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[For the past month, Eucliwood has been cooped up in Jinxie's home while she recovered from her broken leg. While it hasn't completely healed yet, she's managed to find a strong branch to use as a makeshift crutch.

And so while Jinxie was otherwise occupied, she teleported out of the house. Eu knew she couldn't stay forever, and she couldn't just keep sitting there doing nothing. She needed to get out for at least some fresh air. She'd debated just teleporting her way back out of the city and into the wilds, but until she'd fully recovered, she knew that wasn't the greatest idea.

For now, she's...somewhat content hobbling around, watching people go about their daily lives. The only Pokémon accompanying her today is her Furret, which stays fairly close to her, and somehow doesn't manage to trip her. Occasionally, she'll take a short break, finding someplace quiet looking to sit down and rest.]
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Who: Eucliwood Hellscythe, Jinxie Tenma
Where: Jinxie's home
When: Wednesday, March 9th (Afternoon)
What: Eu broke her leg, and Jinxie is taking care of her

Maybe being under house arrest isn't so bad )
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[Sometime late in the day, a distress signal activates from the bottom of the Deep Canyon! There is no accompanying video or text.]

[About an hour after her unintended SOS went out, Eucliwood began to wake. The last thing she remembered was walking on a narrow section of rock on her way up the far side of the canyon. At least until it gave way beneath her. Thankfully, the impact knocked her out pretty much instantly.

However, she could tell almost right away that she was in trouble. The pain was there of course, but she could deal with a lot of pain. Her leg was bent at an awkward angle. While she'd felt the pain of broken bones before, this was the real deal. Eu grimaced as she attempted to straighten her leg out. Letting it stay like that wasn't a good idea. She needed to try and splint it or something.

While she sent out her Furret to search for usable wood for a makeshift splint, all she could do was wait, completely unaware that her Duskull had sent out an SOS while she was unconscious.]

((ooc: While it's already been planned out that Jinxie will come to Eucliwood's aid, people are welcome to try and contact her through text and video.))
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[Friday - Mausoleum]
[The trek through the caves and the mine had been a mostly silent one, save for the sightings of wild Pokémon. After her accidental post to the network last week, Eucliwood had tried to fall back away from the city. She'd never ventured into the Old City back when she'd lived in Union, and so the ruins of the old city she'd stumbled across were quite new to her. Once there, she'd followed her Duskull companion and ended up in the mausoleum.

That's where she spent the day. Eu didn't disturb anything, although she wandered around, reading what she could. Maybe she'd find something about her original family, although she doubted it. Any kind of clues as to who she really was or to control her powers would have been greatly welcomed. While that didn't happen, she did find something else. A new companion. A Misdreavus. Unlike Yoruno's mischievous nature, this one was...better, although she seemed to hold herself with an air of superiority. No one was perfect, though.

For the remainder of the day, Eucliwood can be found wandering around the Mausoleum and parts of the Old City nearby. She won't flee if someone approaches, but she'll make no move to initiate contact, either.]

[Saturday Evening - Union City]
[After her relatively uneventful exploration of the Old City and Mausoleum, Eucliwood went to make her way back the way she came. Unfortunately for her, she didn't quite remember which direction the caves had been, and she ended up lost.

Wandering aimlessly, she found some semblance of a path. She didn't know where it led, but when she stopped, she realized she was in the one place she didn't want to be. Union City. She didn't panic, although she was frightened. There were so many people here. People she might accidentally hurt.

Dressed as she was, she'd draw attention to herself if she traveled during the day. So she did her best to find an out of the way spot to sit down and keep to herself until evening, where she felt more comfortable traveling. Provided the city hadn't changed much in her absence, finding her way back out wouldn't be an issue.

Feel free to spot her sitting up against a wall somewhere, or walking through the city once it starts getting dark. During the day, her Pokémon won't be following her, but at night, they will be.]
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[While Eucliwood wasn't one to actually use the network for much, it did provide her with useful tidbits of information, or glimpses into other people's happy lives. She'd discovered some time ago that she needed to be within a certain distance of the city in order to access the network however, and she she made her monthly trip to an outlying section of the Verdant Forest. Today, this was the closest to the city she'd been since she'd left several years ago. In all the time she'd had her Warp Band, she'd never contacted anyone. Not once. There was no one for her to contact, and laying low was her priority. It was almost as if she didn't exist. There were times she thought that might be best.

However, apparently her...companion felt otherwise. She wasn't sure exactly what to call the Duskull that followed her everywhere, although she'd nicknamed him Yoruno. Friend didn't seem right. She couldn't call anyone friend. Companion felt more proper. While she was catching up on the latest discoveries, the Duskull zoomed up to her and started prodding at the device. By the time she managed to shoo him off for a moment, it was too late. It was recording her.]


[Eucliwood's first internal reaction was horror. All that work trying to keep quiet and lay low was just wasted. She didn't want anyone to know she really existed. Didn't want anyone to know about her. Sure, there were rumors from when she'd been spotted off in the distance, rumors of a ghost from a forgotten age, or things of that sort, but nothing really conclusive. Meanwhile, she stared blankly at her Warp Band, her face completely expressionless for a moment. She couldn't say anything. And writing a note didn't seem like a good idea at the time. Rather than attempt to do anything, she quickly works to turn the feed off after a few moments of that awkward silence, although the giggling of the Duskull in the background could be heard before the feed ends.]

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