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Union. We need to talk.

[The residents of Union who are currently tuning in to the Warp Band Network are treated to the sight of one (1) Waver Velvet, traveller from Sanctuary whom some know as a self-taught Magus. Alternately, some may know him as Waver Mackenzie, a psychic type Earthkin-- because, clearly, the young man cannot keep his story straight. His normally pristine hair is in a disarray, his clothes are unusually wrinkled and torn, but there is a familiar look of resigned irritation in his eyes that his scattered acquaintances would plainly recognize.

The room around him is also in shambles. Chairs have been broken up and thrown around, the coffee table (with plant on top of it) has been entirely overturned, lamps are shattered to pieces, and the curtain is tattered in such a way that it vaguely looks like someone (or something) decided to take a rather large bite out of them.

Waver let out a startled yelped when the feed rocked-- as if he were sitting on top of something...]

...Well. It might be better if I show you.

[With the video feed panning down, Waver revealed a rather innocuous looking trunk. It was clearly an antique, with ancient wood panels darkened with the patina of age and many haphazard attempts at polishing. There were scratches along it's lid and sides, as if it had seen many a battlefield and somehow returned alive and unscathed....

And anyone with the senses to reveal it would notice a particularly malevolent aura that surrounded the otherwise innocent looking trunk.

Innocent.....except for the glimpse of sharpened mahogany teeth that could be seen under the lid as it shifted restlessly underneath the weight of every single living being in the house.]

This is a legendary beast from the libraries of Sanctuary, [Waver explained, in a weary voice that was edged with annoyance.] No one knows how old it is-- just that it's particularly fond of salted crisps, the occasional spearow, and the safety of the few of us that it followed in to Union.

[The 'few' meaning 'one,' but Waver wasn't about to out his good friend from the libraries.]

We call it the Luggage, and in Sanctuary everyone was just content to let it be. But, in Union? I don't think that's possible.

[A sigh. The video feed returned to the tired looking young man.]

It's also a ghost-type...and an electric-type, which I never understood. Legendary beasts are just that, though. Legends. Why try to understand a force of nature?

But it's also becoming harder to handle here, and we don't want it taking over the local library. That's why I'm opening the floor to suggestions, because maybe the scientists and engineers here can figure out something that the Magi couldn't.

[He shrugged, an gesture that seemed to indicate that he didn't expect anyone to answer. Just before he closed out the feed, he could be heard muttering something about needing to clean this entire blasted mess up before someone returns to the house...]

[Action-- including Saber, Rincewind, and anyone else who makes it a point to harrass them.]

[Anyone wandering near Waver's place of residence would be treated to the sight of various parties, both human and pokemon, running around and screaming at eachother-- as there seemed to be a fight happening between an aggressive Gabite, a grumpy Skitty, and, strangely, an ancient trunk that seemed to move of it's own accord.

Disturb at your own risk. No one can guarantee your safety.


Jul. 25th, 2015 02:53 pm
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[ Well, considering everything that's gone down, Totsuka for one barely looks any worse than usual. Maybe his smile is a touch less bright than it was, but he's smiling none the less. ]

Hey again, Union. And everyone else too, what with our Warp Band range steadily growing! I've got a few things I wanted to ask today.

First off, my friend Jack suggested a party to help everyone unwind after all that. I think it's a good idea! Now I'd just like to call on everyone who plays an instrument and who feels up for it to join us. And everyone else who wants to come, it's gonna be a very relaxed thing, but if you don't mind, you could bring something to eat.

Okay. Uhm... what else did I have.

Oh right! I've been thinking about picking up fishing as a hobby, and I wanted to know if anyone had any advice. I don't have a fishing rod yet either. Is the Lake Shrine off limits for this sort of thing? What's the best spot you've found? A-

[ Looks like he wanted to keep going, but suddenly there's a large blue and white face smack dab in the middle of the feed. He seems... curious? Turns his long neck to coo at his trainer. ]

Are you talking to people?

I am! Did you also want to say something, Sora?

Uhm... [ Suddenly he seems a little nervous, fluffing his cloudy wings. ] You... you mean they can see me?

Yes, they can.

Oh I see... Well, hello everyone. [ And then the nervousness gets too much and he tries very hard to slink out of the feed and hide behind Tatara. With limited success. ]

... Aah, apparently that's all! Thanks, everyone.


Jun. 20th, 2015 12:33 pm
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yo! i'm not the kind of guy that's big on research, so i hope it's cool if i throw a question out here. wayyy better than flipping through books and digging through some old guy's notes (no offence to any bookish nerd types, but boring is NOT my thing)

anyway, the Q!

does anybody know anything about homunculi?
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[ action 1: various locations around union, 14/06/15 - 16/06/15 ]

[ Pearl's been finding it very difficult to be cheerful lately. with Mystic Maya back in Union, she should be having no problems being the dictionary definition of cheerful and then some, but well... when ongoing family troubles rear their heads, it throws a dampner on everyone's parade.

Pearl walked away from that conversation with her temper barely intact, and as she's so often taken to doing in the past couple of years when life with her mother becomes too much to bear, she's left Ninetails Vale to go get lost in the city proper for a while.

for the next few days, she's less likely to be found in and around Ninetails Vale, and a lot more likely to be found haunting various places in the business and entertainment districts - browsing the things for sale with her Pokemon, trying on the latest fashions in the clothes stores that she knows she can't afford and that her mother would never let her wear anyway, taking a look around the Burgh Museum or sitting in the Petal Dance Cafe almost right till closing time - basically, anything she can do to stall going home at the end of the day for as long as possible. ]

[ action 2: near the lake shrine, 17/06/15 ]

[ usually by now, Pearl would have cooled her heels and life would have returned to some semblance of normality. and if she had still been mad, then a few sessions of spiritual training and meditation near the Forest Shrine would have sorted her out. for some reason, though, she's having trouble this time. so instead, she's taken herself and her Pokemon off to the area around the Lake Shrine for a bout of serious training to blow off steam in a more cathartic way.

the exercise she's currently going through with her team is a familiar one for them. Ezzie throws up a Light Screen in front of a nearby tree stump, allowing Pearl and her Pokemon to practice aiming their attacks. still, only her Drifloon and Meowstic seem to be showing any real interest. her Pidgey seems to be more interested in trying to divebomb the shrine, and her Skiploom is mostly just on the sidelines, looking kind of spacey and aiming the occasional Fairy Wind at the stump as a gesture of good faith.

