustle of their daily lives they regard Union citizens with interest and curiosity, willing to talk about their city, extolling its virtues while complaining about the noise, the crowds, the lines, and the expense all the while. One thing is clear though, the people of Gigas are proud of their city and their accomplishments. This is their home, and they are eager to show it off to the world.
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Two Action prompts!! )

[Video: Warp band.]

[And of course a little later on when she's managed to have a meal. She's sitting outside, playing with the warp band. When the feed comes on she looks startled, black cat ears standing straight up.]

--Think it's working! U-Um! [Oh no, just a little stage fright.]

Hello... um! I was told I could talk to people on this so I guess that's what I'm doing...

[This was going terribly. She turns bright red and her ears fold back. Pyuru decides to take things into her own hands by showing off a sparkly electric move! Yeah!! Hello Union we are here!!]

[It's too bad that it also hits Cyan which causes her hair to poof right up]


[In her distress, she drops the warp band and the static electricity probably shorts it out. It goes dead as the Mareep worriedly tries to apologize.]
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[ a - union divine theater ]


[ The Machomp and Nidoking holding up the decorative carving nod and move accordingly. Haruka surveys the result from several paces away, arms crossed. ] That's good.

[ A hired carpenter and her Mankey move in to affix the refurbished peace. No longer needed, Haruka glances around the rest of the damage. The dorm is mostly repaired by now, but the Theater is a long, slow process. They won't be putting on any more plays for a while...

...wait. ]

Woop! [ A Wooper flees the scene, the small rain cloud that'd been forming above some paint cans dissipating. Isn't he even allowed to dance his support anymore?!

He isn't really looking where he's running, and may very well end up lost. ]

[ b - ninetales vale ]

[ Ninetales Vale, while a haven for the physically spiritual, is also a place one can come for less directly spirit-related needs as well. For example, this unassuming building that has just reopened for business, every perfectly-shaped roof tile in place, is widely-known as one of the best places to go for a form of meditative hospitality centered around the drinking of tea.

Haruka is headed there now, dressed appropriately in a robe that crosses across her front. She takes a deep breath in front of the place, smiling to herself. Things are only going to get worse from here. She might need this. ]



[ If the shout doesn't get you moving, Union pedestrian, perhaps the sound of a professional racing Rhyhorn thundering towards you on the open street might. It looks terrified, and is being pursued by a tall young "gentleman" on foot, who hurdles over a table of street wares like it wasn't even there in her quest to catch up to the stray beast.

The street is too crowded. So the young man looks for a handhold and begins vaulting himself up...onto the rooftops. Hope you weren't about to open a window! ]
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Part One - On the Job - OPEN

Ryuko's time in Union had already been pretty busy, what with all that time spent with cleaning up the place and then her trip out to Glacier to find a giant evil egg. That had been a little disappointing, not just because she'd ended up doing pretty little but she hadn't even run into any of those Elite Four guys everyone was talking up. Oh well, at least she'd gotten one of those Mega Stones out of the deal... not that she had a Pinsir to give it to but, hey, it's something.

Now that she's back in town though, it's time to start to get down to business with her new job. One of the few, the brave, the thin line between order and anarchy: Union's newest Sword of the Savior is on the job!

... Sort of. Turns out, patrolling a city with such a puny crime rate meant a lot of walking around and watching people go about their days. So that newest protector of peace and order is currently sitting on a step outside an empty building, looking bored right out of her mind.

"Jeez." She yawns loudly, stretching her arms out over her head before slouching down again with a heavy sigh. "I thought signing up to be a cop'd mean I'd get to see a little more action."

The rest of the day, she'll be out on her route in search of anything eventful that might be going down. There has to be a purse snatcher, or a kitten in a tree, or something going on, right?

... Right?!

Part Two - Babysitting Duty - Closed to Kanade

So, somehow she'd been roped into this. Not long after showing up in town, Ryuko's paths had crossed with Kanade's for the first time and had led to some time spent catching up. Turns out, the other girl had wanted to get the chance to explore the world outside of Union, but her parents had been hesitant to let her head out there. ... On her own at least.

Luckily, Ryuko's past several weeks training in the wilderness and building her own power had apparently made her suited to count as an escort. Which meant she'd ended up volunteered to make sure Kanade made it out there and then back home safe. After a little convincing a promising of plenty of the restaurant's famous baked goods.

