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[After meeting and talking with Ib and making (yet another) spur of the moment decision, Aster sets off to lead Ib back to his home. He hopes that Hilda is there so that he can properly introduce the two of them to one another. It isn't until after things were said and done that he wonders how Hilda would take this new development. Too late now--though he would not go back on his offer, either way. Besides, Ib seems like a nice, cute little girl!]

[He couldn't say no to her story, either. He knows exactly how it feels to lose family and remain unsure about their whereabouts. He would be there for her, too, just like Tonitrus had been there for him years ago.]

Here we are: home!

[The blond researcher opens the door up for Ib and stands aside to let her enter. he then cups his hands to call into the room.]

Hilda! I have someone for you to meet!

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[ A Tropius makes a loud, ungraceful landing in town. There's little regard for where or what he might be landing on, he's tired of flying. His passengers are tired too. The little girl on his back slides off and onto the ground, she's followed closely by a Roselia who settles on her lap. They all look dirty too. Ib's face and legs are smudged with dirt and her long brown hair is a tangled mess, her clothes fair no better. After all, she hasn't been in town for days. ]

[ She leans against the Tropius and holds tightly onto Boo, the Roselia. ]

Trro, tropius ( Here, eat. ) [ The huge pokemon bends his long neck down towards her to offer the fruit. ]

[ She weakly pushes it away and hides her face behind Boo's head. ]
Rose? [ Just a comforting sound Ib makes no response to. ]


[ A little later she can be found trudging back to Garry's now empty home. A place where she used to live with her sister and guardian but now she's alone except for the Pokemon. ]


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[ It's been a while since Ib has shown up in a network post but here she is. Although, strangely, on her own. Her ever-present Budew partner is missing.

It begins with her giving the camera a silent greeting in the form of a nod. Then she motions to someone off camera to join her. A Roselia slowly makes its way over to her. ]

Look, Boo evolved. [ Ib smiles proudly, looking down at her. ]

It's like she bloomed. [ Boo buries her face into her new rose-hands. Ib does notice her acting different and crouches down.

When she tries to put a hand on Boo's head, ]

Ro-roselia! [ She then runs behind Ib, blocking the view from the Warpband. ]

... She's nervous.

[ With those words the video ends. There's no need to make her friend more uncomfortable. After all sh had gotten to show her off a little. ]
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[ Ib and Mary are having a little practice battle now that they have a little more verity in their bonds. If anyone wants to watch, give advice, take sides or just hassle 9-year olds go ahead. ]

The terms: each is allowed three Pokemon around level 10. The matches will be 1 v. 1 and go until forfeit. No knockouts (those aren't friendly.)

At an open space in town, Ib stands on one side with a Spinarak on her back, a Budew in her arms and a Girafarig standing next to her. There's also a shiny Bellsprout by her feet but she only recently bonded with Goldie. It's not ready for a battle like this but Ib thought it might benefit from watching.

"Ready, Mary?"
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Hey, Mr. Banzu? I got the egg you wanted. Did you want to meet outside the Breeding Center to get it?


[Outside the Breeding Center, Guertena seems none the worse for wear for his brief paternity leave, back to painting thankfully water-soluable murals all over the place. Hiroshi sits, holding the egg in his lap and marveling over it. Strange how there's still no real indication of how or why Pokemon get eggs...[

Careful, Guertena. You know how the guards get if you're too ostentatious about that.

[Guertena snorts. He got 99 problems and guards ain't one. He does paint one on the wall however.]


Mar. 11th, 2014 02:14 pm
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[ The recording opens up to a little girl with red eyes and a red necktie holding a Budew in her arms. It looks curiously into the warpband, Ib gives a polite nod and a quick smile to anyone watching this. She couldn't wave or properly curtsy while holding a Pokemon. ]

Does anyone have some advice?


[ She looks down at her Budew which is looking back up at her. ]

... Please. We're new. [ To training, she means. ]

( As an action option you're free to meet her around town or out in the woods while she attempts some training or bonding. )

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