Pearl herself seems to be dangerously focused, aiming the psychic waves of a Confusion attack at that stump as if it's done her wrong personally. she pauses to let Ezzie throw up another Light Screen - they're abusing the poor stump enough as it is, after all - and straightens up with a large sigh. ]

"Pride of the branch family"... I can't believe that I'm still so upset about this, Ezzie! [ the Meowstic gazes at her trainer in concern. ] But the way Mystic Maya is being treated is simply unforgiveable. I just wish...

[ the magatama around Pearl's neck begins glowing brightly as Ghost-type energy builds around her. ] I just wish that I was able to give Mother a real piece of my mind!

[ the energy releases, hitting the tree stump in the form of a Hex attack. Pearl doesn't have enough time to be surprised at what appears to be a new move for her, though; her magatama keeps glowing until her whole body follows suit and the light radiates outwards in a burst of power. when it fades out, Pearl is left blinking and looking a little shell-shocked. not only that; her magatama doesn't seem to be a necklace anymore, but to have fused with her body at around the height of her collarbone, while her hair has turned the shimmery, many-coloured hue of an opal. ]

What just happened?! [ she grabs a strand of her own hair to look at it - it seems to have come undone from its usual knot - and glances down at where the other beads of the necklace that used to hold her magatama lie on the forest floor. ]

Was that - Ezzie, did I just evolve?
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[Hey, Union! It's that chatty Calderan photographer you all know and love. Hayato appears on the feed with a slight smile on his face. It not his normal humor but it looks like he's trying. Hm.]

Hey, city. Everyone still winding down after that battle? I'm still not quite sure what to make of it, but I guess we'll see what happens.

[That sounded more like a shitty attempt as small talk more than anything.]

So! Day of Fire is coming up! I don't know if you Unionites have ever heard of it, but that's what we call the summer solstice in Caldera. It's a lot of fun. It's basically just one huge party all throughout the night with dancing and singing and the Throwing of the Colors. You guys should go check it out, you won't regret it.

[His smile is much more genuine this time, at least. It honestly looks like he's got a secret he won't tell. Mostly its that he hopes Union comes and they are delighted and aghast at literally everything that transpires for this holiday. But also he feels like you guys need to lighten up and have fun. It's with that he ends the feed.]

[Action, near Downtown. OPEN]

[Hayato was never a guy who stayed at home. He could always be found out doing something.]

[This time it looks like he's trying to train one of his pokemon. He's crouched down with an Aron in front of him. In front of the Aron is two things- a small pile of scrap metal and a nice looking dagger of some kind.]

Okay. So, let's go over this again. This [He gestures to the scrap] is NikonFood. This? [He points to the weapon.] Is not food. It is Thorin's livelihood. We do not eat Thorin's livelihood okay?

[Nikon the Aron nods.]

Now, what do you eat?

[Nikon goes for the scraps! Hayato sighs in relief and just as he's about to congratulate him on being good he looks down to see the Aron has also started munching on the dagger. He sputters.]

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[ Video Part ]

[ Melaka comes onto the Warp Band with a very simple question. A very simple, important question ]

S'there any practical purpose to wearing a cape in battle?

[ Action ]

[ That question might've been seen as being strange. In a way, it was. But right now, Melaka was going around town flanked by four large beasts for burden - four large mountable creatures. You might have seen her riding on one of the four before now, but right now, nah. She's just walking in tandem with four Dunsparces. All of them have capes with a blue inner lining, but all have a different color outer lining to their capes - one of them is red, one is yellow, one of them is green, and one of them is black. How these Dunspraces got these capes, how they are so immaculate.. all of these are mysteries. But all of them are walking - well, sliding - with dignity (except the black one, who seems to be lagging behind everyone else) and they are...

on the hunt for the best bowl of curry. ]

Yeah, I know. [ She answers the yellow one ] I know...

[ That said, these Dunsparces are HEROES. Any sort of wrongdoing seen or assumed to have seen in their path? They will jump into action. Melaka, for her part, just looks exasperated. They are great allies, but... still... ]
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[ this video opens to the sight of two pokémon, a sewaddle and a fletchling. they seem to be... arguing? at least the sewaddle is angrily arguing at the fletchling and blowing pointy leaves in her direction, while the fletchling hops about and out of the way, only occasionally answering. for those with an understanding of pokéspeak, the exchange goes something like this:

You just stay away from me or so help me I will cut your stupid feathery butt into tiny ribbons!

What's your problem? I didn't even do anything! I sat here before you did, leave me alone!

a human voice cuts in over the arguing, sounding more amused than exasperated. ]

They've been going on like that since I got back. Anyone got a suggestion? If not, I think I'll just try to keep them seperated for now.

[ -! oh wait. he turns the view around to face him instead of the arguement, though the pokémon voices can still be heard in the background. ]

Oh right, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Tatara Totsuka. Nice to meet you all! Again, in some cases. Haha, I didn't even think about this as a first impression. Oops.

Ah, has anyone else ever bonded with pokémon who absolutely could not get along at all?

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