And now the day had finally come and Ryuko's leaning against the wall of the Lucky Spoon, packed light as always with only a few days of supplies and her trusty sword on her back and waiting for her charge to get her stuff together for the trip.

"Hey, you ready yet? What's takin' so long?"
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Hellooooooo Union!

[ It's a bit garbled, but Excellen appears on the feed. On her head is a Luvdisc-shaped pillbox hat, which she may or may not have just procured. She grins at her (hopefully) rapt audience before continuing. ]

So no one told me that you had such a cute holiday coming up! We don't have anything like Proposal Day in Caldera, I'm kind of jealous. I'm looking forward to celebrating with everybody.

Now, I know that we're rebuilding here, but I think this is just what the dentist ordered as far as a pick-me-up is concerned. And I wanted to let you know that your big sis Excellen's got your back! I just happen to be something of a love expert, you know, and I would be more than happy to give advice of the romantic kind. Or ways to spice up your love life, if you know what I mean. Don't hesitate to ask, I'll be sure to teach you everything you need to know~

[ She gives the camera a look. Oh Savior. ]

I'm also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to gift ideas, because we all know that that's important for the holiday!

[ Excellen, you literally learned about this yesterday, you're not an expert. ]

Remember, ladies and gentlemen, that special someone deserves only the very best! Besides, getting them a gift'll help those shop owners hit by that nasty dragon and its trainer. It's a win/win situation!

So I hope everybody has a romantic weekend, and remember, don't do anything I wouldn't do~

[ She winks playfully. Excellen out. ]
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[ The days prior to Kyurem's attack on the city left Sanae out of sorts. While she was no stranger to fending off gods by this point--a thought that was still strange and a bit chilling to her--this was different.

Heatran never made it to Citadel. These attacks never struck so close to home before, figuratively and literally.

There was so much that went wrong during that short amount of time. The theater was in shambles, and there were injured among the staff; innocent people who knew nothing about battle, caught up in the shuffle and hurt due to the Divine Defense Force's oversight. Takuto was hurt, badly, and while he seemed to be healing up just fine, the fact that he sustained his injuries defending her... stung, to say the least.

More than that, she had actions to answer to. Mercy killing was not something that was looked down upon in the Citadel, especially on the battlefield. It was seen as a sign of respect, an act of charity for one suffering to end their life. But Union was different, and yet...

And yet...

During her work restoring the theater, or helping those who were unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire, the young priestess seemed distracted at best. She didn't speak much, and many of her actions were executed purely from muscle memory. She made few mistakes, but even in her daze, she was likely to miss something.

Even around town, fetching supplies, shopping for food--even just getting away--she was almost like a ghost of her usual, chipper self. She paid her respects at the Hikawa shrine often, praying for those lost that day. It still stung. From time to time, she would seek out familiar faces, be they people from Citadel, or those familiar faces from the city that welcomed her and called her one of them. Could she still say she was?

She felt like she could do nothing; and what she did do cast her as an outsider, someone who was not welcome here. She wasn't sure what to do... ]
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The thing about being on the road for a chunk of time like Ryuko's been, it means you miss out on a big chunk of local news. It gets even worse when your Warp Band communications drop out like hers had just the day before. At the time, she'd found it kind of annoying and weird but nothing worth getting bent out of shape about. Wasn't like she had anybody to talk to anyway.

At any rate, it meant that the sight of the damaged city and the bustling activity of workers was a bit of a surprise. But at least it meant that one new arrival to the city was going largely unnoticed as she wandered through town. True, the sight of a teenage girl carrying a large metal guitar case strapped to her back was a pretty uncommon one but there were more important things to worry about, right?

It's not until sometime later that she's come to a stop, leaning up against a wall and checking out of her new Warp Band that she plugs into the signal network, pulling up the video function.

"So, uh, I just got into town." She glances around and tosses something up and down in her free hand. A lemon. She catches it and lifts it to her mouth to take a bite out of it, skin and all, chews and swallows. "Kinda gettin' the feeling I missed something. What's the deal?"

[OOC: Intro post! Feel free to respond to her on video or run across her in person. She'll just be kinda out bumming around town for the time being.]

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